Sunday, December 15, 2013


239.    The form of the indefinite article,
Designed in sensitive or fitting way,
Relating to or denoting,
The part of the autonomic nervous system,
Supplying the internal organs, blood vessels, and glands,
And balancing the action of the,
Parasympathetic nerves,
In addition,
A bridge in which the deck is suspended from cables,
Running between towers,
Halt temporarily,
Of a stimulus or mental process,
Perceived by or affecting,
Someone's mind,
Without their being aware of it.
A nervous disorder,
Marked by excessive uneasiness,
A taking hold of or seizing,
An untidy or dilapidated place or vehicle,
The part of the brain at the back of the skull,
Which coordinates and regulates muscular activity,
Wheels locking and the vehicle skidding,
If applied suddenly,
An inreference in which one proposition follows of,
Necessity from two others.

240.    Myth ;
Creativity can be easily developed, using the simple lateral thinking techniques,
Learning can be  achieved more powerfuly through subliminal techniques,
Used by,
Maltese Physician Edward De Bono,
Engage in inconsequential or,
Unproductive activity,
Force to move in a particular direction,
A thing that existed before,
Logically precedes another,
Into a position seemingly alien and unnatural,
A point representing the mean position of all matter,
In a body,
The doctrine that the morality of an action,
Is to be judged solely by its,
Affirming the consequent,
Genrich Saulovich Altschuller,
Believed that,
Problems stem from,
A thing that contributes extra features,
To something else,
So as to enchance or improve it,
A circular depiction of a snake,
Or dragon swallowing its tail,
Symbolizing wholeness or infinity.

241.    A word or phrase inserted,
As a explanation or after-thought,
A dynamic equilibrum,
Will form if,
At a given temperature,
Two reversible processes occur at the same rate,
A process,
That can be reversed,
By means of,
Infinitesimal changes in some property of the system,
The intellect,
With the intention of preventing,
Because of the possibility of,
The convertion of heat energy,
To work by exploiting,
The temperature gradient,
Between a hot source,
And a cold sink,
From any external source whatsoever,
Around a day.
The twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet,
A power saw with a rapidly rotating toothed disc,
The fact of awareness by the mind,
Of itself and the world,
Be fitted or protected with an alarm,
Concerned about a matter,
Whole figure,
Is rotational symmetry with respect to an angle of,
Seventy-two degree.

242.    An organized whole,
That is perceived as,
More than the sum of its parts,
A comprehensive description and explanation of a theory,
Has it roots in theories by,
German poet and dramatist,
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe,
A movement in psychology,
Seeking to explain perceptions as gestalts,
Rather than analysing their constituents,
Gather together a number of quantity of,
Build up,
An increase or decrease in the frequency of,
Sound, light, or other waves,
As a source,
And observer,
Move towards or away,
From each other,
Named after the Austrian physicist,
Christian Andreas Doppler,
Enlarge or vary its range of products,
Or field of operation,
A thing that acts to increase,
Physiological or nervous activity in the body,
Stretched tight or rigid,
When the forces on all components of a defined system,
Are balanced with the reactions,
Such that no component,
Is undergoing an acceleration relative to the designated,
Frame of reference,
The ability to see, hear,
Or become aware of something through the senses,
An orgasm,
That only a very tiny proportion,
Of bodily stimuli,
Actually reach consciousness.

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