Monday, February 10, 2014


307.    Concept writing or concept notation,
Pure reason,
Not empirically based in experience,
Correspondes between word and thing,
Was born in Chios,
Some claim,
Is Christopher Columbus' birthplace,
Cause to,
Declare to be guilty of,
A criminal offence,
By the verdict of a jury,
Or desicion of a judge,
Stole the fire,
That gave to man,
From Hephaestus' forge.

308.    The air of Abdera,
Was proverbial as,
Causing stupidity,
But among its citizens,
Was the philosopher Democritus,
And Protagoras,
Effectively conveying,
A specified quality or idea,
Tending to press out,
Quickly dug a trench through the peninsula,
Filling it with water,
And thus,
Rendering it,
An island,
Exaggered pride or self-confidence,
Often resulting in,

309.    The spirit comprises,
Who guarded over,
Their descendants,
Common people,
The appetite drives humankind,
To seek out its basic bodily needs,
During a Sothic cycle,
The three-hundred-sixty-five years loses,
Enough time that,
The start of the year,
Once again coincides with the,
Heliacal rising of the star,
The series encompassing all of the notes,
In the equally tempered,
Chromatic scale,
Circle of fifths,
Such a system,
When it first becomes visible,
Above the eastern horizon,
At dawn,
After a period,
When it was hidden,
Below the horizon,
Or when it was,
Above the horizon,
Hidden by the,
Brightness of,
The Sun.

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