Monday, January 27, 2014

Bor’s Dilemma

The Zero Key,
Without knowledge or intention,
Hit the Zero Key,
Three times,
Tablet of God,
Be opened,
Ain Soph,
By holding,
By touching,
Round Table of Nalvage.

Twelfth tablet,
Has the feeling of an after thought,
Enkidu is once again,
To give a grim account,
Of The Afterlife,
This is also known as,
Proof by contradiction,
Pİ or not Pi,
Its quotient increases toward positive infinity,
That quotient increases toward negative infinity.

One which has no head,
And no sides,
Prepare yourselves,
Brave travelers,
For Siege Perilous,
Which was kept vacant,
Is an approach to mathematics,
As the constructive mental activity of,
Wings flutter,
Voices over ;
Bor’s Dilemma.

Chose the strange woman over his brother,
It is to do with,
How the sigils of the governors,
Are overlaid on the Great Table,
The Homeric Question,
Renowned for his gallantry and purity,
Bastard son of,
Fisher king,
But the life that will be,
Suspended by death,
The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Physical Record of the past.

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