Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That he is lying

161.    The sin of Adam,
Viewed as fortunate,
Because it brought about,
The blessedness,
Of the Redemption,
An emotional state of reaction,
Causing a feeling,
Of happiness and well-being,
A system,
Designed to promote,
Bodily and mental well-being,
By analysis of,
Neuromuscular activity,
Via exercises which improve,
Flexibility and coordination,
Relating to,
Or resembling a cat,
Euclides ab Omni Naevo Vindicatus,
A protestant name,
For a catholic.

162.    A three dimensional shape,
Having tvelwe plane faces,
In particular,
A regular solid figure,
With tvelwe equal pentagonal faces,
The first,
And eigth note of a major scale,
Ready to accept control or instruction,
One of the early Christian theologians,
Regarded as especially,
Authoritative in the Western Church,
Or later so designated by,
Saint Thomas Aquinas,
As he said,
The God is one,
But we can call it by several names,
Sometimes as Wisdom,
Sometimes as God,
Sometimes as reason,
A cause that,
Denoting someone or something,
Is itself caused,
Not properly understood,

163.    Euclides of Megara,
More likely to rise than fall,
A supposed ultimate cause,
Of all events,
Which does not,
Itself have a cause,
Identified with God,
Consider it correct or,
The opposite of Good,
Does not exist,
Do arithmetic,
An apparatus to showing,
A key to code,
Around within the word,
And tapered to the base,
Hail and hold communication with,
The stanza used by,
The English poet,
Edmund Spencer,
In the Faerie Queene.

164.    A man says,
That he is lying,
Is what he says,
True or false,
Denoting a person or thing,
That has a specified attribute or form,
That one can not be said,
Know something,
Just because,
One believes it,
And that belief,
Turns out to be true,
A three-dimensional shape,
Having twenty plane faces,
In particular,
A regular solid figure,
With twenty equal triangular faces,
Given in generous,
Or situated to the rear,
Ancient and modern,
A straight line segment,
A circle can be drawn,
Using the segment,
As radius and,
One end point,
As center.