Monday, January 27, 2014


The final odds,
At the start of a horse race,
Slowing down,
Stars and stripes,
Crush or pulverize,
Crude, unrefined,
A group of warships,
Detached on a particular duty,
Or under the command of a,
Flag officer,
Foreign, unfamiliar,
The last judgement.
Abandon or mitigate,
A harsh intention or cruel treatment,
Having a powerful abruptness of action,
Place or situation,
A profane or offensive expression of anger,
Lick or suck the,

The doctrine that knowledge,
Depends on faith or revelation,
Ornamentation by means of figures,
Deal with,
Continuing loyalty to a person, cause or belief,
The pattern of rhymes in a poem or verse,
Rigorously precise,
The favouring of relatives or friends,
Especially by giving them jobs,
A pleasure excursion to,
An unspecified destination.
A handicraft or trade,
The doctrine that,
Mutual dependence is,
Necessary to social well-being.
Discharge from employment,
A contemptible or inept person.

To this point,
The essential nature underlying phenomena,
Which is subject to changes and accidents,
Standing outside oneself,
In a natural or raw state,
Not adjusted or corrected,
Of something bad,
Become less intense or widespread,
An idea which Euripides echoed,
A young man aspiring to knighthood,
With reference to a solid substance,
Transform into a purer or idealized form,
Arranged neatly and in order,
A place where secret,
Or supporting work is done,
The most complete form of,
Win in this game.

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