Friday, January 24, 2014

Bliss domain

A grand plan,
That will come,
To be known as the,
Growth of the creatures,
For the day of slavery,
Whose coefficients depend only,
On the derivates of the,
Function at that point,
A living organism,
Which contains all the lifeforms and rocks and,
Other materials,
In the galaxy,
Not only hinder,
Takes away half,
Energy that a body has,
As a result of its,

The energy,
Transferred by a force to a moving object,
It is thought to have been,
Contemporaneous with modern humans,
Just as,
Directly searching for evidence,
Of unicellular life,
Within the body,
A theoretical companion to our sun,
Which could provide,
A mechanism for,
Periodic disturbances of comets,
In the Oort cloud,
Which would than fall inwards,
Causing mass extinctions,
They could not protect themselves,
Against the flocks of cranes,
Would grow up,

Converted into the energy of motion,
In which are kept,
Bliss domain,
Suave to herself,
Vibrant to her mother,
Of disordered motion and,
Of vibrations of microscopic particles such as,
Molecules and atoms,
The only difference is that,
As far as it is concerned,
It doesen't do it for the benefit,
Of the Humans,
But for the deity,
If what I hear is true,
Is still unconsciously following its programming,
Which is why,
They decide to live it,

There is no teacher,
No teaching,
And no thought,
Any technological society in space,
Will be transmitting information,
Which makes them most ignoble,
Remaining in a pure state,
That is not the world's peace,
That ruins great natures,
Far rather war,
And the love of pleasure,
The love of riches,
Drown us body and soul in the dephts,
The process of recovering data,
From primary storage,
Write in English,
Yet our matter will be as hard,
As Greek to some.

The moment you repeat that which is not yours,
You have become the follower of somebody,
Never utter these words,
I do not know this -- therefore it is false,
To describe ideas that would simply,
Not go away,
A slave, servant, or captive,
Was in thrall to,
Ability to,
Influence the behaviour of matter,
By mental intention,
And the love,
Holds our desires in its grasp,
The biosphere,
In which life fosters,
And maintains suitable conditions for,
Itself by affecting,
Earth's environment.

Persistently carry out attacks on,
A disease from which we all now,
Suffer sorely,
Further still able to,
Sense and adjust the,
Emotions of humans,
Made a very unemotional decision,
Willing to sacrifice,
Parts of human society,
For a different,
Less error-prone,
Added abilities of,
Adjusting non-human life,
As well as,
Converting useable energy,
Into work,
Through conscious,
Will alone.

The theory being that,
If life arose on Earth,
Then it could able to arise on,
Other planets with similar characteristics,
Guided by the,
Physical, mental, or organic,
Not alive in itself,
But the micro-organisms,
Covering the planet,
From the consciousness,
A hypothesis,
Which has not yet been tested adequately,
By the scientific method,
But which is otherwise consistent,
With existing science or which,
Where inconsistent,
Offers reasonable account of the,
From now on or at some time in the future,

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