Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Original

400. The aim is to express,
Warning them,
To distrust himself,
The original,
The whole original,
And nothing but the original,
And withal good, readable English.
A massed a considerable fortune,
A wooden stump,
Response to a touch stimulus,
Is where it came from,
As dear unto,
Songs of incantation.

401. An introduction,
To the passions,
Not much thinking,
An abscess in the soft tissue,
Near a fingernail or toenail,
Encapsulating the waste,
By virtue,
A pure color,
Was the fundamental color of light,
A friendly bacteria,
That kills yeast,
As the release,
Of a electromagnetic radiation from a,
Hot body,
Due to its high,

402. Desire,
To describe everything,
With a touch of,
Someone on the borderline,
Between black and white.

403. Apple,
Absorbs all but red,
To his hearers.

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