Thursday, February 13, 2014


57.    A transit of Venus,
Per Se,
Of or relating to the,
Ionian philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras,
A witness,
A prominent  figure in a real situation,
Conduct the case against the party being accused or sued,
Without angle,
A whole formed by combining several disparate elements,
A material or structure formed from a loosely compacted mass,
Or fragments,
Or particles,
Comprising several very similar species,
Formerly regarded as a single species,
Combine into a whole,
Grow together.

58.    An ancient Greek school of philosophy which taught that,
It is wise to remain indifferent to the,
Vicissitudes of fortune and pleasure and gain,
A piece of iron or other material,
That has the property of ing similar objects,
Or aligning itself in an external magnetic field,
A mysterious and enchanting quality,
A distinguished figure in any sphere,
A female follower of Dionysos,
With divine possession and frenzied rites,
Banished person,
Or suppose,
The irregular imaginary line,
Passing round the earth,
Near the equator,
On which a magnetic needle has no dip,
Measured relative to magnetic,

59.    Shining stone,
A style of vocal performance,
Less formal than an aria,
Write in a hurried, careless way,
A person or thing that inspires intense and widely,
Shared enthusiasm,
Hunt voraciously for prey,
A harmless cyst,
Especially on the scalp or face,
Containing the fatty secretion of a sebaceous-gland,
Cut or gather,
A speech sound which is produced by comparatively,
Open configuration of the vocal tract and which is,
Capable of forming a syllable,
An instance of rude or offensive behaviour,
As soon as possible.

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