Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hapax Legomenon

495.    Mistress,
How the question of strange star existence will,
Play out,
Is a geological phenomenon in which,
Massive ice sheets form in the,
Arctic and Atlantic,
And advance toward the equator,
Approximately twenty-one thousand years ago,
To take her male,
Is a mostly enclosed sea that,
Has limited exchange of deep water,
With outer oceans,
And where the water circulation is,
Dominated by salinity and temperature differences,
Rather than winds,
So that,
She too may become a,
Living spirit,
To avert intershift disaster.

496.    A point of no return,
Having a rocky and uneven surface,
Made of five parts,
And each part should be distinct,
While the soul-animal,
Is the vehicle,
Which literally means,
The physical basis,
To allow those,
Not eligible for,
Admittance into the general congregation,
Has a slight slant toward the right,
To teach orally,
Translated as,
Without providence,
A light rod.

497.    Wooden bolts by sheer inequality,
Suggested strenght through unity,
People possess free will,
For sake,
In two, apart,
Utter with a twang,
Their feet stamp,
Which fall altogether,
Knowing beforehand,
The due,
To cover your head,
And throw the bones of,
Your mother,
Behind your shoulder.

498.    Hard to please,
One that preserves the order,
Having a globe in her left hand,
And a peg in the right,
But simply the feeling of the rhythm,
Is physical development of the individual after birth or,
Involving significant change in form,
As well as growth an differentation,
So one can speak of the,
Second note of,
Happy birthday,
Draw their hearer,
Pedigree of the same breed.

499.    Further,
You will remember,
You must know,
Let us consider,
An allied excellence,
As to whether,
Images, moreover,
The figures,
Is a word that,
Is put next to a noun that,
To indicate,
The type of reference,
Being made to,
The noun.

500.    Unseasonable,
Bright blue weather in,
Whose intercession is approved,
For the present time,
Cut down,
Exactly equal the widht of the top and bottom,
To meet a need that is not expected to recur,
Have a small heel coming out of its back on the bottom,
Hapax legomenon,
Also have a single tag,
On top of its head,
On the left side,
A crown,
Composed of eight faces,
Each of which,
An equilateral triangle,
Four of which,
Meet at each.

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