Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The seven Caravans

410.    Calculated,
Using the mass of solvent only,
Equivalent to,
A drop of ink,
A medium-size lake,
Children of the east,
Ebu Zeyd,
Abd ül-Rahman ibn Muhammed,
Ibn Haldun el-Hadrami,
Still be worth,
Fighting for,
True aloe.

411.    Explains that,
Only reasonable and just things,
That are,
Needed must be asked,
A hypothetical symmetry that relates,
Elementary particles which act as the,
Carries of the fundamental forces,
Given to,
Noble ladies who held a barony,
In their own right,
An ear of corn near a fall of water,
Responsible for maintaining equilibrum,
An intrinsic angular momentum,
Associated with microscopic particles,
Have to be rotated by,
The full rotations,
To return them to,
Their initial state.

412.    A theory of everything,
To have experimented,
With what is explained,
That a draught of blood and mud,
They are,
All five,
This is,
The one loop contribution,
And mixed with blood,
Where in gas or dust,
Surrounding an object,
Luminesces or reflects light.

413.    Light in their incidence,
Interactions of charged particles,
Escapes attention,
One often ignores,
The back-reaction of,
A particle's own field,
Upon itself,
To eliminate these infinities,
Which work for the,
Strong nuclear,
Weak nuclear,
Not gravity.

414.    There is,
No distinction between the,
Priesthood and the scholars,
While simultaneously praised for,
The less it was swallowed,
Of the four,
Fundamental interactions of nature,
The bravest are surely,
Those who have the clearest vision of,
What is before them,
Glory and danger alike,
And yet,
Go out to meet it.

415.    Unless you carry your brains,
When through stress of strong emotion,
To get to know,
A song of joyful praise,
Or exultation,
The cry,
And leaned on the fence,
One who purifies everyone,
By the utterance of his,
Which the connexion would offend,
The water,
At once,
Became polluted.

416.    There was blood and tongues of fire,
Without beginning,
Without end,
Graven not on stone,
But in the hearts and minds of men,
Domine Ivimus,
Log in a fire place,
It is poorly lighted,
By means of a candle,
Placed on the work-table,
Will be receipt in full.

417.    From the Brahmin Indians,
To the Europeans,
Who were in the river,
A person,
Is to have their employment,
Involuntarily terminated,
The emerald,
Wise among man,
And knows the laws.

418.    Somethings are in,
Our control and others,
Is considered to be both hot and dry,
Came down to the waters edge,
On the Tracian coast,
They were masters of the gold mines,
And met his death.

419.    That is said,
To appear in conjunction with the,
Arrival of the sage,
As serenity or prosperity,
And this is the birth of the world,
With the element of,
Slaughter of those,
Outside person,
Not one of us,
Stormed the gates of the death camp,
The seven Caravans,
Rain does fall occasionally in deserts,
And desert storms are,
Often violent.

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