Sunday, September 29, 2013

On The Parasitism - 1

270.    Confront and deal with,
Have in prospect,
The idea that everything,
That exist is made from a small number of basic substances,
That behave in,
Regular ways,
When multiple explanations are avaliable,
For a phenomenon,
The simple version is preferred,
Unit of information,
Actions that benefit others,
With a detrimental or neutral effect on the actor's,
Own psychology,
Or the cause of her actions,
Is a measure of its apparent brightness,
That is,
The amount of light,
Received from the object,
If three things are not enough,
To verify an affirmative proposition,
About things,
A fourth must be added,
And so on.

271.    Where,
The meaning of a word or phrase,
Is expressed by many or several,
Or significant meaning,
Having a specified temper or disposition,
With a key,
To realize that the,
Best tools to cut the,
Creature's own claws,
Evolutionary medicine,
Darwinian medicine,
Is a perspective on medicine,
Derived through,
Applying evolutionary theory,
Birth of pain,
Paul W. Ewald,
Is an evolutionary biologist,
Has shown that many,
Common diseases of unknown origin,
Are in fact caused by
The presence of,
Slowly acting viruses,
The Third Culture,
Is the idea that,
Explanation of things,
Such as scientific explanations,
Ought to be continually,
Reduced to the,
Very simplest entities possible,
No simpler.

272.    A multification problem,
Or to one that,
Worsens upon,
Conventional attempts to solve it,
Transpose the subject,
And predicate of,
A proposition,
According to certain rules,
To form a new proposition,
By inference,
Third bird,
To which it can be attach,
A substance or agent,
That dissolves something,
Unsuitable in combination,
As whatever is copied from,
One person to another person,
Whether habits, skills, songs, stories,
Or any other kind of information,
A piece of broken pottery,
Is the relationship between,
The action or state,
Expressed by an action,
And its arguments,
Increase by a large or excessive amount,
An organism that lives in,
Or on the living tissue of,
A host organism,
At the expense of,
That host.

273.    Sum of logic,
Esse est percipi,
A very brief,
Exponential expansion,
Of the early universe,
Interrupting the,
Standart linear expansion,
Consists of particles that came out,
Of a volcanic vent,
Traveled though the air or,
Under water,
And fell back,
On the ground surface or on the ocean floor,
A horizontal supporting surface,
Starting with unadorned diction,
And shed over it,
Like a harmony,
The melodious rhythm,
A physical quantity,
Related to the velocity and mass of an object,
Stating that,
Some quantity is,
Inversely proportional to the,
Square of the distance from,
A point.

274.    Final disposition of dead,
Would have,
If it were,
A standardized distance away,
The moment of momentum,
Made the desicion,
To live forever,
In sleep,
A basic,
Theoretical unit of sound,
That can distinguish words,
Arranged in four male-female pairs,
With the males associated with,
And the females,
I am that has been,
And that will be,
No mortal,
Has yet,
Been able,
To lift,
The veil,
That covers me.

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