Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Crossing point of the two horizons,
There exist an ether,
Such a vacuum as,
Cannot be artificially produced,
We should have said that was,
The elder daughter of,
Dark Night,
Let M be,
A plane mirror,
In vacuo,
In tensity,
And can be,
Derived from thee,
Between i and-i.

The evolution of the space and time,
By securing copies of Maps,
The Elder,
Having a Hero's might,
Of friendly Mind,
Having the Iranians at,
This exotic matter forms,
A thin spherical shell,
Into good and evil categories,
Just before you hit,
The singularity.

Falling to the singularity of the,
Black Hole,
From end to end,
And heath to scuttle away to the burrow,
When a little dust was seen blowing,
Along the highway,
To canter.

The particle can send,
A signal sideaways out of the,
Singularities or edges,
Breaks down,
Enclosed by the event horizon,
By probing it with,
Signals outward through horizon,
And this signal,
Can then travel,
And from the,
Particle's point of view,
White hole antihorizon,
Become greatly amplified in the final approach,
Producing a fierce environment.

Where two red lines cross,
Do space and time end?
Well~being or happiness,
Reglete with,
Knowledge, divine powers,
Fate or god,
Practised at time,
From a planet,
By its fixed position,
Is drawn in breathing,

In Anatolia,
Where they reflected back,
Into the middle on,
Small mirrors,
Collaps event at zero radius,
Marks the antihorizon,
By threading its throat with,
Perfect Dark,
Would concentrate into,
Small region,
Disclaim all responsibility for what happens to,
Your system,
If you do.

Represented by a continuously,
Variable physical quantity,
The existence of thought,
To be emitted by Black Holes,
Facing into and away from the wind,
With two peaks and two troughs,
For in a,
Space without ether,
But now with another universe,
Visible but unreachable,
On the other side of the horizon.

So that travellers can pass through,
Blueshifted parts of the sky,
Appear brighter,
Redshifted parts dimmer,
One of the pair falls,
Into the Black Hole,
Whilst the other escapes,
Independent of the initial state,
After the space and time have ended,
A Black Hole falls faster than the speed of light,
The distortions,
Just before you hit the singularity,
Upstream can make way,
Against the flow,
Not feel pain,

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