Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reductio ad Hitlerum

My brethen,
The muscular organ that maintains the,
Circulation of the blood,
Inherent in all living things,
Our indwelling rational spirit,
Attend in the court,
And outward rooms of the palace,
Life can come only from previous life,
But these were so numerous,
Treated by minute doses of natural substances,
That in a healthy person would produce symptoms.

Giving realism last word,
An act or instance of placing two things,
Close together or side by side,
Reductio ad Hitlerum,
The Origin of the World,
The one ore ones mentioned previously,
To bring forth,
Under the excitement of the moment,
Has intuitively rather than logically connected,
The physician's high and only mission,
Ideal of cure,
Rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the,
Seeping, serous, purulent body fluid,
Into a body cavity.

Rhapsody :
Singer with the wand,
Stitcher of verse,
In an eminent degree,
With shoulders drooping,
And a more tranquil audience,
Allowed him in the rapid movement of the,
Especial circumspection, tact, knowledge,
Caution in conducting the inquiry,
And patience,
Because all the phenomena,
And deviations from the health that has been,
Put recently lost are,
Still fresh in the memory.

Richest source of information,
Not the orator,
So far as we can see,
He was slouched alertly,
On the mirror phase,
Deranges the health of the human being,
And develops in him a morbid stage,
As manifesting itself at every subsequent,
Secondary action or the mere action of the,
Vital Force,
So far as we can see,
Without the visual presence of others,
The maturing process is delayed.

The Other,
Would be able to cope with any other human being,
In very few healthy bodies,
So-called idiosyncrasies,
Incontinent adults,
Restored following trauma or identity crisis,
And the capability of the vital force that animates the organisms,
To be influenced by it,
And all must be taken with a grain of salt,
Of names points represent line or line segments,
Is also used for,
Multiplication of,
Apt to faint from the smell of,

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