Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cass ~ ee ~ oh ~ pee ~ ah

Worth place!
Upside down,
Then for integer values only,
We have,
Those old astrologers had,
A giant spiral galaxy in the Local Group,
Touching on the east the Ocean,
They sent the winged heroes,
The most passionate speech of the three,
The people are civilized men,
Of mild and frugal temper,
The angle which tangent to the curve,
Which defines points upon a curve~

Often the origin,
To the curve at that point,
The unknown factor,
Upside-down "M",
The first Queen of,
The source star,
Was unusually massive and had,
Previously ejected much of its outer layers,
Upside-down whilst in the chair,
People of portentous stature and longevity,
The strongest radio source in the sky,
Instant messenger,
Each tentacle is covered with stinging cells,
Psi-gamma, for cases of perception~

And psi-kappa, for cases of action,
Wavelength radiation before it reached Earth,
The light wave starts out as,
Gamma ray photon,
Moving at the speed of light,
According to the wave-particle duality,
Up, down and strange,
Cass ~ ee ~ oh ~ pee ~ ah,
Self-induce high-amplitude gamma synchrony,
Not till nearly half the length of the coast,
Which looks north-east,
Has been past.

Background to the discovery,
Patterns differ from those of controls,
Distinctions usually do so on the basis,
That the different energies,
Have a different feel,
To them,
Also third companion to the star,
It has the name Tsih,
Air of breeding was apparent,
To companion is believed to be similar to,
Our own Sun,
Just as sunlight and moonlight.

Warn the students about,
The deleterious effects,
Emissions could be explained,
If the companion were a dense object,
With a high surface gravity,
Most often expressed feelings of desire,
In an adopted persona,
Could accrete on the surface of the companion,
Transforming gravitational potential,
Into thermal energy~

Changing direction or velocity, density and shape,
Who instead employ the name,
Is known as Medusa,
For the gravity,
Is the escape velocity,
The velocity needed for an object,
To escape from the gravitational field,
To infinite distance~

The nuclei,
Become smaller and smaller,
Until the core is reached,
The point where,
They disappeared there,
And passing rings around them,
Lightness of hand,
When the electrons are degenarate,
Matter is formed,
And so forth,
High density that the,
Species of body,
Even at absolute zero temperature,
And white dwarf matter,
Beyond which degeneracy pressure can no longer,
Support it.

Against the frothy background,
Of our home galaxy,
Turned the watcher to stone,
As its central,
The head,
At the edge of the sea,
Beautiful than even the sea,
The only way,
Spacing of steps of shade,
Between the brightest and dimmest part of,
An image,
Make one's own,
Directed out of and orthogonal to the,
Two-dimensional surface,
On which is drawn.

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