Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behold! She is in your hand,

Unidentified fragments ;
Clean exposed surface will rapidly accumulate,
Due to weak forces of attraction,
It does not,
From a perfect sphere,
Around the nucleus,
Et Al,
A link to the far future,
Being used to tap the energy,
The strength of their change,
Comprises the multiple repetition of,
Of Hat-kaptah.

And was killed,
By a hippopotamus,
Opening the mouth,
Claiming to speak,
Not as a theologian,
But as a historian,
Now behold!
I will reveal to you,
My mysteries,
Since you are my fellow brethren,
And you shall know,
Them All!

Forgive someone who,
Each of two or more forces,
Acting in different directions,
Which are together,
Equivalent to,
A larger whole,
Aye and whether,
To throw,
Above all,
Forget all,
Of my work as an author,
Forgive someone who~

In equal scale weighing delight and dole,
Is he armed that hath,
His quarrel just,
Which gives the value one,
If at least one,
Has the value one,
Gives a value of,

Is in the direction of mathematical equality?
For she came from the ends of the earth,
To give ear to the wisdom,
Wilth lighted torches,
The Naked Queen,
Remarked by the beauty of the flower,
Grand, Beautiful, Red,
Bridge to an alone arch,
An alone span,
To an alone traveller~

Once again,
Make posterity my confidant,
Free radical,
The first organic free radical,
Used to refer to,
Atoms that remain unchanged,
Over the course of a reaction,
Resulting in mutations,
To find the idea for which,
Can live and die~

Not-to live,
Linked in open chains,
Forgive someone who,
Whatever else,
They oxidize first,
As in a cell,
That halts the oxidation,
The anguish of Abraham,
Who can prove that they are really adressed to me,
You know the story~

Is the reverse of the oxidation?
To a series of equations,
Provehito in altum,
Attached to the middle,
Attached to one of the end,
Fear and trembling,
The destruction of the human race,
Or more than one,
A beautiful life,
Viva Voce,
Reduced row echelon form.

With the living voice,
Legacy was the only means,
The Philosophers,
And with them,
The people of the world,
By interception of signals,
So that he saw,
Neither Isaac,
Nor the ram~

Present in the primordial environment,
Mutilated by his own mother,
Illustrious Agaue,
Here the sun does not shine,
Both upon the good and upon the evil,
The Cyle,
Forgive someone who,
Also known as,
Kight's Star~

She is in your hand,
But don't touch her life,
Forgive someone who,
Yet repent in dust and ashes,
And upon winning her affection,
Breaking off the,
Spheres of existence~

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