Monday, January 20, 2014

One, lonely stone - Trio Sonata -

Peculiarly desirable,
Brethren of the North,
When the concurrence of,
Every eminent member,
Custom of their lantern yard,
Heard of the sufferings of their,
Brethren have spoken,
There was one young man,
Thousands years from now?
A little older than himself,
With two faces forming a salient angle,
During the flight to the first planet.


Will build,
A tholos in Halikarnassos,
For the inhabitants of,
Alba Longa,
History, philosophy, teaching of,
Dionysius of Halikarnassos,
For the inhabitants of,
Feathered flying fortress of,
Alba Longa.

Melancholic cry of the deer,
One, lonely stone,
Responsible for the streams and springs,
Waters in Zion Canyon.

Higher Being,
Or for a mortal beloved,
A Winged Snake has bitten me,
One, lonely stone,
The love is always viewed.

-end of Trio Sonata-

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