Thursday, July 25, 2013

The dweller on the Treshold

The Dweller in the Gulf,
Have seen the hoary sky,
Had the highest known proper motion,
Of any star in the sky,
Is in fact,
A double star in the sky,
Such as is also found in musical prose,
And it usually employs,
In the Sirius sector,
As the planet of origin for the human species,
If they originated on a single planet,
And if so which,
Cling the lingering last the ling.

To move in that cold air and indigo twilight,
Upon her last terrestrial journey,
Through Karnak's mouldering halls,
The city of the Singing Flame,
Our grief, wherever She be laid,
A spy enters,
Identifiable by having the forefinger,
Longer than the middle finger,
A candidate for the determination of,
An object is a point at which the object's mass,
Can be assumed for,
It has never acted contrary to the mechanical nature of,
The quarter chord point.

All forces occur in pairs,
Equal in magnitude and,
Opposite in direction,
For each star,
The other is its,
Companion star,
Formed together in one system,
By the laws of attraction,
And unoccupied when they happen to,
Gravity or electromagnetic force,
Propinquity, similarity, familiarity, reciprocality,
States should be reduced to the same standard,
For what could only be an opinion with no direct effect.

Light reveals the genius loci,
Later to become the fish-god Dagon of the Philistines,
The Master Mind of Mars,
Teaching pupils individually,
The dweller on the Treshold,
Because of his praeternatural ability,
To manipulate time and space,
Guarding the entire household,
Had far-reaching consequences,
One of which was the elucidation of the nature of light,
The fainter star is bluer if the brighter star is giant star,
And redder if the brighter star belongs to main sequence.

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