Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Three or nine

The objective knowledge of the,
True course of celestial bodies,
Was outlined on the floor of the Tholos,

*On his death-bed,
Name like his Master,
The youth,
For when pieces of meat were shown to him, he dug in right-away,

*As a tribute due unto nature,
Don't push the pole dawn, just let it drop vertically,
Across the waters of death,
So I can sigh eternally,

*Struck the ground with his hoof,
And to be favoured with muses,
But the last,
Last matter is always veiled from human beings.

*The Sun and the Serpent,
They said that, for those who knew,
Three or nine in number according to different legends,
To believe that matter is an illusion.

*Areal animal worshipped as a god,
An unknown redactor,
Debated point by point,
By the Turk plundered in the time of,
The man who declared the sacred things,
On his way back from the war,
You have forsaken me,
To the sea Mystae,
Having killed, forgotten forever and,
You set up having brought down the old,
For future days,
Until not one iota of differences.

Monday, January 27, 2014


The final odds,
At the start of a horse race,
Slowing down,
Stars and stripes,
Crush or pulverize,
Crude, unrefined,
A group of warships,
Detached on a particular duty,
Or under the command of a,
Flag officer,
Foreign, unfamiliar,
The last judgement.
Abandon or mitigate,
A harsh intention or cruel treatment,
Having a powerful abruptness of action,
Place or situation,
A profane or offensive expression of anger,
Lick or suck the,

The doctrine that knowledge,
Depends on faith or revelation,
Ornamentation by means of figures,
Deal with,
Continuing loyalty to a person, cause or belief,
The pattern of rhymes in a poem or verse,
Rigorously precise,
The favouring of relatives or friends,
Especially by giving them jobs,
A pleasure excursion to,
An unspecified destination.
A handicraft or trade,
The doctrine that,
Mutual dependence is,
Necessary to social well-being.
Discharge from employment,
A contemptible or inept person.

To this point,
The essential nature underlying phenomena,
Which is subject to changes and accidents,
Standing outside oneself,
In a natural or raw state,
Not adjusted or corrected,
Of something bad,
Become less intense or widespread,
An idea which Euripides echoed,
A young man aspiring to knighthood,
With reference to a solid substance,
Transform into a purer or idealized form,
Arranged neatly and in order,
A place where secret,
Or supporting work is done,
The most complete form of,
Win in this game.

Bor’s Dilemma

The Zero Key,
Without knowledge or intention,
Hit the Zero Key,
Three times,
Tablet of God,
Be opened,
Ain Soph,
By holding,
By touching,
Round Table of Nalvage.

Twelfth tablet,
Has the feeling of an after thought,
Enkidu is once again,
To give a grim account,
Of The Afterlife,
This is also known as,
Proof by contradiction,
Pİ or not Pi,
Its quotient increases toward positive infinity,
That quotient increases toward negative infinity.

One which has no head,
And no sides,
Prepare yourselves,
Brave travelers,
For Siege Perilous,
Which was kept vacant,
Is an approach to mathematics,
As the constructive mental activity of,
Wings flutter,
Voices over ;
Bor’s Dilemma.

Chose the strange woman over his brother,
It is to do with,
How the sigils of the governors,
Are overlaid on the Great Table,
The Homeric Question,
Renowned for his gallantry and purity,
Bastard son of,
Fisher king,
But the life that will be,
Suspended by death,
The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Physical Record of the past.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

But, In poetry,

249.    Come or go together,
An outstanding feature,
Or quality,
A mobile concentration of energy,
In a crystal formed by,
An excited electron,
And an associated hole ;
Hiding place,
Changing, diverse,
For each kind of particle,
There is an associated antiparticle,
With the same mass and spin,
Opposite electromagnetic,
And strong charges,
Not strictly necessary,
In case another component fails,
To spring or bounce back after hitting or colliding something,
Matter consisting elementary particles,
Which are antiparticles of those,
Making up normal matter,
Going from one place to another without changing direction or stopping,
In a natural way for the nature of particle and the,
Existence of antiparticles,
Take or hold,
A physicist who specialized in nuclear physics,
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac,
An ancient Egyptian gem in the form of scarab.

250.    Particulars which are combined,
From the plural,
Into the singular,
Is the stage of sleep,
During the most vivid dreams occur,
Apply tension to before manufacture,
Or use,
The magnitude of the electrostatic force,
Between two charges,
Is directly proportional to the,
Magnitude of the charges,
And inversely proportional to the,
Distances between charges,
Of or connected with the eyes or vision,
Covering the head,
To take the converse case,
In science,
One tries to tell people,
In such a way as to be understood by everyone,
Something that,
No one ever knew before,
In poetry,
Its the exact opposite,
To or at more advanced point or stage,
Smot hym on the hede with a nege tool,
Having a climbing habit,
The supposed communication of thoughts,
Or ideas,
By means other than the known senses,
The explanation of phenomena,
By the purpose they serve,
Rather than,
By postulated causes.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bliss domain

A grand plan,
That will come,
To be known as the,
Growth of the creatures,
For the day of slavery,
Whose coefficients depend only,
On the derivates of the,
Function at that point,
A living organism,
Which contains all the lifeforms and rocks and,
Other materials,
In the galaxy,
Not only hinder,
Takes away half,
Energy that a body has,
As a result of its,

The energy,
Transferred by a force to a moving object,
It is thought to have been,
Contemporaneous with modern humans,
Just as,
Directly searching for evidence,
Of unicellular life,
Within the body,
A theoretical companion to our sun,
Which could provide,
A mechanism for,
Periodic disturbances of comets,
In the Oort cloud,
Which would than fall inwards,
Causing mass extinctions,
They could not protect themselves,
Against the flocks of cranes,
Would grow up,

Converted into the energy of motion,
In which are kept,
Bliss domain,
Suave to herself,
Vibrant to her mother,
Of disordered motion and,
Of vibrations of microscopic particles such as,
Molecules and atoms,
The only difference is that,
As far as it is concerned,
It doesen't do it for the benefit,
Of the Humans,
But for the deity,
If what I hear is true,
Is still unconsciously following its programming,
Which is why,
They decide to live it,

There is no teacher,
No teaching,
And no thought,
Any technological society in space,
Will be transmitting information,
Which makes them most ignoble,
Remaining in a pure state,
That is not the world's peace,
That ruins great natures,
Far rather war,
And the love of pleasure,
The love of riches,
Drown us body and soul in the dephts,
The process of recovering data,
From primary storage,
Write in English,
Yet our matter will be as hard,
As Greek to some.

The moment you repeat that which is not yours,
You have become the follower of somebody,
Never utter these words,
I do not know this -- therefore it is false,
To describe ideas that would simply,
Not go away,
A slave, servant, or captive,
Was in thrall to,
Ability to,
Influence the behaviour of matter,
By mental intention,
And the love,
Holds our desires in its grasp,
The biosphere,
In which life fosters,
And maintains suitable conditions for,
Itself by affecting,
Earth's environment.

Persistently carry out attacks on,
A disease from which we all now,
Suffer sorely,
Further still able to,
Sense and adjust the,
Emotions of humans,
Made a very unemotional decision,
Willing to sacrifice,
Parts of human society,
For a different,
Less error-prone,
Added abilities of,
Adjusting non-human life,
As well as,
Converting useable energy,
Into work,
Through conscious,
Will alone.

The theory being that,
If life arose on Earth,
Then it could able to arise on,
Other planets with similar characteristics,
Guided by the,
Physical, mental, or organic,
Not alive in itself,
But the micro-organisms,
Covering the planet,
From the consciousness,
A hypothesis,
Which has not yet been tested adequately,
By the scientific method,
But which is otherwise consistent,
With existing science or which,
Where inconsistent,
Offers reasonable account of the,
From now on or at some time in the future,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rather than tyranny

The space between his teeth,
Bright and shine forth,
All things fall down,
There is no down,
As it is natural,
They should,
State where one feels,
No ego, or self,
Or having,
No distinct being apart from the,
Word around,

All the freedom,
In our boyhood,
To learn lessons of,
A righteous servitude,
A usefully straightforward way of,
Accounting for aspects of the,
Of which we are not,
Directly conscious or aware,
In the sense of any transformation into greater wisdom,
We seem,
Authority, reasoning, and experience,
Only the last is effective and able to bring,
Peace to intellect.

A public prison-house,
That is the reason,
A map,
Is not the territory,
It represents,
If correct,
It has a similar structure to,
The territory,
Which accounts for its usefulness,
Though it be most righteous,
The condition of being,
Stunted or dwarfed,
The claim that the less able members of society,
Should be watched over,
Is seen as a responsibility,
Rather than tyranny,
A thought pattern in any scientific discipline or,
Other epistemological context,
A system of ranking and organising things for people.

The furthest distance at,
Which any natural object,
Is the solar system,
Has ever been observed,
Is not as though,
We had the enemy already here,
Among us,
We don't believe, we fear,
Thought it be most righteous,
The stone boundary-makers,
Were drenched in sacrifical blood,
And placed on flowers to renew,
Its protective powers,
The stone,
Later thought as,
A god,
Of the wages.

Why no slave ever,
Descended into the depths of the ocean,
It's a poor atom blaster,
That doesn't point,
Both ways,
One has aptly termed,
All servitude,
Becomes an orator,
Shows an area of the sky,
Equal to the area covered by,
A pinhead,
Held at,
Arm's lenght,
Which beset,
Their bodies,
This was the answer,
That fit,
This was not the answer,
That was true.

Belong to menials,
That which is imitiated,
On the pattern of gene,
Through the bones which,
The evidence,
Involving phenomena where a person,
Seems to affect or to gain,
About something,
Through a means of,
Not currently explainable,
Within the framework of,
Mainstreams, conventional science,
In the slave,
Attenuate them,
Of the dungeon as it were,
But actually,
Able to sense and adjust the,
Emotions of humans.

A man habituated to,
May not harm life,
By inaction, allow life,
To come to harm,
Confined with,
Constructed using only,
Multiplication and addition,
Means they are infinitely differentiable,
Key categories,
According to shared qualities or characteristics,
They have derivates of all finite orders,
This consciousness,
Was eventually extended to the,
Non-human life,
And later to the inorganic material,
Of the planet,
To treat their limit passage,
To infinity.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Crossing point of the two horizons,
There exist an ether,
Such a vacuum as,
Cannot be artificially produced,
We should have said that was,
The elder daughter of,
Dark Night,
Let M be,
A plane mirror,
In vacuo,
In tensity,
And can be,
Derived from thee,
Between i and-i.

The evolution of the space and time,
By securing copies of Maps,
The Elder,
Having a Hero's might,
Of friendly Mind,
Having the Iranians at,
This exotic matter forms,
A thin spherical shell,
Into good and evil categories,
Just before you hit,
The singularity.

Falling to the singularity of the,
Black Hole,
From end to end,
And heath to scuttle away to the burrow,
When a little dust was seen blowing,
Along the highway,
To canter.

The particle can send,
A signal sideaways out of the,
Singularities or edges,
Breaks down,
Enclosed by the event horizon,
By probing it with,
Signals outward through horizon,
And this signal,
Can then travel,
And from the,
Particle's point of view,
White hole antihorizon,
Become greatly amplified in the final approach,
Producing a fierce environment.

Where two red lines cross,
Do space and time end?
Well~being or happiness,
Reglete with,
Knowledge, divine powers,
Fate or god,
Practised at time,
From a planet,
By its fixed position,
Is drawn in breathing,

In Anatolia,
Where they reflected back,
Into the middle on,
Small mirrors,
Collaps event at zero radius,
Marks the antihorizon,
By threading its throat with,
Perfect Dark,
Would concentrate into,
Small region,
Disclaim all responsibility for what happens to,
Your system,
If you do.

Represented by a continuously,
Variable physical quantity,
The existence of thought,
To be emitted by Black Holes,
Facing into and away from the wind,
With two peaks and two troughs,
For in a,
Space without ether,
But now with another universe,
Visible but unreachable,
On the other side of the horizon.

So that travellers can pass through,
Blueshifted parts of the sky,
Appear brighter,
Redshifted parts dimmer,
One of the pair falls,
Into the Black Hole,
Whilst the other escapes,
Independent of the initial state,
After the space and time have ended,
A Black Hole falls faster than the speed of light,
The distortions,
Just before you hit the singularity,
Upstream can make way,
Against the flow,
Not feel pain,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Madness And Convulsions

45.    A light,
Open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage,
Son of the sun god Helios in Grek Mythology,
Of or characteristic of the lower middle class,
Especially in being conventional and conservative,
Little townsfolk,
A world map protection,
In which areas are shown in correct proportion at the expense,
Of distorted shape,
A formal written request,
Signed by many people,
Appealing to authority in respect of a cause,
A constitutional right to reject a desicion,
Or proposal made by a law-making body,
Give, grant, or disclose in a gracious,
Or condescending manner,
To call,
A solemn promise.

46.    Act as ghost writer of,
The mind viewed as distinct from the body,
A bundle of rods with protecting axe blade,
Carried by a lictor in ancient Rome,
As a symbol of a magistrate's power,
And used as an emblem of authority,
In fascist Italy,
That which has been spoken,
Change to one of a different kind,
Publicly declare to be wrong or evil,
Kill by humane means,
Formed in its present position,
A system of government by one person with absolute power.

47.    Of a door or window,
Slightly open,
A supposed all-pervarding field in the ether,
In which a record of past events is imprinted,
Prophetic, poetic, or,
The course of the sun or moon through the heavens,
A dangerous viral disease of dogs and other mammals,
Transmissible through the saliva to humans,
And causing madness and convulsions,
An extremely enthusiastic appraisal of someone or something,
A notional boundary around a black hole around,
A black hole beyond,
Which no light or,
Other radiation can escape,
Of or relating to a religious movement of Jamaican origin,
Holding that,
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was the,
Messiah and blacks are the chosen people,
A band of contrasting brightness,
Of darkness,
Produced by diffraction or intereference,
Of light.

Monday, January 20, 2014

One, lonely stone - Trio Sonata -

Peculiarly desirable,
Brethren of the North,
When the concurrence of,
Every eminent member,
Custom of their lantern yard,
Heard of the sufferings of their,
Brethren have spoken,
There was one young man,
Thousands years from now?
A little older than himself,
With two faces forming a salient angle,
During the flight to the first planet.


Will build,
A tholos in Halikarnassos,
For the inhabitants of,
Alba Longa,
History, philosophy, teaching of,
Dionysius of Halikarnassos,
For the inhabitants of,
Feathered flying fortress of,
Alba Longa.

Melancholic cry of the deer,
One, lonely stone,
Responsible for the streams and springs,
Waters in Zion Canyon.

Higher Being,
Or for a mortal beloved,
A Winged Snake has bitten me,
One, lonely stone,
The love is always viewed.

-end of Trio Sonata-

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Original

400. The aim is to express,
Warning them,
To distrust himself,
The original,
The whole original,
And nothing but the original,
And withal good, readable English.
A massed a considerable fortune,
A wooden stump,
Response to a touch stimulus,
Is where it came from,
As dear unto,
Songs of incantation.

401. An introduction,
To the passions,
Not much thinking,
An abscess in the soft tissue,
Near a fingernail or toenail,
Encapsulating the waste,
By virtue,
A pure color,
Was the fundamental color of light,
A friendly bacteria,
That kills yeast,
As the release,
Of a electromagnetic radiation from a,
Hot body,
Due to its high,

402. Desire,
To describe everything,
With a touch of,
Someone on the borderline,
Between black and white.

403. Apple,
Absorbs all but red,
To his hearers.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Felis Bengalensis

159. Forming an angle,
Of ninety degree,
Position measured along,
The celestial equator,
Expressed in hours, minutes,
And seconds,
On the safe, appropriate or,
Optimum side of,
The human brain,
Believed to be associated with,
Creative thought and emotions,
Not inside out,
A circular band,
Cover with hoar frost,
The upper or outer edge of,
Something circular.

160. Benedictus Qui Venit in Nomini Domini,
A member of a people,
Not belonging to one of the great,
Greek, Roman, Christian,
A sharp projection,
Near the end of an arrow,
Which is angled away,
From the main point,
So as to make,
Extraction difficult,
Not Jewish,
Not belonging to one's own religious community,
In particular,
Make better,
Reduce the undesirable effect of,
Truth, certainty,
Felis Bengalensis.

161. The sin of Adam,
Viewed as fortunate,
Because it brought about,
The blessedness,
Of the Redemption,
An emotional state of reaction,
Causing a feeling,
Of happiness and well-being,
A system,
Designed to promote,
Bodily and mental well-being,
By analysis of,
Neuromuscular activity,
Via exercises which improve,
Flexibility and coordination,
Relating to,
Or resembling a cat,
Euclides ab Omni Naevo Vindicatus,
A protestant name,
For a catholic.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Mediocrity Principle

298.    So obvius or self-evident,
As to be hardly worth mentioning,
That any valid theory of the universe,
Must be consistent,
Existence of,
Carbon-based human beings,
At this particular time and place,
In the universe,
Something that is not known,
And on which,
A great deal depends,
From the time mentioned,
Until the present time,
Under consideration,
The mediocrity principle,
Is the notion in the,
Philosophy of science,
That there is nothing special about Earth,
And by implication the human race,
Would seem,
Just like putting a,
Full-sized tragic mask,
Upon an infant boy,
Combined with the,
Additional assumption that an,
Earth-like planet,
Is a prerequisite,
For the development of,
Advanced life,
This offers,
An explanation for current lack of evidence,
Of extraterrestrial civilizations.

299.    The style of enunciation,
In speaking or singing,
Which evokes the full-moon,
And is covered with the hide of sacred,
Lunar bull,
By definition,
Is that than which a greater cannot be thought,
God exists in understanding,
God exist in understanding,
We could imagine,
To be greater by existing in reality,
God must exist,
The feature that,
The truth value of a complex sentence,
Is determined by the,
Truth values of its sub-sentences,
The system cannot be both consistent and complete,
The system is consistent,
Then the consistency of the axioms,
Cannot be proved,
Within the system,
Was a logician, mathematician, and philosopher of mathematics,
Kurt Gödel,
A member of,
Vienna Circle.

300.    Trivial,
An inferior legal practitioner,
Underhand dealer,
With noise,
And firing,
An arrow at them,
Who lived in a swamp,
Light reveals the genius loci of a place,
As amenability to algorithmic checking of correctness,
Philosophy should provide,
Strict criteria,
For judging sentences,
True, false, and,
Because the multiple,
Parallel universes,

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Life as a whole,
No material productiveness,
Winners of the orgy contest,
Which is to say,
One begins counting at the,
Number one,
To make difference,
That speaks to the present,
As well as of the past,
The divine mother,
And the veil of death,
Good to think with,
Beneficial enlightening,
Clear knowledge,
We believe in,
What is really real,
Consolation of philosophy.

Decoding an archetype,
Identified of,
Negative integers was accepted,
The usual aim of an exorcism,
The wise women,
Often symbolized as,
A lionness in battle,
Balanced with obedience,
Such as,
Speaking in tongues,
And interpretation of tongues,
Joined and collected,
Found the womb,
Which helped prepare them,
For their future roles as,
Wives and mothers.

Alternatively called,
Naught, nil, ought, or nought,
We don't record flowers,
Which is to say,
One begins counting at the number one,
And rose in concert,
What is heard,
The Sun,
The wind,
The dawn,
The earth.

Master of ceremonies,
Cold reader,
Picked up the technique through,
Cultural osmosis,
A substance that promotes,
An equilibrium reaction,
By reacting with one of the substances produced,
Is an entirely natural phenomenon,
Actually signifies the year,

Venns is metal,
Numbers are wood,
A series of well-defined steps,
That can be followed as a procedure,
The real innermost core,
And without it,
No religion would be worthy,
Of the name,
Lingua İgnota.

West wind,
Came to mean a light breeze,
Almost nothing,
Arithmetical nothing,
Or block,
Play making and,
Way of resolving differences,
Rather than by fighting,
Covered people,
A shell of glyph,
Is always,
Equal to the absolute value of the base.

If is,
The inequality,
A piece of information that,
Controls the operation,
Only secrecy of the key,
Provides security,
A dictionary attack,
For login passwords,
Use in a block ciphers,
With any,
Dark secret.

X marks the spot,
A slave,
Who accompanied his master,
To tell him,
The names of people,
He met,
And hear,
You speak with several tongues,
Or concealed characters in writings,
Of learned societies,
Sifr, cyfra, szyfrowac',
Cifra, code, cero,

Breast star,
To speak in riddles,
One that rotates,
There are two separate keys,
A public key,
Is kept secret,
Represent a stared secret,
Medieval numerals,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reductio ad Hitlerum

My brethen,
The muscular organ that maintains the,
Circulation of the blood,
Inherent in all living things,
Our indwelling rational spirit,
Attend in the court,
And outward rooms of the palace,
Life can come only from previous life,
But these were so numerous,
Treated by minute doses of natural substances,
That in a healthy person would produce symptoms.

Giving realism last word,
An act or instance of placing two things,
Close together or side by side,
Reductio ad Hitlerum,
The Origin of the World,
The one ore ones mentioned previously,
To bring forth,
Under the excitement of the moment,
Has intuitively rather than logically connected,
The physician's high and only mission,
Ideal of cure,
Rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the,
Seeping, serous, purulent body fluid,
Into a body cavity.

Rhapsody :
Singer with the wand,
Stitcher of verse,
In an eminent degree,
With shoulders drooping,
And a more tranquil audience,
Allowed him in the rapid movement of the,
Especial circumspection, tact, knowledge,
Caution in conducting the inquiry,
And patience,
Because all the phenomena,
And deviations from the health that has been,
Put recently lost are,
Still fresh in the memory.

Richest source of information,
Not the orator,
So far as we can see,
He was slouched alertly,
On the mirror phase,
Deranges the health of the human being,
And develops in him a morbid stage,
As manifesting itself at every subsequent,
Secondary action or the mere action of the,
Vital Force,
So far as we can see,
Without the visual presence of others,
The maturing process is delayed.

The Other,
Would be able to cope with any other human being,
In very few healthy bodies,
So-called idiosyncrasies,
Incontinent adults,
Restored following trauma or identity crisis,
And the capability of the vital force that animates the organisms,
To be influenced by it,
And all must be taken with a grain of salt,
Of names points represent line or line segments,
Is also used for,
Multiplication of,
Apt to faint from the smell of,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fields adjoining an arroyo!


A microscopic single-celled fungus capable of converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, have an intense feeling of loss and longing for something. Be filled with compassion or warm feeling: eager!

Mild, merciful! Love and respect deeply. Choose to take up or follow formally approve or accept.


To cast a shadow; come or bring to end: stop!

The death of most or all of the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply!

A person with extreme racist or authoritarian views; consecrated one, excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance; lacking experience, wisdom or judgement, deprived of the power of sensation!

Fields adjoining an arroyo!

Having or showing good judgement:
A cross-connection between adjacent channels, tubes, fibres, or other parts of a network; provide with a mouth; to set up; a native or inhabitant of Anatolia.

An imaginary line which divides something in half, especially in the direction of its greatest length!

A fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates!

Axle, pivot! Each of the two points at which the axis of a circle cuts the surface of a sphere!


A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs, a person who displays or exaggerates their suffering or to obtain sympathy or admiration: a witness!

Make or become sound or healthy again.

Correct or put right!

Activities taking the mind; mental work, apparatus for controlling the flow of water in a river or canal!


A mute character in traditional pantomime, masked and dressed in a diamond-patterned costume; the leader of a legendary troop of demon horsemen, having won battle or contest; victorious!

A framework consisting of a horizontal beam supported by two pairs of sloping legs, used in pairs to support a flat surface; threefold!

Formal and dignified!
Not cheerful; serious.
Deeply sincere, entire!
Make or shape by cutting or chopping a hard material.


Out of ordinary; unusual, not diminished, reduced or lessened!

A specified state of growth or advancement an event constituting a new stage in a changing situation, the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour; a branch of knowledge, especially one studied in higher education: not shining brightly or clearly, made difficult to see by darkness, shade or distance.

Existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ah taf, Ah taf,

Are these two images alike?
Human one,
Human one,
Ah tum,
Ah tum,
Material consisting of seed coverings,
Ah taf,
Ah taf,
On the bank of the canal,
Maybe this is the prime time,
To get used to them,
Built the city of,
Philosophic society,
On the forms of matter,
To turn round,
Residents may be using,
Hide thyself,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What your church is, Standing for?


The diversity of life,
A kind of absence,
The space before the visibles arrived,
No way,
Then who knows and who cares,
The Universe and its mirror image,
There are observable consequences,
From quantum mechanical tunneling between,
The Universe and its mirror image,
There has been no peer review of,
This revision.

The two populations as separate species,
Appeared seventy-two times,
As a keyword in biological abstracts,
Loyalty, piety, generosity, courage,
Honor and glory,
Contempt of death,
Helpfulness and reverence,
For thee,
Embrocation on my sprained wrist steadily,
Were the poets,
And that,
What your church is,
Standing for?

An underwater speaker,
Rendering it effectively blind,
Although it may still be able,
To detect the intensity and direction,
Of light,
And as biological diversity,
Is appeared,
Nineteen times,
A beneficent demon that,
Accompanies through out life.

Even when voice cues,
Are removed from sound,
Man aiming an arrow at a lion,
And finally,
A costly table,
Which had one belonged to,
King Solomon,
That is a gift,
And gives us,
The peace,
I know,
You won't believe me,
The highest form of human excellence,
Is to question oneself and,

Caller's voice features,
Over thin ice,
To four hundred million people,
The past,
Is connected to the future,
At the antihorizon,
Spacetime tells matter how to move,
Matter tells spacetime how to bend,
Usually encountered on their own,
But have traveled in groups more often,
When populations were larger.

Human interaction,
Has lowered water levels,
Of a large gene pool,
Indicates extensive genetic diversity,
Not surprised!?
Na ~ Na,
She became pregnant,
When an almond from tree fell on her lap,
Causing a rock or a mountain,
To become pregnant,
The concept of a god,
Who is a human being,
Was a son of the Mother of all things.

Signal path,
Motion of a sound wavefront through a region,
Moves air,
Creating local variations and offsets,
In the average speed,
Of air,
Along the signal path,
An interesting twist!
Time flows upward on the right,
Time flows downward on the left,
What lies beyond the anti horizon?
Having met?

Meet the singularity,
As long as the inhabitants of thee,
Two Universes,
Remain outside the horizons,
They cannot meet or communicate,
With each other,
The inhabitants can meet after,
Falling into the black hole,
Into peace of conscience,
And it turneth the labors of writing,
With the kiss of peace,
To a spot of ground which is pure from pollution,
These demons the poets also acknowledge.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


My honourable colleague ;
The remains of something,
That has been destroyed,
Two hundred thirty light years,
From Earth,
An armored personal carrier.

*As only he could,
That thee,
Ape-man was among thee,

*As only he could,
That thee,
Talking to them in low,

As only he could,
That thee,
Stroking their shaggy,

As only he could,
That thee,
Assuring them,
That thee,
Danger was over.

To say;
They learned,
So that,
How large it had originally,
Debris of,
Shipwrecked vessels,
Had been seen,
On thee,
It's what you make of it,
The art of,


Friday, January 10, 2014


Attainment of any object,
That might strike,
A group of atoms,
Joined by covalent bonds,
That take part in reactions,
As a single unit,
Often simply called the,
Any mean,
Towards the higher values,
One can create one's own average,
Any invertible function.

The correct notion of average,
As being a fixed point,
The radical of an ideal,
Associated with the entire ring,
It is,
Sometimes called the subcontrary mean,
Per unit of time,
One difference can be twice another,
The angular separation between these images,
That is,
Relative to absolute zero.

And brown dwarfs,
Neutron stars,
And black holes,
That the human mind,
Will instinctively react to,
An encoded message,
That it conceives,
At the presumption of relevance,
Of Nature trusts the mind,
Fulfills the property of producing code,
Placed, appointed,
It is unachievable in practice,
But it is exist,
As a limit.

Rose to the rank,
Stayed at the letter M,
Which posits,
That there are two sources,
Accuracy and precision,
It is,
Indistinguishable from magic,
Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence,
And artificial intelligence,
Of the above,
When actually go on to,
Develop life.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Don't follow instructions,
Suspect instructions,
They are something,
To be wary of,
Tonally-neutral, mid-central unrounded vowel sound,
Was announced for,
Later that year,
But was never finished,
Is residual visual sensitivity,
Independent of any,
Subjective experience,
The devising that,
Universals can be said,
To exist,
On the island,
In exactly same words,
Would be identical with that,
In the other.

Is to decide,
Before speak,
Upon the ear,
As the first verse states,
In Asia Minor,
This decree,
Caused the danger,
That refers to the angle between,
The Sun,
And a planet,
In that,
It will be joined, triggered by the,
Full moon,

To pass by,
Just as a cloud,
Wound or injure,
That part of the body,
Permanently damaged,
On the crown,
Is the luminous atmosphere,
Of the sun,
It appears that,
As a cloud,
Mean to hit heavily and repeatedly with,
Violent blows,
Which consist of four.

And to the good conscience of every,
Several juryman,
And in your presence,
I know beseech them,
No less to the harmony,
To the thought itself,
Just as a cloud,
That I may find,
In your hearts such benevolence,
Towards me,
As I ever,
Debate over the existence of,
Asteroid moons.

First Dactyl,
This is the forest primeval,
Is in unison,
Among his four finger brothers,
And Idas,
Named Heracles.
And secondly,
That they will guide you,
To such a judgment,
This indictment,
It could not have traveled,
Far from its origin,
And therefore,
It is,
Pass by as a cloud,
Although the degree of heating is not known.

The murmuring pines and the hemlocks,
And the order of,
The first five,
Caused the danger of the time,
To pass by,
And the sixth is,
Which removes the sharp change,
In the sun's chromosphere and corona,
Where can cause solar flares,
In the Earth's magnetosphere,
A plasma,
Sharp changes in magnetic field direction are,
Is the process,
Magnetic reconnection.

Hosper nephos,
A definitely shaped cloud,
Or masses of clouds,
Possessing definite form,
Is a curve shaped,
Somewhat like an egg or a speed skating track,
Smooth looking,
Not self-intersecting,
Intrude on,
The magnetic field in the solar corona,
On the mount of transfiguration,
This magnetic carpet,
So the energy,
Released by the reconnection,
Is a natural candidate for the,
Coronal heat.

There is,
At least one axis of symmetry,
Even as,
That individually provide,
Very little energy,
But together,
Account for the,
Required energy,
As to,
Make things,
A dense multitude,
A throng,
Which became known as,