Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Madness And Convulsions

45.    A light,
Open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage,
Son of the sun god Helios in Grek Mythology,
Of or characteristic of the lower middle class,
Especially in being conventional and conservative,
Little townsfolk,
A world map protection,
In which areas are shown in correct proportion at the expense,
Of distorted shape,
A formal written request,
Signed by many people,
Appealing to authority in respect of a cause,
A constitutional right to reject a desicion,
Or proposal made by a law-making body,
Give, grant, or disclose in a gracious,
Or condescending manner,
To call,
A solemn promise.

46.    Act as ghost writer of,
The mind viewed as distinct from the body,
A bundle of rods with protecting axe blade,
Carried by a lictor in ancient Rome,
As a symbol of a magistrate's power,
And used as an emblem of authority,
In fascist Italy,
That which has been spoken,
Change to one of a different kind,
Publicly declare to be wrong or evil,
Kill by humane means,
Formed in its present position,
A system of government by one person with absolute power.

47.    Of a door or window,
Slightly open,
A supposed all-pervarding field in the ether,
In which a record of past events is imprinted,
Prophetic, poetic, or,
The course of the sun or moon through the heavens,
A dangerous viral disease of dogs and other mammals,
Transmissible through the saliva to humans,
And causing madness and convulsions,
An extremely enthusiastic appraisal of someone or something,
A notional boundary around a black hole around,
A black hole beyond,
Which no light or,
Other radiation can escape,
Of or relating to a religious movement of Jamaican origin,
Holding that,
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was the,
Messiah and blacks are the chosen people,
A band of contrasting brightness,
Of darkness,
Produced by diffraction or intereference,
Of light.

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