Sunday, September 29, 2013

On The Parasitism - 3

287.    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy,
A fatal disease,
Of cattle,
Which affects the central nervous system,
Causing agitation and staggering,
And is believed to be related to,
Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease,
In humans,
Gathered together or made less diffuse,
A facility for the,
Extraction and processing of animal milk,
For human consumption,
And their milk,
Lies next to the,
Constellation of Capricorn,
Giving rise to a reward of cattle,
For passing the task of,
Were fed with meat and bone meal,
A high-protein substance obtained from,
The remnants of butchered animals,
A hazardous business.

288.    Of,
Relating to,
Or resembling sheep,
The pathogenic theory of disease,
Is a scientific theory,
That suggests that,
The instead of genetics being the,
Proximal cause of,
Many diseases that the environment plays a significant factor,
In the form of pathogen microorganism such as,
Bacteria or virus,
Chance favors the prepared mind,
Shepherd Louis Pastor,
Was a French microbiologist and chemist,
Respected, distinguished,
Demonstrated that,
The fermantation process,
Is caused by the growth of microorganisms,
And that,
The growth of microorganisms,
Is nutrient broths,
Is not due to spontaneous generation,
Is an evolutionary struggle between,
A predator species and its prey,
Including parasitsm,
Is said,
To resemble an,
Arms race.

289.    The state of possessing something,
The dynamics of,
Biological systems in which,
Two species interact,
One a predator,
One its prey,
The change in the prey's numbers,
Is given by its own growth,
The rate at,
Which it is preyed upon,
The amount of dirt,
Amassed in,
The uncleaned stable,
Made the task,
Surely impossible,
A part,
Recognition and understanding,
Of the difference between,
One thing and another,
An evolutionary theory,
The situation in nature,
When creatures,
Must adapt quickly,
To changing environmental threats,
Just to survive,
From generation to generation.

290.    The control of the pest,
By the introduction of a natural enemy,
Or predator,
Remain or stay in a certain place,
Restrain your tongues, your appetites, your passions,
When he did return the Scythians,
He was killed,
Anarchasis was a Scythian philosopher,
Accept or act in accordance with,
Strenght and originality in a person's nature,
Become larger or rounder in size,
Especially as a result of an,
Accumulation of fluid,
A genetic event,
That occurs,
During the formation of,
Sperm and egg-cells,
The event,
During which electrons became bound to nuclei,
After recombination,
Ambient photons,
Where no longer scattered,
Remain to the present as the,
Cosmic Microwave Background.

291.    The maximum extent,
Or magnitute of a vibration,
Or other oscillating phenomenon,
Measured from the,
Equilibrum position,
A method of minimising the harm,
Deliberate infection,
A system,
Is said to be in a state of equilibrum,
All influences on the system,
Are cancelled by the effects of,
May or,
May not,
Be stable,
Neither gold,
Neither silver,
Appearance of,
A new species of life,
On earth.

292.    Succeeded by,
Rerouting the rivers,
To attach the vessel,
To the ground of at,
A specified point,
Was a river,
Is said to be,
The first of nine sisters who rule Avalon,
And chased her to Sicily,
Changed her,
Into a fountain,
He swan underwater,
To be with her,
And mingled his waters with,
That are highly dangerous to,
Higher organisms,
Including humans,
In his laws,
He says that,
Tartaric acid is,
A muscle toxin,
Which works by inhibiting,
The production of,
Malic acid.

293.    Cerebral penducle,
By most classifications,
Is everything in the,
Except the tectum,
On the anterior surface,
Black substance,
Thought to be involved in,
Certain aspects of,
Movement and attention,
Remove or break the seal of,
Without formal organization or,
Infectious self-reproducing protein structures,
Teering or mocking,
Made in order to,
Wound or provoke,
So much,
The hypothetical generation of,
Life from non-living matter,
Eros sprang forth from the,
Primordial Chaos,
Together with,

294.    The first principle of the seed,
Made perfect,
From birth,
Laurus Nobilis,
With male and female,
On separate plants,
Borne in pairs,
Together beside a leaf,
The fruit,
Is a small black berry,
Containing a single seed,
Two households,
That is,
A female plant,
May sometimes produce,
Small numbers of,
Male cones,
Vice versa,
Explaining the,
Advantage of sex,
And the constant arms race,
Between competing species.

295.    The realization of potential,
Is not ended,
Maintain, continue,
What we cannot speak of,
We must pass over,
In silence,
It suggest that,
Any discussion of metaphysics,
Lies outside the realm of sense,
And that only proper method,
Of philosophy,
Is the abandonment,
Of philosophy,
For the natural sciences.
A special point used in describing conic sections,
The real part is zero,
In both cases,
So more specifically,
It is a centre,
Writing material from Pergamon,
Put in beside,
That the levels of the predator and prey,
And oscillate around this,
Fixed point.

296.    Involving very close connection,
In combination,
Or working together with,
Innermost sheat,
A piece of long or complex discourse,
A degree of freedom,
Avaliable for movement,
In a space,
Far away in space,
Or time,
The notion of light around,
A rotating star,
A non-oriantable, two dimensional surface,
With only one side,
When immersed in three dimensional,
Euclidian space,
The function of the set of all positive integers,
Partially ordered by divisibility,
He was a descendant of Martin Luther,
August Ferdinand Möbius,
Was a german mathematician and,
Theoretical astronomer.

297.    The age in I am,
Am I in age the,
The high in each at,
At each in high the,
But in poetry,
Claim that,
The simplest explanation would be,
Preferred over more complicated ones,
We are the only,
Species in our part of the,
That relies on,
Radio technology for communication,
If this sounds like hyperbole,
Anything about Fermi,
Is likely to sound,
Like hyperbole,
C.P. Snow, says about him.

On The Parasitism - 2

275.    Become pregnant with,
A key player in the myth,
The origin of,
Scorpio and death of Orion,
Lies between,
To the west,
And Capricornus,
To the east,
Is an animal that adapted to eat,
Primarily plant matter,
Rather than meat,
A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving,
Or doing something,
Is to prefer least complicated explanation for an,
Is a modern term,
For systematic bullying, harrasment,
Or psychological terror,
In workplaces,
Divide between tribes.

276.    A way or track,
Laid down,
For walking or,
Made by continual treading,
Of or relating to telephaty,
As the believer,
Desires and should not be postponed,
Until death,
Is thought to be near,
Nor is,
Its administration intended to imply,
An expectation that,
The recipient is about to die,
Is a penalty,
Which suspends,
All public worship and withdraws,
The church's sacraments in a territory or country,
One of a person's blood relations,
The destruction or end of something,
Natural selection in favour of,
Behaviour by,
Which may decrease their own,
Chance of survival,
But increase,
That of their,

277.    A genetic event,
That occurs,
During the formation of sperm,
Eg cells,
Crossing over,
A disease or ailment,
In a truly parasitic relationship,
The parasite,
And host,
Live side by side,
With little or no damage,
To the host organism,
While the parasite takes enough nutrients,
To live on,
And reproduced without draining,
The host's reserves,
In full,
The host is usually killed after,
The full development of other organism,
Form by interlacing,
Long threads passing in one direction,
With others,
At a right to them,
Slowly and with difficulty.

278.    To castrate,
Make infertile,
Deprive of sex or sexual powers,
Or the characteristic attributes,
Of the hair,
Animals that,
Eat a diet,
Consisting only of meat,
Theory for the,
Formation of the Moon,
Which is theorized,
To have formed as a result,
Of a collision,
between the young earth,
And a hypothetical,
Mars sized,
Sometimes called,
Four billion years ago.

279.    Of exceptional strenght, size, or power,
A woman's breast,
Full of happines,
And joy,
The origin,
Each of these axes,
Into two halves,
A positive side,
A negative side,
All the other sites of the,
Throughtout the world,
To concuer,
Of nature,
And rededicate,
The primordial world,
To its new master,
Cosmic microwave background radiation.

280.    Organisms,
That consume both plants and animals,
Many boars,
To plunder,
Densely ordered,
The real line,
Relating to something,
As it is,
Not merely,
As it may be described or distinguished,
Having no imaginary part,
A function which maps,
Distinct input values,
To distinct output values,
Dividing something in two parts,
When the goddess,
Turned a wrathful countenance upon a country,
Send a raging boar,
Which laid waste,
The farmers,
A region supplying large quantities of corn,
Egypt was the granary of Rome.

281.    Protection of,
Or authority over someone or something,
Relating or denoting,
The languages of,
Central asia,
Of the Uralic Altaic,
Of the peoples,
That speak them,
The region beyond the,
The river has flowed,
Into the,
Aral sea,
The Caspian sea,
Or both,
Similar to the,
Like scattered discontinuties within the field of logic,
Incapable of,
Casting doubt,
On emitting else,
But themselves,
The world had a begginning in time,
To the,
I did not.

282.    Move through or penetrate rapidly,
And forcefully,
A confirmation or guarantee,
The obligation on a priest,
Not to divulge,
Anything, said,
During confession,
Within a church,
Or religious body,
An inanimate object,
Is to dedicate it,
In a ritual to a special purpose,
An ethical doctrine that,
Holds that,
Individuals have a moral,
To help others,
If necessary to the exclusion of,
One's own interest or benefit,
Does the freeing of Prometheus,
To aids in the spread of advantageous traits,
To aid in the removal of deleterious genes.

283.    To slay,
Goliath beetle,
A plain figure,
With a specified number of,
Straight sides,
Attractive, excellent,
Or virtuous,
Jöns Jacob Berzelius,
Was a swedish chemist,
States that,
Inorganic substances are composed of,
Different elements,
In constant proportions,
By weight,
From this,
Inorganic chemical compounds were composed of atoms,
Combining in whole number amount's,
Impossible to imitiate,
The internal structure of,
The atom,
With a fixed ratio determining the,
In a pure compound,
The elements,
Combine in definite,
Proportions to each,
Was a chemist,
Joseph Louis Proust,
All else.

284.    Alexandria the furthest,
At the mouth of,
Fergana valley,
Nomadic tribes for centuries,
Aermenian chronicles identify this nation as,
White Huns,
Denoting social organisms,
In which,
A single female,
Or caste,
Produces the offspring and,
Non-reproductive individuals,
Cooperate in caring,
For the young,
Attaches itself to,
Sulphur atoms in certain enzymes,
Which are used both,
By the parasite and,
Human host,
A paradox,
What is beyond the river,
Where silk comes from.

285.    A religious censure,
Which is used,
To deprive or suspend,
Membership in a,
Religious community,
Revised the citizens',
To remove all the,
New citizens,
Is the phenomenon of reproductive specialization,
Found in,
Some species of,
A mournful poem,
As the,
Remotest city from,
Any sea,
At a distance about,
Two thousand five hundred kilometers,
The nearest coastline,
An economy,
That does not trade,
With the outside world,
Or an ecosystem,
Not affected,
By influences,
From its outside,
And relies,
On its own resources,
In the year of the Lord,
Volunteered to give up his immortality,
And take the place of,

286.    Add as an extra or subordinate part,
A ring,
To joint connecting the foot with the leg,
The rudimentary basis of,
A particular organ or other part,
Especially in an embryo,
Life, soul,
Annular eclipse,
To drive it,
Into thick snow,
Which sets,
This labour,
In mid-winter,
Unequal marriage,
Small doses can kill,
The parasite,
Without causing damage,
To the patient.

On The Parasitism - 1

270.    Confront and deal with,
Have in prospect,
The idea that everything,
That exist is made from a small number of basic substances,
That behave in,
Regular ways,
When multiple explanations are avaliable,
For a phenomenon,
The simple version is preferred,
Unit of information,
Actions that benefit others,
With a detrimental or neutral effect on the actor's,
Own psychology,
Or the cause of her actions,
Is a measure of its apparent brightness,
That is,
The amount of light,
Received from the object,
If three things are not enough,
To verify an affirmative proposition,
About things,
A fourth must be added,
And so on.

271.    Where,
The meaning of a word or phrase,
Is expressed by many or several,
Or significant meaning,
Having a specified temper or disposition,
With a key,
To realize that the,
Best tools to cut the,
Creature's own claws,
Evolutionary medicine,
Darwinian medicine,
Is a perspective on medicine,
Derived through,
Applying evolutionary theory,
Birth of pain,
Paul W. Ewald,
Is an evolutionary biologist,
Has shown that many,
Common diseases of unknown origin,
Are in fact caused by
The presence of,
Slowly acting viruses,
The Third Culture,
Is the idea that,
Explanation of things,
Such as scientific explanations,
Ought to be continually,
Reduced to the,
Very simplest entities possible,
No simpler.

272.    A multification problem,
Or to one that,
Worsens upon,
Conventional attempts to solve it,
Transpose the subject,
And predicate of,
A proposition,
According to certain rules,
To form a new proposition,
By inference,
Third bird,
To which it can be attach,
A substance or agent,
That dissolves something,
Unsuitable in combination,
As whatever is copied from,
One person to another person,
Whether habits, skills, songs, stories,
Or any other kind of information,
A piece of broken pottery,
Is the relationship between,
The action or state,
Expressed by an action,
And its arguments,
Increase by a large or excessive amount,
An organism that lives in,
Or on the living tissue of,
A host organism,
At the expense of,
That host.

273.    Sum of logic,
Esse est percipi,
A very brief,
Exponential expansion,
Of the early universe,
Interrupting the,
Standart linear expansion,
Consists of particles that came out,
Of a volcanic vent,
Traveled though the air or,
Under water,
And fell back,
On the ground surface or on the ocean floor,
A horizontal supporting surface,
Starting with unadorned diction,
And shed over it,
Like a harmony,
The melodious rhythm,
A physical quantity,
Related to the velocity and mass of an object,
Stating that,
Some quantity is,
Inversely proportional to the,
Square of the distance from,
A point.

274.    Final disposition of dead,
Would have,
If it were,
A standardized distance away,
The moment of momentum,
Made the desicion,
To live forever,
In sleep,
A basic,
Theoretical unit of sound,
That can distinguish words,
Arranged in four male-female pairs,
With the males associated with,
And the females,
I am that has been,
And that will be,
No mortal,
Has yet,
Been able,
To lift,
The veil,
That covers me.

Monday, September 16, 2013

It is the philosopher,

And before all time,
There was a time,
May his name and memory be obliterated,
Guilty of such sins,
Deemed not worthy of being,
Gaze into the face of,
Absolute Evil,
Affirming him to be turbulent above the others,
Begeteth truth and lying, good and evil,
Light and darkness,
In the,
Same word and in the same act.

Processes of the temporal,
Which helps this support the toungue,
Where it is anchored,
That help to elevate,
Is unique,
In that it is the only,
Lightest that can be produced,
Without additional massive particles,
But not all change-neutral particles,
And was the first particle,
Containing a bottom quark,
During swallowing and,
Which vary from dialect to dialect,
Carte Visurilor si sfarsitul Epistolei,
Si, Cartea lui Noah,
Saying that the acceptance of,
Two physes.

The perceptive faculty,
Enabling one to recognize,
The form and the nature of,
The hermaphrodite of the earliest being;
And accidently killed his own son,
Instead of this,
The gods,
Again changed him into a,
To deal with one of those boys,
Who love to roam around at night,
The son who remains standing,
Being called Panther,
But shows disrespect to those,
Older than him,
And to the sages,
Bonnes hommes and bonnes femmes!
If i could only lay hold of a copy, i must ask leave to go,
And compare it with the original.

A Rose by any other name,
Circumincession of the Trinity,
In the first person,
The philosopher who is in an outer body,
He is not the one to whom,
It is proper to pay respect,
It is the philosopher,
According to the inner man,
Become masters of it,
It is perhaps one of the loose ends,
That he had planned to clean up,
Living for Eternity.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

justice, together.


    Concerned with something as it exist at one point in time!

The simultaneous occurrence of events with no discernible casual connection! A simultaneous action, development or occurrence!

A movement for transferring the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution to workers and unions: justice, together.

A system of gearwheels consisting of a central wheel around which other wheels!

Exposed to the heat of The Sun!

    Government by military forces; a cloud forming a low layer of clumped or broken grey masses!

The very highest levels of something; move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place.
Be unfaithful to a spouse or partner, not in the right place; separated from a group.
Having no home or having wandered away from home. Arising naturally but unwanted and usually detrimental!

The practice of feeding baby when it cries for a feed rather than at set of times;
A form of government in which people have a voice in the exercise of power, through elected representatives!
Control of a group by the majority of its members; power, rule!
Extremely bad or serious, having a great need or desire for something violent or dangerous!
Deprived of hope, tending to cause harm!
Wear away!

    A mirage seen in the straits of Messina from the name of the legendary enchantress Morgan le Fay, sister of King Arthur!

    The belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable;
    An occurrence of death by accident, in war or from disease;
Helplessness in the face of fate!

    A secure place, well protected by natural features!

    The ability of dye to maintain its colour without fading or wasting away!
    Ascertain or establish by research or calculation;
    Specify the value, position or form uniquely;
    Completely terminate,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behold! She is in your hand,

Unidentified fragments ;
Clean exposed surface will rapidly accumulate,
Due to weak forces of attraction,
It does not,
From a perfect sphere,
Around the nucleus,
Et Al,
A link to the far future,
Being used to tap the energy,
The strength of their change,
Comprises the multiple repetition of,
Of Hat-kaptah.

And was killed,
By a hippopotamus,
Opening the mouth,
Claiming to speak,
Not as a theologian,
But as a historian,
Now behold!
I will reveal to you,
My mysteries,
Since you are my fellow brethren,
And you shall know,
Them All!

Forgive someone who,
Each of two or more forces,
Acting in different directions,
Which are together,
Equivalent to,
A larger whole,
Aye and whether,
To throw,
Above all,
Forget all,
Of my work as an author,
Forgive someone who~

In equal scale weighing delight and dole,
Is he armed that hath,
His quarrel just,
Which gives the value one,
If at least one,
Has the value one,
Gives a value of,

Is in the direction of mathematical equality?
For she came from the ends of the earth,
To give ear to the wisdom,
Wilth lighted torches,
The Naked Queen,
Remarked by the beauty of the flower,
Grand, Beautiful, Red,
Bridge to an alone arch,
An alone span,
To an alone traveller~

Once again,
Make posterity my confidant,
Free radical,
The first organic free radical,
Used to refer to,
Atoms that remain unchanged,
Over the course of a reaction,
Resulting in mutations,
To find the idea for which,
Can live and die~

Not-to live,
Linked in open chains,
Forgive someone who,
Whatever else,
They oxidize first,
As in a cell,
That halts the oxidation,
The anguish of Abraham,
Who can prove that they are really adressed to me,
You know the story~

Is the reverse of the oxidation?
To a series of equations,
Provehito in altum,
Attached to the middle,
Attached to one of the end,
Fear and trembling,
The destruction of the human race,
Or more than one,
A beautiful life,
Viva Voce,
Reduced row echelon form.

With the living voice,
Legacy was the only means,
The Philosophers,
And with them,
The people of the world,
By interception of signals,
So that he saw,
Neither Isaac,
Nor the ram~

Present in the primordial environment,
Mutilated by his own mother,
Illustrious Agaue,
Here the sun does not shine,
Both upon the good and upon the evil,
The Cyle,
Forgive someone who,
Also known as,
Kight's Star~

She is in your hand,
But don't touch her life,
Forgive someone who,
Yet repent in dust and ashes,
And upon winning her affection,
Breaking off the,
Spheres of existence~

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feel a powerful desire for, Peace, Safety.

43.    Away,
A system or set of principles underlying,
The arrangement of elements,
In a computer or electronic device,
So as perform a specified task,
The theory that all propositions can be,
Analysed into simple independent elements of meaning,
Corresponding to elements making up facts about the world,
A thing that is helpful or beneficial,
A curved flat piece of wood that can be thrown so as to,
Return to the thrower,
Used by Australian Aboriginals as a hunting weapon,
Deduce from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit,
Treat with excessive kindness,
Feel a powerful desire for,

44.    A form of words used as a magical charm or incantation,
The light-gathering power or f-number of a camera lens,
Denoting special attachment,
Movement or space for movement,
Move or race in a winding path,
Avoiding obstacles,
The invension in a second phrase or clause of the order of,
Words in the first,
Make or become sore by rubbing,
Ask someone urgently and fervently for something,
Of or denoting the genital phase of psychosexual development,
Especially in males,
A body of Macedonian infantry with shields touching,
And spears overlapping.

45.    A light,
Open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage,
Son of the sun god Helios in Grek Mythology,
Of or characteristic of the lower middle class,
Especially in being conventional and conservative,
Little townsfolk,
A world map protection,
In which areas are shown in correct proportion at the expense,
Of distorted shape,
A formal written request,
Signed by many people,
Appealing to authority in respect of a cause,
A constitutional right to reject a desicion,
Or proposal made by a law-making body,
Give, grant, or disclose in a gracious,
Or condescending manner,
To call,
A solemn promise.

46.    Act as ghost writer of,
The mind viewed as distinct from the body,
A bundle of rods with protecting axe blade,
Carried by a lictor in ancient Rome,
As a symbol of a magistrate's power,
And used as an emblem of authority,
In fascist Italy,
That which has been spoken,
Change to one of a different kind,
Publicly declare to be wrong or evil,
Kill by humane means,
Formed in its present position,
A system of government by one person with absolute power.