Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feareth Not!

1.    A dessert plum of a blue - black variety,
Often crystallized,
A friar or nun of an order founded at Mount Carmel,
During the crusades,
Heal by charm,
A vivid or crimson pigment,
Made from cochineal.

2.    Yira,
Get psyched,
During the ymun they were amazing at,
Keeping spirits and morale at very high level,
Resisting occupation,
Ideational sources of insurgency,
As history,
Its global legacy,
Non violent dissent,
Radical respectability,
A popular mandate,
Strategies of migration and displacement in civil wars,
The allure of dystopia,
Fiction and popular culture,
An Arabic slave narrative,
Perceptions, politics, and power,
Hall of graduated studies,
Violence and racism in diverse society,

3.    Indigenous,
Evidence from a school choice experiment,
Transitional Genealogy,
Our blood will not forgive,
The subtle but important,
Our daily lives.

4.    Vica Versa,
Ox is thyself,
Unicorn is speech,
Lion is anger,
Horse is action,
The ox is thought,
Vice versa,
Eleven is key,
Feareth not The Unicorn,
The claws and teeth of The Lion,
Feareth not The Horse,
Teeth of The Camel,
Feareth not The Ox,
The goad of the Ploughman.

5.    Man lie per se all,
Allah peal in amalgam.

6.    To cover,
So hell is the concealed place,
To become whole and sound,
Return to health,
A kiln,
The cocoon or chrysalis of an insect,
For the most part,
In a manly manner,
A hypothesized documentary source of certain portions of the,
Pentateuch that have a formal style,
Contain genealogical lists and descriptions of rituals,
Use the Tetragrammaton to refer to God.

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