Friday, January 17, 2014

The Mediocrity Principle

298.    So obvius or self-evident,
As to be hardly worth mentioning,
That any valid theory of the universe,
Must be consistent,
Existence of,
Carbon-based human beings,
At this particular time and place,
In the universe,
Something that is not known,
And on which,
A great deal depends,
From the time mentioned,
Until the present time,
Under consideration,
The mediocrity principle,
Is the notion in the,
Philosophy of science,
That there is nothing special about Earth,
And by implication the human race,
Would seem,
Just like putting a,
Full-sized tragic mask,
Upon an infant boy,
Combined with the,
Additional assumption that an,
Earth-like planet,
Is a prerequisite,
For the development of,
Advanced life,
This offers,
An explanation for current lack of evidence,
Of extraterrestrial civilizations.

299.    The style of enunciation,
In speaking or singing,
Which evokes the full-moon,
And is covered with the hide of sacred,
Lunar bull,
By definition,
Is that than which a greater cannot be thought,
God exists in understanding,
God exist in understanding,
We could imagine,
To be greater by existing in reality,
God must exist,
The feature that,
The truth value of a complex sentence,
Is determined by the,
Truth values of its sub-sentences,
The system cannot be both consistent and complete,
The system is consistent,
Then the consistency of the axioms,
Cannot be proved,
Within the system,
Was a logician, mathematician, and philosopher of mathematics,
Kurt Gödel,
A member of,
Vienna Circle.

300.    Trivial,
An inferior legal practitioner,
Underhand dealer,
With noise,
And firing,
An arrow at them,
Who lived in a swamp,
Light reveals the genius loci of a place,
As amenability to algorithmic checking of correctness,
Philosophy should provide,
Strict criteria,
For judging sentences,
True, false, and,
Because the multiple,
Parallel universes,

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