Monday, September 16, 2013

It is the philosopher,

And before all time,
There was a time,
May his name and memory be obliterated,
Guilty of such sins,
Deemed not worthy of being,
Gaze into the face of,
Absolute Evil,
Affirming him to be turbulent above the others,
Begeteth truth and lying, good and evil,
Light and darkness,
In the,
Same word and in the same act.

Processes of the temporal,
Which helps this support the toungue,
Where it is anchored,
That help to elevate,
Is unique,
In that it is the only,
Lightest that can be produced,
Without additional massive particles,
But not all change-neutral particles,
And was the first particle,
Containing a bottom quark,
During swallowing and,
Which vary from dialect to dialect,
Carte Visurilor si sfarsitul Epistolei,
Si, Cartea lui Noah,
Saying that the acceptance of,
Two physes.

The perceptive faculty,
Enabling one to recognize,
The form and the nature of,
The hermaphrodite of the earliest being;
And accidently killed his own son,
Instead of this,
The gods,
Again changed him into a,
To deal with one of those boys,
Who love to roam around at night,
The son who remains standing,
Being called Panther,
But shows disrespect to those,
Older than him,
And to the sages,
Bonnes hommes and bonnes femmes!
If i could only lay hold of a copy, i must ask leave to go,
And compare it with the original.

A Rose by any other name,
Circumincession of the Trinity,
In the first person,
The philosopher who is in an outer body,
He is not the one to whom,
It is proper to pay respect,
It is the philosopher,
According to the inner man,
Become masters of it,
It is perhaps one of the loose ends,
That he had planned to clean up,
Living for Eternity.

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