Friday, June 21, 2013

The people of walking

Aristotele's Lantern,
The scene of his birth,
In the sea's white frothing,
The ram produced by the ninth wave,
I ask for a hearing,
Kinsman of Heimdall,
Of all the holly races,
Greater and lesser,
Then Heimdall spoke,
The future well,
Whitest of the Aesir,
Like the other Vanir,
He knew,
Even as do the Vanir,
It is said that,
It was Freyra,
Who thaught magic to the Aesir.

Vesica Piscis,
Which may mean,
Good for nothing or,
A man who concerned himself,
With question of,
No practical value,
For whatever was,
Studied by art in,
Egypt, Syria, Greece, Sicily and Provence,
In all its various forms,
The serious and learned master,
Leonardo Bigollo,
New material has been added,
From which superfluous had been removed,
He also proved,
That a square cannot be a congruum.

Non overlapping identical spheres,
Which fill a space,
Where the,
Are circles,
A specific kind of network,
In which the distribution of,
Is not confined to a certain scale,
And where every node can be reached,
From every other,
By a small number of loops and steps,
The Erdös Number,
Is a sphere,
Which has dimensions three or,

Formed in the shape of a cube,
That fill the plane with no overlaps and no gaps,
Which could completely cover,
An infinitive plane,
But only in a pattern which,
Is non-repeating,
Which has discovered by the British mathematician,
And physicist,
Roger Penrose,
Robert Amman,
Liber Abaci.

Cast her eyes upon the hero,
And wished to be his wife,
The invocation,
Ishtar and Izdubar,
Midnight Courtship,
The King at The Shrine,
With prayers we entreat,
Which our poem is based,
How long,
Of Heaven them all doth fold,
Where a forest grows,
Within this lovely spot beneath the wood,
At Ishtar's soft command.

When real estate developers threaten the sacred campsite,
Of the Tarish,
A long-vanished tribe,
Who appear to,
Choe and Joaquin,
On foggy nights,
The recognitions,
With the Tarish priests,
The people of walking.

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