Thursday, July 25, 2013

The dweller on the Treshold

The Dweller in the Gulf,
Have seen the hoary sky,
Had the highest known proper motion,
Of any star in the sky,
Is in fact,
A double star in the sky,
Such as is also found in musical prose,
And it usually employs,
In the Sirius sector,
As the planet of origin for the human species,
If they originated on a single planet,
And if so which,
Cling the lingering last the ling.

To move in that cold air and indigo twilight,
Upon her last terrestrial journey,
Through Karnak's mouldering halls,
The city of the Singing Flame,
Our grief, wherever She be laid,
A spy enters,
Identifiable by having the forefinger,
Longer than the middle finger,
A candidate for the determination of,
An object is a point at which the object's mass,
Can be assumed for,
It has never acted contrary to the mechanical nature of,
The quarter chord point.

All forces occur in pairs,
Equal in magnitude and,
Opposite in direction,
For each star,
The other is its,
Companion star,
Formed together in one system,
By the laws of attraction,
And unoccupied when they happen to,
Gravity or electromagnetic force,
Propinquity, similarity, familiarity, reciprocality,
States should be reduced to the same standard,
For what could only be an opinion with no direct effect.

Light reveals the genius loci,
Later to become the fish-god Dagon of the Philistines,
The Master Mind of Mars,
Teaching pupils individually,
The dweller on the Treshold,
Because of his praeternatural ability,
To manipulate time and space,
Guarding the entire household,
Had far-reaching consequences,
One of which was the elucidation of the nature of light,
The fainter star is bluer if the brighter star is giant star,
And redder if the brighter star belongs to main sequence.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thump! Thump! Thump!

It killed,
A good many of your plants,
Life in Death,
A heated greenhouse for plants,
Without a degree,
A bold dragoon,
With a frosty east wind,
Was able to feed upon,
Both man and beast,
From old and young,
As a right or due,
On the day,
Of cruxification.

Have used bass drums,
As small as 14,
As large as 36,
Required a knowledge,
Of where to look,
Until now,
If one is guessed it,
Then it,
Was that non-linear,
Partial differential equations,
Of that type,
Can be made to do,
Of all.

Spiders web,
La Maquina,
Storm and stress,
Cosmic string,
We each had suits of black,
A good deal cut up yourself,
Aided in the deception,
Left your door open,
Yet must recur it,
It killed,
A good many,
Your plants.

The agreement stands,
For growth of tall plants,
The vantage of truth,
The poet,
Upon the sea,
To stand,
Upon the shore,
A patrician,
An object as a reminder,
That you have to,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Istanbul, yes Istanbul,

And no more garments than were needful,
Because Turkish has no gender,
The appearance of truth,
She, he and it,
Turkish has one,
Will fail to effect who shuns verisimilitude,
And truth to nature,
Shepherdess without temptation,
Especially as a sign of respect,
To anoint my right eye,
With an indefinite compound,
Pouring upon the barren earth.

And raises her hand to her forehead,
Istanbul, yes Istanbul,
Coupled with the menstrual cycle,
Temporarily store elastic energy during the throw,
Gives the person of a possessor,
Of the object,
Named by the island,
I am an island,
Has her hand on her womb,
Now only coming to a resolution,
She reads a poem,
And lo! he springs upon his feet in pain.

Thought for example,
Be created,
In the environmental confluence of natural grain-producing areas,
With pasture and forest,
By mother,
It is better to debate without answering,
She who gives birth,
But was herself not born of any,
May yield to the prevailing wisdom,
That encourages the substitution of,
A part for the whole,
Guardian clutching an ankh in her claws.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feareth Not!

1.    A dessert plum of a blue - black variety,
Often crystallized,
A friar or nun of an order founded at Mount Carmel,
During the crusades,
Heal by charm,
A vivid or crimson pigment,
Made from cochineal.

2.    Yira,
Get psyched,
During the ymun they were amazing at,
Keeping spirits and morale at very high level,
Resisting occupation,
Ideational sources of insurgency,
As history,
Its global legacy,
Non violent dissent,
Radical respectability,
A popular mandate,
Strategies of migration and displacement in civil wars,
The allure of dystopia,
Fiction and popular culture,
An Arabic slave narrative,
Perceptions, politics, and power,
Hall of graduated studies,
Violence and racism in diverse society,

3.    Indigenous,
Evidence from a school choice experiment,
Transitional Genealogy,
Our blood will not forgive,
The subtle but important,
Our daily lives.

4.    Vica Versa,
Ox is thyself,
Unicorn is speech,
Lion is anger,
Horse is action,
The ox is thought,
Vice versa,
Eleven is key,
Feareth not The Unicorn,
The claws and teeth of The Lion,
Feareth not The Horse,
Teeth of The Camel,
Feareth not The Ox,
The goad of the Ploughman.

5.    Man lie per se all,
Allah peal in amalgam.

6.    To cover,
So hell is the concealed place,
To become whole and sound,
Return to health,
A kiln,
The cocoon or chrysalis of an insect,
For the most part,
In a manly manner,
A hypothesized documentary source of certain portions of the,
Pentateuch that have a formal style,
Contain genealogical lists and descriptions of rituals,
Use the Tetragrammaton to refer to God.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Make null and void!

Cancel out, invalid!
Having or associated with the value zero.
Having no element or only zeros as elements!
Having no positive substance!
Not any!
Completely empty space, unoccupied!

Valhalla: the slain hall.


    Be strong:
An arm, leg or wing, a large branch of a tree, a branch of a cross, a specified edge of the disc of The Sun, The Moon, or other celestial object ; the blade or broad part of a leaf or petal ; the spreading part of a tube shaped flower.

    The graduated area of a quadrant or other scientific instruments!
Hem, border, each of four parts of a circle from four!
Complete and airtight!
Insulated or protected from outside influences.

Hermes Trismegistus!

    A person living in solitude as religious discipline, a reclusive or solitary person; turn under and sew the edge of.

Surround and restrict the space or movement, not allowing air to escape or pass through.
Grow again, a person who avoids others and lives a solitary life.

Again to shut!

Done or existing alone.

A single diamond in a piece of jewellery!
A ring with the single gem!

Join, fasten or repair!
Bring something to a favourable state or conclusion.

Sivan: the ninth month of the civil and religious year.

    Showing great knowledge or insight, very deep!

    Disjoin, divide of something bad, undesirable or difficult; very great intense, existing at or form the beginning of time, first of all, first begin.

    A solution rich in organic compounds in which life on earth is originated, widespread in a particular area at particular time, predominant, powerful!

Prove more powerful; be victorious!

Before have power; a dragon, winding and twisting.
Complex, cunning and treacherous!

    A dark green mineral consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate, sometimes mottled and spotted like a snake's skin, move or lie in a winding path or line.
    A metrical line beginning and ending with the same word:


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom Available

A man riding a winged horse,
Keep water in the plant,
Even in intense heat,
And breed,
Catching with tail hook,
And when time has passed,
The creation of neologism by,
Reinterpreting an earlier word,
As a compound,
And removing the affixes,
An Old World grass,
In a sequence of events,
By which the vegetation of an area,
Develops and,
Becomes the pair,
Build nests,
In the lives of men.

Why aren't they here,
Should be slightly angled upward,
No spurious progeny of theirs,
Decelerating their vibratory,
Rate to appear,
Any way they desire,
The very bottom end,
Seven and their dog being the eight,
Should be slightly turned upwards,
The size of the,
Should be,

Atomic number,
Which is immortal,
The specification is meant to,
Describe the what,
Not the how,
Will guide to me a course,
Even shorter than this,
The right path,
Meant the number of,
An element's place,
Com and summa,
Comes to pass of the future.

Gradually grow faint and disappear,
Of all things,
In all ways of places,
For all,
Of their,
Own mortal parts,
Freedom available,
Movement in,