Sunday, June 30, 2013


232.    The section of,
A traditional pantomime,
In which,
Harlequin played a leading role,
To mix,
Impart knowledge to or instruct,
In how to do something,
The practice of,
Making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort,
To do a particular thing,
Especially by recruiting a small number of people from,
Under represented groups,
In order to give the appearance of,
Sexual or racial equality,
Within a workforce,
An agency or means of doing something,
The practice of claiming to have,
Higher standards or beliefs than is the case,
Sexual practice that involves,
The tying up or restraining of one partner,
Must be placed,
Under the same category.

233.    Tear down and destroy,
Cut with a razor,
The induction of a state of consciousness,
In which a person loses the power of,
Voluntary action,
And is highly responsive to suggestion or direction,
Especially in order to start a journey,
Move or cause to move in a circle or spiral,
Just as those are really moved by,
Anger, or fear, or indignation,
Or jealousy
Or any emotion,
Not legally pertinent,
Hawthorne Studies,
A contract entered into or asset,
Held as a protection against possible financial loss,
They are,
Despite the fact that,
A stiff,
Sharp-pointed woody projection,
On a stem or other part of a plant,
The Hawthorne Effect,
A game in which players in turn vault with,
Parted legs over,
Others who are,
Bending down,
Deprived of mind,
Dishonestly manipulate,
A dice.

234.    Here begins,
Arma Virumque Cano,
Of or relating to a pope,
Or the papacy,
Think out or plan,
An action,
Especially a crime,
The period during which adolescents reach,
Sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction,
A member of a Roman Catholic order of priests,
Founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola,
And others in,
Put a jess,
A short leather strap,
That is fastened round each leg of a hawk,
To which a leash may be attached,
The general public,
Arrange for something,
To take place at a time later than that,
First scheduled,
When he wrote,
I will believe that the white that I see is black if the hierarchical Church so defines it,
On a razor's edge.

235.    Begging the question,
The part of the mind,
In which innate instictive impulses,
And primary processes are manifest,
For our fortunes,
Lie on a razor's edge,
A combination of,
Persuation and attitude change,
Propaganda, coersion,
And restriction of access to information,
Indoctrinate systematically,
And so completely as to effect,
A radical transformation of attitudes and beliefs,
Strongly encourage or urge to do something,
The time when puberty begins,
Coolness or reserve between people,
A mistaken belief,
Deliberately mislead or mispresented the,
Truth to,
Igne Natura Renovatur Integra,
To project or extend beyond,
Pour through,
To try,
Expose danger.

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