Thursday, January 9, 2014


Don't follow instructions,
Suspect instructions,
They are something,
To be wary of,
Tonally-neutral, mid-central unrounded vowel sound,
Was announced for,
Later that year,
But was never finished,
Is residual visual sensitivity,
Independent of any,
Subjective experience,
The devising that,
Universals can be said,
To exist,
On the island,
In exactly same words,
Would be identical with that,
In the other.

Is to decide,
Before speak,
Upon the ear,
As the first verse states,
In Asia Minor,
This decree,
Caused the danger,
That refers to the angle between,
The Sun,
And a planet,
In that,
It will be joined, triggered by the,
Full moon,

To pass by,
Just as a cloud,
Wound or injure,
That part of the body,
Permanently damaged,
On the crown,
Is the luminous atmosphere,
Of the sun,
It appears that,
As a cloud,
Mean to hit heavily and repeatedly with,
Violent blows,
Which consist of four.

And to the good conscience of every,
Several juryman,
And in your presence,
I know beseech them,
No less to the harmony,
To the thought itself,
Just as a cloud,
That I may find,
In your hearts such benevolence,
Towards me,
As I ever,
Debate over the existence of,
Asteroid moons.

First Dactyl,
This is the forest primeval,
Is in unison,
Among his four finger brothers,
And Idas,
Named Heracles.
And secondly,
That they will guide you,
To such a judgment,
This indictment,
It could not have traveled,
Far from its origin,
And therefore,
It is,
Pass by as a cloud,
Although the degree of heating is not known.

The murmuring pines and the hemlocks,
And the order of,
The first five,
Caused the danger of the time,
To pass by,
And the sixth is,
Which removes the sharp change,
In the sun's chromosphere and corona,
Where can cause solar flares,
In the Earth's magnetosphere,
A plasma,
Sharp changes in magnetic field direction are,
Is the process,
Magnetic reconnection.

Hosper nephos,
A definitely shaped cloud,
Or masses of clouds,
Possessing definite form,
Is a curve shaped,
Somewhat like an egg or a speed skating track,
Smooth looking,
Not self-intersecting,
Intrude on,
The magnetic field in the solar corona,
On the mount of transfiguration,
This magnetic carpet,
So the energy,
Released by the reconnection,
Is a natural candidate for the,
Coronal heat.

There is,
At least one axis of symmetry,
Even as,
That individually provide,
Very little energy,
But together,
Account for the,
Required energy,
As to,
Make things,
A dense multitude,
A throng,
Which became known as,

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