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On The Parasitism - 2

275.    Become pregnant with,
A key player in the myth,
The origin of,
Scorpio and death of Orion,
Lies between,
To the west,
And Capricornus,
To the east,
Is an animal that adapted to eat,
Primarily plant matter,
Rather than meat,
A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving,
Or doing something,
Is to prefer least complicated explanation for an,
Is a modern term,
For systematic bullying, harrasment,
Or psychological terror,
In workplaces,
Divide between tribes.

276.    A way or track,
Laid down,
For walking or,
Made by continual treading,
Of or relating to telephaty,
As the believer,
Desires and should not be postponed,
Until death,
Is thought to be near,
Nor is,
Its administration intended to imply,
An expectation that,
The recipient is about to die,
Is a penalty,
Which suspends,
All public worship and withdraws,
The church's sacraments in a territory or country,
One of a person's blood relations,
The destruction or end of something,
Natural selection in favour of,
Behaviour by,
Which may decrease their own,
Chance of survival,
But increase,
That of their,

277.    A genetic event,
That occurs,
During the formation of sperm,
Eg cells,
Crossing over,
A disease or ailment,
In a truly parasitic relationship,
The parasite,
And host,
Live side by side,
With little or no damage,
To the host organism,
While the parasite takes enough nutrients,
To live on,
And reproduced without draining,
The host's reserves,
In full,
The host is usually killed after,
The full development of other organism,
Form by interlacing,
Long threads passing in one direction,
With others,
At a right to them,
Slowly and with difficulty.

278.    To castrate,
Make infertile,
Deprive of sex or sexual powers,
Or the characteristic attributes,
Of the hair,
Animals that,
Eat a diet,
Consisting only of meat,
Theory for the,
Formation of the Moon,
Which is theorized,
To have formed as a result,
Of a collision,
between the young earth,
And a hypothetical,
Mars sized,
Sometimes called,
Four billion years ago.

279.    Of exceptional strenght, size, or power,
A woman's breast,
Full of happines,
And joy,
The origin,
Each of these axes,
Into two halves,
A positive side,
A negative side,
All the other sites of the,
Throughtout the world,
To concuer,
Of nature,
And rededicate,
The primordial world,
To its new master,
Cosmic microwave background radiation.

280.    Organisms,
That consume both plants and animals,
Many boars,
To plunder,
Densely ordered,
The real line,
Relating to something,
As it is,
Not merely,
As it may be described or distinguished,
Having no imaginary part,
A function which maps,
Distinct input values,
To distinct output values,
Dividing something in two parts,
When the goddess,
Turned a wrathful countenance upon a country,
Send a raging boar,
Which laid waste,
The farmers,
A region supplying large quantities of corn,
Egypt was the granary of Rome.

281.    Protection of,
Or authority over someone or something,
Relating or denoting,
The languages of,
Central asia,
Of the Uralic Altaic,
Of the peoples,
That speak them,
The region beyond the,
The river has flowed,
Into the,
Aral sea,
The Caspian sea,
Or both,
Similar to the,
Like scattered discontinuties within the field of logic,
Incapable of,
Casting doubt,
On emitting else,
But themselves,
The world had a begginning in time,
To the,
I did not.

282.    Move through or penetrate rapidly,
And forcefully,
A confirmation or guarantee,
The obligation on a priest,
Not to divulge,
Anything, said,
During confession,
Within a church,
Or religious body,
An inanimate object,
Is to dedicate it,
In a ritual to a special purpose,
An ethical doctrine that,
Holds that,
Individuals have a moral,
To help others,
If necessary to the exclusion of,
One's own interest or benefit,
Does the freeing of Prometheus,
To aids in the spread of advantageous traits,
To aid in the removal of deleterious genes.

283.    To slay,
Goliath beetle,
A plain figure,
With a specified number of,
Straight sides,
Attractive, excellent,
Or virtuous,
Jöns Jacob Berzelius,
Was a swedish chemist,
States that,
Inorganic substances are composed of,
Different elements,
In constant proportions,
By weight,
From this,
Inorganic chemical compounds were composed of atoms,
Combining in whole number amount's,
Impossible to imitiate,
The internal structure of,
The atom,
With a fixed ratio determining the,
In a pure compound,
The elements,
Combine in definite,
Proportions to each,
Was a chemist,
Joseph Louis Proust,
All else.

284.    Alexandria the furthest,
At the mouth of,
Fergana valley,
Nomadic tribes for centuries,
Aermenian chronicles identify this nation as,
White Huns,
Denoting social organisms,
In which,
A single female,
Or caste,
Produces the offspring and,
Non-reproductive individuals,
Cooperate in caring,
For the young,
Attaches itself to,
Sulphur atoms in certain enzymes,
Which are used both,
By the parasite and,
Human host,
A paradox,
What is beyond the river,
Where silk comes from.

285.    A religious censure,
Which is used,
To deprive or suspend,
Membership in a,
Religious community,
Revised the citizens',
To remove all the,
New citizens,
Is the phenomenon of reproductive specialization,
Found in,
Some species of,
A mournful poem,
As the,
Remotest city from,
Any sea,
At a distance about,
Two thousand five hundred kilometers,
The nearest coastline,
An economy,
That does not trade,
With the outside world,
Or an ecosystem,
Not affected,
By influences,
From its outside,
And relies,
On its own resources,
In the year of the Lord,
Volunteered to give up his immortality,
And take the place of,

286.    Add as an extra or subordinate part,
A ring,
To joint connecting the foot with the leg,
The rudimentary basis of,
A particular organ or other part,
Especially in an embryo,
Life, soul,
Annular eclipse,
To drive it,
Into thick snow,
Which sets,
This labour,
In mid-winter,
Unequal marriage,
Small doses can kill,
The parasite,
Without causing damage,
To the patient.

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