Saturday, February 8, 2014


A language,
Whose phonology, grammar, and vocabulary,
Specifically devised by an individual or group,
The trait of being willing to,
Under take things,
That involve risk or danger,
The goodness of fit,
Propagating wave, light or sound,
Or aspect of thought,
Being thrown back from a surface,
There should be,
A clear connection from the body,
And lawlessness.

Number one,
Something from nothing,
Something from something,
Nothing from something,
Changing of information in,
Any manner,
Detectable by observer,
Where passengers transfer from ground,
To the facilities that allow them to the board,
With a net,
In her hair,
And fish around her head.

The best,
Circulating life force,
The point below the brain,
Where two optic nerves cross over each other,
A point at which paired chromosomes,
Remain in contact,
During the first,
Metaphase of meiosis,
Horned Helmet,
Clear, bright,
Dark, obscure,
Clause of the order of words in the first,
Before experience,
Rude and disrespectful,
Insoluble matter,
Obtained by experience or,
Sensorial information,
Mark with the letter Chi.

The reappearence in an individual,
Of a trait,
After several generations of,
Became the cupbearer of,
An individual organism,
Either its total physical appearence and,
Or a spesific manifestation of a trait,
That removes tops or puts tops,
In the process by which,
An offspring cell or organism,
Acquires or becomes,
To characteristics of its,
Parent cell or organism,
To remain same.

May be,
Any single feature or quantifiliable measurement,
Of an organism,
To slow down the rate of advancement of,
Insoluble matter,
Cause to exist or occur,
Excessive spending,
Without need,
To decrease the velocity of,
Letter has an added,

These children,
Permitted to come,
Impossible to stop or prevent,
They beget,
But none of the faces,
But only too legitimate,
Are allowed,
To touch its body,
Can an action end,
Before its results ones,
The sun when it rose,
Inclining to the right of their,
Place of refuge,
And when it set,
Declining to their left,
While they were,
In the open space.

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