Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rather than tyranny

The space between his teeth,
Bright and shine forth,
All things fall down,
There is no down,
As it is natural,
They should,
State where one feels,
No ego, or self,
Or having,
No distinct being apart from the,
Word around,

All the freedom,
In our boyhood,
To learn lessons of,
A righteous servitude,
A usefully straightforward way of,
Accounting for aspects of the,
Of which we are not,
Directly conscious or aware,
In the sense of any transformation into greater wisdom,
We seem,
Authority, reasoning, and experience,
Only the last is effective and able to bring,
Peace to intellect.

A public prison-house,
That is the reason,
A map,
Is not the territory,
It represents,
If correct,
It has a similar structure to,
The territory,
Which accounts for its usefulness,
Though it be most righteous,
The condition of being,
Stunted or dwarfed,
The claim that the less able members of society,
Should be watched over,
Is seen as a responsibility,
Rather than tyranny,
A thought pattern in any scientific discipline or,
Other epistemological context,
A system of ranking and organising things for people.

The furthest distance at,
Which any natural object,
Is the solar system,
Has ever been observed,
Is not as though,
We had the enemy already here,
Among us,
We don't believe, we fear,
Thought it be most righteous,
The stone boundary-makers,
Were drenched in sacrifical blood,
And placed on flowers to renew,
Its protective powers,
The stone,
Later thought as,
A god,
Of the wages.

Why no slave ever,
Descended into the depths of the ocean,
It's a poor atom blaster,
That doesn't point,
Both ways,
One has aptly termed,
All servitude,
Becomes an orator,
Shows an area of the sky,
Equal to the area covered by,
A pinhead,
Held at,
Arm's lenght,
Which beset,
Their bodies,
This was the answer,
That fit,
This was not the answer,
That was true.

Belong to menials,
That which is imitiated,
On the pattern of gene,
Through the bones which,
The evidence,
Involving phenomena where a person,
Seems to affect or to gain,
About something,
Through a means of,
Not currently explainable,
Within the framework of,
Mainstreams, conventional science,
In the slave,
Attenuate them,
Of the dungeon as it were,
But actually,
Able to sense and adjust the,
Emotions of humans.

A man habituated to,
May not harm life,
By inaction, allow life,
To come to harm,
Confined with,
Constructed using only,
Multiplication and addition,
Means they are infinitely differentiable,
Key categories,
According to shared qualities or characteristics,
They have derivates of all finite orders,
This consciousness,
Was eventually extended to the,
Non-human life,
And later to the inorganic material,
Of the planet,
To treat their limit passage,
To infinity.

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