Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steal but do not rival, Rival but do not steal,

119.    A great victory or achievement,
The final honours examination,
For a BA degree,
At Cambridge University,
The most common form of,
Down's syndrome,
Caused by an extra copy,
Of chromosome number twenty-one,
A stool, table, or cauldron,
Resting on three legs,
A Celtic symbol consisting of,
Three legs,
Or lines radiating from a centre,
A rare form of colour blindness,
Resulting from insensitivity to the blue light,
Causing confusion of greens and blues,
A person or thing competing with another,
For superiority or the same objective.

120.    Search through something hurriedly,
In order to find,
Or steal something,
A trick or swindle,
Most of the debate is esoteric and mathematical,
But there are some main element,
That can be explained,
In relatively simple terms,
The production of,
Means of commodities,
Done from a sense of,
Moral obligation,
Rather than because of,
Any legal requirement.

121.    Steal but do not rival,
Rival but do not steal,
Be made or be able,
To be made longer,
Or wider,
Without tearing or breaking,
At once,
An acrobatic manouvre,
Consisting of a half loop,
Followed by a half roll,
An arabic version of,
Ptolemy's astronomical treatise,
Things to be read,
A comparision between one thing and another,
Made for the purpose of explanation,
Or clarification,
Or university that one once attended.

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