Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feel a powerful desire for, Peace, Safety.

43.    Away,
A system or set of principles underlying,
The arrangement of elements,
In a computer or electronic device,
So as perform a specified task,
The theory that all propositions can be,
Analysed into simple independent elements of meaning,
Corresponding to elements making up facts about the world,
A thing that is helpful or beneficial,
A curved flat piece of wood that can be thrown so as to,
Return to the thrower,
Used by Australian Aboriginals as a hunting weapon,
Deduce from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit,
Treat with excessive kindness,
Feel a powerful desire for,

44.    A form of words used as a magical charm or incantation,
The light-gathering power or f-number of a camera lens,
Denoting special attachment,
Movement or space for movement,
Move or race in a winding path,
Avoiding obstacles,
The invension in a second phrase or clause of the order of,
Words in the first,
Make or become sore by rubbing,
Ask someone urgently and fervently for something,
Of or denoting the genital phase of psychosexual development,
Especially in males,
A body of Macedonian infantry with shields touching,
And spears overlapping.

45.    A light,
Open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage,
Son of the sun god Helios in Grek Mythology,
Of or characteristic of the lower middle class,
Especially in being conventional and conservative,
Little townsfolk,
A world map protection,
In which areas are shown in correct proportion at the expense,
Of distorted shape,
A formal written request,
Signed by many people,
Appealing to authority in respect of a cause,
A constitutional right to reject a desicion,
Or proposal made by a law-making body,
Give, grant, or disclose in a gracious,
Or condescending manner,
To call,
A solemn promise.

46.    Act as ghost writer of,
The mind viewed as distinct from the body,
A bundle of rods with protecting axe blade,
Carried by a lictor in ancient Rome,
As a symbol of a magistrate's power,
And used as an emblem of authority,
In fascist Italy,
That which has been spoken,
Change to one of a different kind,
Publicly declare to be wrong or evil,
Kill by humane means,
Formed in its present position,
A system of government by one person with absolute power.

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