Tuesday, February 4, 2014

They are anonymous

432.    An amusing speaker,
Express in words, especially,
Melody consists of various recitative intonations,
Normal or ordinary,
Or with the invoker's own words,
Skin that covers a deer's antler,
While it is growing,
To refrain from incorrect speech,
Mind tool,
Was not erected,
It was left,
Lying on the ground,
It fell until,
A new one,
Was erected.

433.    Incline in a certain direction or towards a,
As an emblem of office,
And allowed,
Enormous flexibility,
Was released with highly inadequate,
Because they are so,
To swear together,
Either for that person,
Who is praying or,
For someone else on,
Whose behalf a prayer of,
Supplication is being made.

434.    All the people will hear,
A crucial step in,
Determining the distance scale of,
The whole universe,
Between knower and known,
A means of reasoning or a system of logic,
To refrain from intoxicants which lead to carelessnes,
And two flying garland bearers,
A bachelor,
Consisting of a branch or rod,
That serves as a resting place,
Also in the sense of,
Basket of threads,
Wishing to be part of the,
White establishment.

435.    Blast of a Ram's horn,
As the kernel is heated past the boiling point,
And remedy for,
Is the foundation of the world,
That all conditioned things are in a,
Constant state of flux,
Consist of pieces from two,
A string of beads,
Range in size from under a milimeter,
To over a centimeter,
Are poisonous to humans,
If eaten,
There is a cause of suffering,
Which is attachment and desire.

436.    There is also,
The extreme of absurdity,
This velocity is so nearly,
That of light,
Was in the fire,
And its smoke went up like,
The smoke of the lime kiln,
Are living among us at all times,
They are anonymous,
And it is for their sake,
That the world,
Is not destroyed,
Maybe carried
Three marks of existence.

437.    There is no central core,
Tied a binding,
Or wrapped up together,
One cannot even conceive of,
A propertyless object,
Of mind or soul,
Other accounts say that,
It was a natural cave,
There is a pass called,
In which,
It was noted that,
Adding one dimension to,
General relativity,
Would produce the Electromagnetic Maxwell's equations.

438.    These components,
Oscillate at right angles,
To each other,
To the direct,
Lion of,
Among other things,
Including radiant heat,
And other radiations,
If any,
Fresh audacity of inspiration,
When the player attempts to access the,
Third ending,
An electromagnetic disturbance,
In the form of waves,
Propagated through,
Electromagnetic field,
According to,
Electromagnetic laws.

439.    Connection,
The development of the play instict,
An its emotional expression,
Is a special point,
Used in describing,
Conic sections,
Be clearly rounded,
Corner of the head,
A certain place,
Where they would enjoy,
All possible blessings for,
All eternity,
Have the capacity,
Of being more wicked,
Than any example that,
Not that,
Elipses and hyperbolas,
Each have a pair.

440.    Ecce Homo,
Out of center,
Of a circle is zero,
This is the reason why,
Teaching them that they,
Would pass at death,
To a certain place where,
They would enjoy all possible blessings,
For all eternity,
In truth,
Knotted in different ways,
Five for the initial letters,
Notes to be performed in time of three or four,
Twentieth of a ream,
Set of four.

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