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Luciferous Logolepsy


220.    Olinto de Pretto,
An Italian industrialist from Vicenza, Bologna,
According to University of Perugia,
Historian of mathematics Umberto Bartocci,
Published the famous formula,
E = mc²,
Two years before,
Albert Einstein,
Acting or done quickly and rashly,
Moving forcefully or rapidly,
To attack,
The property,
Of matter and radiation,
Which manifests,
As a capacity,
To perform work,
Of or relating to,
Move faster than and overtake,
A thing which projects,

221.    Vis viva,
Or living force,
A thing,
That blocks,
One's way,
Or hinders progress.
Foolish mass,
Turn or slide violently or uncontrollably,
Showing emotion or sensitivity,
A subatomic particle,
Such as a nucleon,
Which has half-integral spin,
Named after the Italian physicist,
Enrico Fermi,
Never be first,
Try to be second.
Destruction or abortion of a fetus,
Insert between,
One thing and another,
To seek the first principles of things.
A member of the,
Aboriginal people of New Zealand,
Ernest Rutherford, first Baron of Rutherford of Nelson,
In bad of,
In science,
Stir or disturb,

222.    Anyone,
Who is not shocked,
By the quantum theory,
Has not understood a single word.
Newly converted to,
And very enthusiastic about,
A physical model that,
Depicts the atom as,
A small positively charged nucleus,
Surrounded by electrons in,
Orbit at different levels,
Similar in structure to the,
Solar system,
Named after the,
Danish physicist Niels Bohr.
Comparable in certain respects,
In the middle of,
A idiosyncratic belief or impression,
That is not in accordance with,
A generally accepted reality,
The doctrine that,
All events,
And actions are,
Ultimately determined by,
Causes regarded as external,
To the will,
A narrow, secluded valley,
Turn in a circle,
Energy cannot be created or,
Only modified in,

223.    Nothing exist until it is measured,
Especially one with signatures,
Written in a circle to conceal the,
Order of writing,
By the swift succession of,
Blow on blow,
Mix or cause to mix together,
Containing two adjacent nitrogen atoms,
Between carbon atoms,
Having no trace of life or organic remains,
Kings are said to rule over this period of time,
Holds that light and matter,
Can exhibit properties of,
Both waves and of particles,
Defeat or conquer,
Physical quantity,
Related to the velocity,
And mass of an object,
Even where it is most,
Just you should.

224.    Fails in the,
Vicinity of black holes,
Or when considering the,
Observable universe,
As a whole,
Condensed phases that appear,
Whenever the number,
Constituents in a system of,
Is extremely large,
And interactions between the,
Constituents are strong.
The fixed inner sole of a boot,
The amount of a solar radiation,
Reaching the given area,
Linked or locked closely together,
As by dovetailing,
To weave together,
The triple point of a substance,
Is the temperature and pressure at,
Which three phases,
Of that substance,
May coexist in,
Thermodynamic equilibrium.

225.    The taking down of the body of,
Christ from the cross,
It is special case of,
Einstein's principle of relativity,
Where the effects of gravity,
Can be ignored,
Varied in appearance or character,
The transport and commotion of the soul,
The nature of the universe must not change,
For an observer whose inertial state,
By virtue of the meaning of the worlds,
Or concepts,
Used to express it,
Relating to,
Or using analysis or,
Logical reasoning,
A method of,
Approaching philosophical problems through,
Analysis of the terms in which they expressed,
Back to bear,
Some elements,
Or substances at some pressures,
The material may,
Transition directly from,
Solid to gaseous state.

226.    The doctrine that,
The substance of the Eucharistic elements,
Is converted into body and blood of,
Christ at consecration,
Only the appearances of,
Bread and wine,
Still remaining,
Free from disturbance,
Energy by virtue of matter,
Being able to move to,
A lower-energy state,
Releasing energy in some form,
Luciferous Logolepsy,
Is the tendency of,
A body to maintain its state of,
Uniform motion,
Acted by,
An external force.
A quantity having direction as well as magnitude,
Especially as determining the position of one point in space,
Relative to another,
Such that each instantaneous state of the system,
Is described by a unit vector in that space.
This state vector,
Is the encodes the probabilities for the outcomes of all possible measurements,
Applied to the system,
As the state of a system,
Generally changes over time,
The state vector is a function of time,
A long, narrow cut or depression,
In a hard material.

227.    Strike with a firm blow,
An unstable meson,
With a mass around,
Two hundred times that,
Of the electron,
The twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Some of which the sufferer,
Cannot even describe to another,
By attitude, by look, by voice,
Because of the energy required to create,
And the fact that,
Muons have limited lifetimes,
It is not currently able to produce,
Net energy,
And analyses indicate at present,
That energy production,
Form the reaction,
Is not possible,
A brief,
Strong rush of wind,
Substance is eternal,
Atoms move in an infinitive void,
The universe is all atoms and void,
Nothing else,
On the other hand,
Disorder contains,
A certain element of,

228.    Suggest as a logical consequence,
The speed of light,
In vacuum,
Is the same to all inertial observers,
Is the same in all directions,
And does not depend on the velocity of the object,
Emitting the light,
That light,
Does not require any medium,
In which to propagate.
A system of words, figures or symbols,
Used to represent others,
Especially for the purpose of secrecy,
Rub abrasively against another,
Whenever an observer,
Detects the local presence of a force,
That acts on all objects,
In direct proportion,
To the inertial mass of each object,
That observer is in,
An accelerated frame or reference,
That is solely or no more or better than,
What is specified,
Mere mortals,
Set on fire.

229.    The theory that,
All flammable materials,
Contains a substance,
Without color, odor, or weight,
That is liberated in burning,
Once burned,
Substance was now in its true form,
To hide,
The discovery of which was the,
Supreme object of alchemy.
Annus mirabilis,
Work by lamplight,
Discourse learnedly in writing,
A thing,
Attached to something,
Larger or more important,
A natural light,
Connecting a subject and predicate,
A pair of fetters,
Connected by a chain,
Used to fasten,
A prisoner's wrists or ankles together,
Another term of,
Man's soul,
Consist of minute atoms that,
Dissipate into smoke,
When a person dies,
The physical phenomenon that,
Minute particles immersed in a fluid,
Move around randomly,
The mathematical models,
Used to describe those random movements,
The energy of a body,
At rest,
Equals its mass times,
The speed of,
Light squared.

230.    Universe,
Seen as well-ordered whole,
Falls pointless,
And immediately loses all its fire.
A person,
Who is studying or has expert knowledge of,
One or more of the natural or physical sciences,
A genius,
From the name of the,
German-born physicist,
Albert Einstein,
The concepts of time,
And three dimensional space,
Regarded as fused in,
Four dimensional continuum,
Not specialized or limited,
The absence of standards of absolute and,
Universal application,
Tightly together,
All observers to be equivalent,
Not only those moving at a uniform speed,
Gravity is no longer,
A force,
Is a consequence of the curvature of,

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