Sunday, January 12, 2014

What your church is, Standing for?


The diversity of life,
A kind of absence,
The space before the visibles arrived,
No way,
Then who knows and who cares,
The Universe and its mirror image,
There are observable consequences,
From quantum mechanical tunneling between,
The Universe and its mirror image,
There has been no peer review of,
This revision.

The two populations as separate species,
Appeared seventy-two times,
As a keyword in biological abstracts,
Loyalty, piety, generosity, courage,
Honor and glory,
Contempt of death,
Helpfulness and reverence,
For thee,
Embrocation on my sprained wrist steadily,
Were the poets,
And that,
What your church is,
Standing for?

An underwater speaker,
Rendering it effectively blind,
Although it may still be able,
To detect the intensity and direction,
Of light,
And as biological diversity,
Is appeared,
Nineteen times,
A beneficent demon that,
Accompanies through out life.

Even when voice cues,
Are removed from sound,
Man aiming an arrow at a lion,
And finally,
A costly table,
Which had one belonged to,
King Solomon,
That is a gift,
And gives us,
The peace,
I know,
You won't believe me,
The highest form of human excellence,
Is to question oneself and,

Caller's voice features,
Over thin ice,
To four hundred million people,
The past,
Is connected to the future,
At the antihorizon,
Spacetime tells matter how to move,
Matter tells spacetime how to bend,
Usually encountered on their own,
But have traveled in groups more often,
When populations were larger.

Human interaction,
Has lowered water levels,
Of a large gene pool,
Indicates extensive genetic diversity,
Not surprised!?
Na ~ Na,
She became pregnant,
When an almond from tree fell on her lap,
Causing a rock or a mountain,
To become pregnant,
The concept of a god,
Who is a human being,
Was a son of the Mother of all things.

Signal path,
Motion of a sound wavefront through a region,
Moves air,
Creating local variations and offsets,
In the average speed,
Of air,
Along the signal path,
An interesting twist!
Time flows upward on the right,
Time flows downward on the left,
What lies beyond the anti horizon?
Having met?

Meet the singularity,
As long as the inhabitants of thee,
Two Universes,
Remain outside the horizons,
They cannot meet or communicate,
With each other,
The inhabitants can meet after,
Falling into the black hole,
Into peace of conscience,
And it turneth the labors of writing,
With the kiss of peace,
To a spot of ground which is pure from pollution,
These demons the poets also acknowledge.

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