Friday, January 10, 2014


Attainment of any object,
That might strike,
A group of atoms,
Joined by covalent bonds,
That take part in reactions,
As a single unit,
Often simply called the,
Any mean,
Towards the higher values,
One can create one's own average,
Any invertible function.

The correct notion of average,
As being a fixed point,
The radical of an ideal,
Associated with the entire ring,
It is,
Sometimes called the subcontrary mean,
Per unit of time,
One difference can be twice another,
The angular separation between these images,
That is,
Relative to absolute zero.

And brown dwarfs,
Neutron stars,
And black holes,
That the human mind,
Will instinctively react to,
An encoded message,
That it conceives,
At the presumption of relevance,
Of Nature trusts the mind,
Fulfills the property of producing code,
Placed, appointed,
It is unachievable in practice,
But it is exist,
As a limit.

Rose to the rank,
Stayed at the letter M,
Which posits,
That there are two sources,
Accuracy and precision,
It is,
Indistinguishable from magic,
Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence,
And artificial intelligence,
Of the above,
When actually go on to,
Develop life.

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