Thursday, February 27, 2014

The nineteenth call

The god of the underworld,
The heart of Eve,
That or which,
Or also,
From or of,
The transcendental concept as being biologically animate or alive,
Shall in no wise pass from the law,
Till all be fulfilled.

He pronunced the i so remissly,
As it is scarce heard,
And in pronunciation,
Of the whole word,
Sounded with one breath,
Fourth call,
Until last debauch of doorway,
Around the same time the,
True and faithful relation,
Doctor of Library Science,
Delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge.

A mathematical statement in symbols that,
Two things are the same,
A root of a function,
On the whole complex plane is called,
An entire function,
Is called the order of the pole,
A simple zero,
Which understood mystically,
Spirit and Opportunity,
Due to intense heat in the heart,
With the equation of complete trust.

Even now my Son,
The city draweth near whose name is,
With the grave citizens,
With the great throng,
Be friendly unto me,
In whom the sixthousand-threehundred-thirty-two,
The nineteenth call,
Let there be no one creature equal with another,
Let them differ in their qualities,
Of Vndfyled knwledg.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A yellow light

25.    Point of sunrise,
White blood,
The vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge,
To bind,
An apparent or real oscillation of the moon,
By which parts of near the edge of the disc,
That often not visible from the Earth,
Sometimes come into view,
A wand, or rod,
Carried before a bishop or dean as an emblem of office,
Be very close or similar to,
True saying,
Of or denoting circles, arcs, or other shapes,
Which share the same centre,

26.    A system of symbols and rules for writing programs and,
A part of a journey,
A hanging flap on a garment or a saddle,
Any interval except unison, an octave, a perfect fifth or fourth,
A major or minor third and sixth, or their octaves,
Unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated,
Having clairvoyant powers,
A diagram showing electromagnetic interaction,
Between subatomic particles,
Pretend to be affected by,
Careful and prudent in one's speech or actions,
Especially so as to avoid giving offence or attracting attention,
The freedom to decide what should be done,
In a particular situation,
Individually, separate and distinct.

27.    Material that is forced or thrown out,
Especially as a result of volcanic eruption or meteoritic impact,
Of or relating to the,
Ancient Greek city of Elea in Southwest Italy,
Home to a 5th century school of philosophers that included,
Xenophanes, Parmenides and Zeno,
A distorted image which appears normal,
When viewed from a particular point,
With a suitable mirror or lens,
A method of approaching philosophical problems,
Through analysis of the terms in which they expressed,
Hard transculent fossilized resin,
Originated from extinct coniferous trees,
A yellow light used as a cautionary signal between,
Green for go,
And red for stop.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


451.    Wove,
When my mind started racing to fast,
I wove,
When my mind went nub,
I wove,
Does not the,
Elegant universe,
Or even generate,
An unanticipated,
New conception of God,
Against one another,
In between,
Kept looking,
For jobs,
Accomplished temple builders,
An orneamental vertical grove in a column,
Without being confined to a definite channel,
A high-pitched wind,
A ball of thread.

 452.    Martian day,
Could compass,
Work week,
With three days off,
Like Earth,
Diamond vehicle,
Or martial art,
A place,
Such inquiry,
Our present,
This is the only strategy,
For survival.

453.    To drop,
Which implies something divine or precious,
The morning star,
Over an audience by means of the,
Variations of sounds,
Mozart was a child prodigy,
Bethoven was not,
Into its hearers,
You know, that,
Feature motion,
Is in fact,
Already available at,
Lower levels of the,
Visual cortex.

Monday, February 17, 2014


60.    Age of man,
In a very unhappy or unfortunate state,
Adverse, opposite,
Leave or cause to leave a place,
Denoting the mind as the seat of consciousness,
Arrange or happen,
To come into the presence or company of,
An adherent of a form of mystical pantheism,
Developed by the French philosopher,
L.C. de Saint-Martin,
Be filled with wonder or astonishment,
With snakes in her hair.

61.    Move one's hand,
To and fro in greeting or as a signal,
The theory that light is propagated by a wave motion,
Imparted to the ether,
By the molecular vibrations of the radiant body,
A method of analysis of the behaviour,
Of atomic phenomena with particles represented by,
Wave equations,
A person who is studying or has expert knowledge,
Of one or more of the,
Natural or physical sciences,
The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the,
Systematic study,
Of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural,
Barely sufficient or adequate,
A specimen, sample, or small amount,
A goat,
Sent into the wilderness,
After the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the,
Sins of the people upon it.

62.    Have a weight of,
Tremble or shake convulsively,
Especially from fear or repugnance,
Squeeze or hold tightly in one's arms,
A medal,
Made or,
Coloured bronze,
Customarily awarded for,
Third place,
In a race or competition,
The main body of a ship or other vessel,
Including the bottom, sides, and deck,
But not the superstructure, engines, and other fittings,
Of a branch of learning intended to have,
A civilizing effect,
A rationalistic outlook or system of thought,
Attaching prime importance to human,
Rather than divine or supernatural matters,
A length of cloth,
Or enveloping garment in which,
A dead person is wrapped for burial,
A Sherpa mountain guide who manages all other Sherpas,
In a climbing expedition or trekking group,
Grimly serious or strict,
Especially in the,
Exercise of discipline.