Saturday, September 14, 2013

justice, together.


    Concerned with something as it exist at one point in time!

The simultaneous occurrence of events with no discernible casual connection! A simultaneous action, development or occurrence!

A movement for transferring the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution to workers and unions: justice, together.

A system of gearwheels consisting of a central wheel around which other wheels!

Exposed to the heat of The Sun!

    Government by military forces; a cloud forming a low layer of clumped or broken grey masses!

The very highest levels of something; move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place.
Be unfaithful to a spouse or partner, not in the right place; separated from a group.
Having no home or having wandered away from home. Arising naturally but unwanted and usually detrimental!

The practice of feeding baby when it cries for a feed rather than at set of times;
A form of government in which people have a voice in the exercise of power, through elected representatives!
Control of a group by the majority of its members; power, rule!
Extremely bad or serious, having a great need or desire for something violent or dangerous!
Deprived of hope, tending to cause harm!
Wear away!

    A mirage seen in the straits of Messina from the name of the legendary enchantress Morgan le Fay, sister of King Arthur!

    The belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable;
    An occurrence of death by accident, in war or from disease;
Helplessness in the face of fate!

    A secure place, well protected by natural features!

    The ability of dye to maintain its colour without fading or wasting away!
    Ascertain or establish by research or calculation;
    Specify the value, position or form uniquely;
    Completely terminate,

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