Monday, June 10, 2013

Ya Sin,

Of the Exploding Sun :
On the origin of the World,
But have every right to do so,
In the death of children,
Nestled in the womb?
The exegesis on the Soul,
Was the third son,
To place in a niche?
Know that,
All men born from the foundation of the world until now,
Are dust?
You shall be born,
But three aspects of the Mind,
Formative cognition,
Transitive cognition,
Essential cognition,
And one which remains behind,
Which brings all things to be,
Axis Mundi,
But now there came from out of the niche.

To the Trumpeting Place:
Ya Sin,
Knowledge which they leave behind for others to evaluate,
My Smoking Bothers You,
Don't Breathe!

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