Saturday, January 18, 2014

Felis Bengalensis

159. Forming an angle,
Of ninety degree,
Position measured along,
The celestial equator,
Expressed in hours, minutes,
And seconds,
On the safe, appropriate or,
Optimum side of,
The human brain,
Believed to be associated with,
Creative thought and emotions,
Not inside out,
A circular band,
Cover with hoar frost,
The upper or outer edge of,
Something circular.

160. Benedictus Qui Venit in Nomini Domini,
A member of a people,
Not belonging to one of the great,
Greek, Roman, Christian,
A sharp projection,
Near the end of an arrow,
Which is angled away,
From the main point,
So as to make,
Extraction difficult,
Not Jewish,
Not belonging to one's own religious community,
In particular,
Make better,
Reduce the undesirable effect of,
Truth, certainty,
Felis Bengalensis.

161. The sin of Adam,
Viewed as fortunate,
Because it brought about,
The blessedness,
Of the Redemption,
An emotional state of reaction,
Causing a feeling,
Of happiness and well-being,
A system,
Designed to promote,
Bodily and mental well-being,
By analysis of,
Neuromuscular activity,
Via exercises which improve,
Flexibility and coordination,
Relating to,
Or resembling a cat,
Euclides ab Omni Naevo Vindicatus,
A protestant name,
For a catholic.

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