Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Three or nine

The objective knowledge of the,
True course of celestial bodies,
Was outlined on the floor of the Tholos,

*On his death-bed,
Name like his Master,
The youth,
For when pieces of meat were shown to him, he dug in right-away,

*As a tribute due unto nature,
Don't push the pole dawn, just let it drop vertically,
Across the waters of death,
So I can sigh eternally,

*Struck the ground with his hoof,
And to be favoured with muses,
But the last,
Last matter is always veiled from human beings.

*The Sun and the Serpent,
They said that, for those who knew,
Three or nine in number according to different legends,
To believe that matter is an illusion.

*Areal animal worshipped as a god,
An unknown redactor,
Debated point by point,
By the Turk plundered in the time of,
The man who declared the sacred things,
On his way back from the war,
You have forsaken me,
To the sea Mystae,
Having killed, forgotten forever and,
You set up having brought down the old,
For future days,
Until not one iota of differences.

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