Sunday, September 29, 2013

On The Parasitism - 3

287.    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy,
A fatal disease,
Of cattle,
Which affects the central nervous system,
Causing agitation and staggering,
And is believed to be related to,
Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease,
In humans,
Gathered together or made less diffuse,
A facility for the,
Extraction and processing of animal milk,
For human consumption,
And their milk,
Lies next to the,
Constellation of Capricorn,
Giving rise to a reward of cattle,
For passing the task of,
Were fed with meat and bone meal,
A high-protein substance obtained from,
The remnants of butchered animals,
A hazardous business.

288.    Of,
Relating to,
Or resembling sheep,
The pathogenic theory of disease,
Is a scientific theory,
That suggests that,
The instead of genetics being the,
Proximal cause of,
Many diseases that the environment plays a significant factor,
In the form of pathogen microorganism such as,
Bacteria or virus,
Chance favors the prepared mind,
Shepherd Louis Pastor,
Was a French microbiologist and chemist,
Respected, distinguished,
Demonstrated that,
The fermantation process,
Is caused by the growth of microorganisms,
And that,
The growth of microorganisms,
Is nutrient broths,
Is not due to spontaneous generation,
Is an evolutionary struggle between,
A predator species and its prey,
Including parasitsm,
Is said,
To resemble an,
Arms race.

289.    The state of possessing something,
The dynamics of,
Biological systems in which,
Two species interact,
One a predator,
One its prey,
The change in the prey's numbers,
Is given by its own growth,
The rate at,
Which it is preyed upon,
The amount of dirt,
Amassed in,
The uncleaned stable,
Made the task,
Surely impossible,
A part,
Recognition and understanding,
Of the difference between,
One thing and another,
An evolutionary theory,
The situation in nature,
When creatures,
Must adapt quickly,
To changing environmental threats,
Just to survive,
From generation to generation.

290.    The control of the pest,
By the introduction of a natural enemy,
Or predator,
Remain or stay in a certain place,
Restrain your tongues, your appetites, your passions,
When he did return the Scythians,
He was killed,
Anarchasis was a Scythian philosopher,
Accept or act in accordance with,
Strenght and originality in a person's nature,
Become larger or rounder in size,
Especially as a result of an,
Accumulation of fluid,
A genetic event,
That occurs,
During the formation of,
Sperm and egg-cells,
The event,
During which electrons became bound to nuclei,
After recombination,
Ambient photons,
Where no longer scattered,
Remain to the present as the,
Cosmic Microwave Background.

291.    The maximum extent,
Or magnitute of a vibration,
Or other oscillating phenomenon,
Measured from the,
Equilibrum position,
A method of minimising the harm,
Deliberate infection,
A system,
Is said to be in a state of equilibrum,
All influences on the system,
Are cancelled by the effects of,
May or,
May not,
Be stable,
Neither gold,
Neither silver,
Appearance of,
A new species of life,
On earth.

292.    Succeeded by,
Rerouting the rivers,
To attach the vessel,
To the ground of at,
A specified point,
Was a river,
Is said to be,
The first of nine sisters who rule Avalon,
And chased her to Sicily,
Changed her,
Into a fountain,
He swan underwater,
To be with her,
And mingled his waters with,
That are highly dangerous to,
Higher organisms,
Including humans,
In his laws,
He says that,
Tartaric acid is,
A muscle toxin,
Which works by inhibiting,
The production of,
Malic acid.

293.    Cerebral penducle,
By most classifications,
Is everything in the,
Except the tectum,
On the anterior surface,
Black substance,
Thought to be involved in,
Certain aspects of,
Movement and attention,
Remove or break the seal of,
Without formal organization or,
Infectious self-reproducing protein structures,
Teering or mocking,
Made in order to,
Wound or provoke,
So much,
The hypothetical generation of,
Life from non-living matter,
Eros sprang forth from the,
Primordial Chaos,
Together with,

294.    The first principle of the seed,
Made perfect,
From birth,
Laurus Nobilis,
With male and female,
On separate plants,
Borne in pairs,
Together beside a leaf,
The fruit,
Is a small black berry,
Containing a single seed,
Two households,
That is,
A female plant,
May sometimes produce,
Small numbers of,
Male cones,
Vice versa,
Explaining the,
Advantage of sex,
And the constant arms race,
Between competing species.

295.    The realization of potential,
Is not ended,
Maintain, continue,
What we cannot speak of,
We must pass over,
In silence,
It suggest that,
Any discussion of metaphysics,
Lies outside the realm of sense,
And that only proper method,
Of philosophy,
Is the abandonment,
Of philosophy,
For the natural sciences.
A special point used in describing conic sections,
The real part is zero,
In both cases,
So more specifically,
It is a centre,
Writing material from Pergamon,
Put in beside,
That the levels of the predator and prey,
And oscillate around this,
Fixed point.

296.    Involving very close connection,
In combination,
Or working together with,
Innermost sheat,
A piece of long or complex discourse,
A degree of freedom,
Avaliable for movement,
In a space,
Far away in space,
Or time,
The notion of light around,
A rotating star,
A non-oriantable, two dimensional surface,
With only one side,
When immersed in three dimensional,
Euclidian space,
The function of the set of all positive integers,
Partially ordered by divisibility,
He was a descendant of Martin Luther,
August Ferdinand Möbius,
Was a german mathematician and,
Theoretical astronomer.

297.    The age in I am,
Am I in age the,
The high in each at,
At each in high the,
But in poetry,
Claim that,
The simplest explanation would be,
Preferred over more complicated ones,
We are the only,
Species in our part of the,
That relies on,
Radio technology for communication,
If this sounds like hyperbole,
Anything about Fermi,
Is likely to sound,
Like hyperbole,
C.P. Snow, says about him.

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