Sunday, February 9, 2014

Then there is Enoch

321.    Freedom,
From despotic mastery,
Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heav'n,
Free from bounds,
John Milton,
Was an English poet,
When the end comes,
Then there is Enoch,
Who is saved by God,
As his warring peers,
Attempt to kill him,
Gradually get nearer to,
Or surround,
He rebelled against,
What he regarded as the,
Unfinished style of,
Was an English poet,
Painter and printmaker,
William Blake,
Truthful Nereus,
Who tells,
No lies.

322.    To share their power and their love,
Might flow as from a,
Never-failing source,
The ninteenth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Has been used,
As a symbol of,
The spiritual strenght,
Whic accrues,
When one rests his faith,
On the immediate act of,
These are,
My Son,
The riches of Salomon's House,
Is magnificently depicted,
With the body forming a set of,
Some of brass,
Some of marble and touchstone,
Some of cedar and,
Other special woods gilt,
And adorned,
Some of iron,
Some of silver,
Some of gold.

323.    The question,
Contains an invalid assumption,
Lost continent,
That are inaccessible,
To rational understanding,
May be accessible to,
Immediate apprehension,
Such as,
Involving knowledge, expertise,
Or learning,
A channel for conveying water,
Or other fluid,
In the volume of ocean basis,
To refer,
To the state of,
Gravitational equilibrum,
Between the Earth's litosphere,
And asthenosphere,
In the midst,
He proposed,
A theory that,
Mayans had founded,
Was an archaeologist,
Augustus Le Plengeon.

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