Sunday, June 30, 2013


232.    The section of,
A traditional pantomime,
In which,
Harlequin played a leading role,
To mix,
Impart knowledge to or instruct,
In how to do something,
The practice of,
Making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort,
To do a particular thing,
Especially by recruiting a small number of people from,
Under represented groups,
In order to give the appearance of,
Sexual or racial equality,
Within a workforce,
An agency or means of doing something,
The practice of claiming to have,
Higher standards or beliefs than is the case,
Sexual practice that involves,
The tying up or restraining of one partner,
Must be placed,
Under the same category.

233.    Tear down and destroy,
Cut with a razor,
The induction of a state of consciousness,
In which a person loses the power of,
Voluntary action,
And is highly responsive to suggestion or direction,
Especially in order to start a journey,
Move or cause to move in a circle or spiral,
Just as those are really moved by,
Anger, or fear, or indignation,
Or jealousy
Or any emotion,
Not legally pertinent,
Hawthorne Studies,
A contract entered into or asset,
Held as a protection against possible financial loss,
They are,
Despite the fact that,
A stiff,
Sharp-pointed woody projection,
On a stem or other part of a plant,
The Hawthorne Effect,
A game in which players in turn vault with,
Parted legs over,
Others who are,
Bending down,
Deprived of mind,
Dishonestly manipulate,
A dice.

234.    Here begins,
Arma Virumque Cano,
Of or relating to a pope,
Or the papacy,
Think out or plan,
An action,
Especially a crime,
The period during which adolescents reach,
Sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction,
A member of a Roman Catholic order of priests,
Founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola,
And others in,
Put a jess,
A short leather strap,
That is fastened round each leg of a hawk,
To which a leash may be attached,
The general public,
Arrange for something,
To take place at a time later than that,
First scheduled,
When he wrote,
I will believe that the white that I see is black if the hierarchical Church so defines it,
On a razor's edge.

235.    Begging the question,
The part of the mind,
In which innate instictive impulses,
And primary processes are manifest,
For our fortunes,
Lie on a razor's edge,
A combination of,
Persuation and attitude change,
Propaganda, coersion,
And restriction of access to information,
Indoctrinate systematically,
And so completely as to effect,
A radical transformation of attitudes and beliefs,
Strongly encourage or urge to do something,
The time when puberty begins,
Coolness or reserve between people,
A mistaken belief,
Deliberately mislead or mispresented the,
Truth to,
Igne Natura Renovatur Integra,
To project or extend beyond,
Pour through,
To try,
Expose danger.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The people of walking

Aristotele's Lantern,
The scene of his birth,
In the sea's white frothing,
The ram produced by the ninth wave,
I ask for a hearing,
Kinsman of Heimdall,
Of all the holly races,
Greater and lesser,
Then Heimdall spoke,
The future well,
Whitest of the Aesir,
Like the other Vanir,
He knew,
Even as do the Vanir,
It is said that,
It was Freyra,
Who thaught magic to the Aesir.

Vesica Piscis,
Which may mean,
Good for nothing or,
A man who concerned himself,
With question of,
No practical value,
For whatever was,
Studied by art in,
Egypt, Syria, Greece, Sicily and Provence,
In all its various forms,
The serious and learned master,
Leonardo Bigollo,
New material has been added,
From which superfluous had been removed,
He also proved,
That a square cannot be a congruum.

Non overlapping identical spheres,
Which fill a space,
Where the,
Are circles,
A specific kind of network,
In which the distribution of,
Is not confined to a certain scale,
And where every node can be reached,
From every other,
By a small number of loops and steps,
The Erdös Number,
Is a sphere,
Which has dimensions three or,

Formed in the shape of a cube,
That fill the plane with no overlaps and no gaps,
Which could completely cover,
An infinitive plane,
But only in a pattern which,
Is non-repeating,
Which has discovered by the British mathematician,
And physicist,
Roger Penrose,
Robert Amman,
Liber Abaci.

Cast her eyes upon the hero,
And wished to be his wife,
The invocation,
Ishtar and Izdubar,
Midnight Courtship,
The King at The Shrine,
With prayers we entreat,
Which our poem is based,
How long,
Of Heaven them all doth fold,
Where a forest grows,
Within this lovely spot beneath the wood,
At Ishtar's soft command.

When real estate developers threaten the sacred campsite,
Of the Tarish,
A long-vanished tribe,
Who appear to,
Choe and Joaquin,
On foggy nights,
The recognitions,
With the Tarish priests,
The people of walking.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am that I am

236.    A feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will,
The state of being an enemy,
Plentifulness, prosperity,
In a still higher degree,
A society governed by meritocracy,
State or make known,
That amounts to the apparently paradoxical idea,
That a proposition or theory,
Cannot be scientific,
If it does not admit consideration of the,
Of being false,
Refrain from injuring or using,
A headless nail used for the soles and heels of shoes,
A therapeutic technique involving hypnotism,
Named after the Austrian physician,
Franz Anton Mesmer,
Restrict the movements,
To allow healing,
Unable to be divided or,
To tame,
To be thoroughly moved or changed by something,
Or similar things.

237.    A system of,
Psychological theory and therapy,
Which aims to treat mental disorders,
By investigating the interaction of,
Conscious and unconscious elements in the mind,
And bringing repressed fears and conflicts,
Into conscious mind,
Relating to, or influenced by,
Austrian neurologist,
Sigismund Scholomo Freud,
And his methods of psychoanalysis,
Especially with reference to the importance of sexuality in,
Human behaviour,
So bold and hazardous,
From surge,
The part of the mind,
That mediates between the conscious and the unconscious,
And responsible for reality,
And testing a sense of personal identity,
Is the channeling of impulses to socially accepted behaviours,
For instance,
The use of a dark, gloomy poem,
To describe the life,
By such poets,
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson.

238.    Tell all the truth but tell it slant,
Produces a far grater effect,
By this very use,
The undesirable concentration of mental energy,
In one direction.
Sui generis,
The part of the mind that acts,
As a self-critical conscience,
Reflecting social standards,
Learned from parents and teachers,
Adds the long-awaited conclusion,
At the right place,
Not planned or thought out in advance,
Lose moisture and turn to a fine powder,
On exposure to air,
I am that I am.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sons of the keys!

At the center of a black hole,
Unrolling the circumference,
One-seventh again,
Beyond three diameters,
Boundary of any space,
An event horizon,
Thus the total path integral,
Is unitary and information,
Is not lost in the formation,
Sons of the keys!
Black, white, red, rose and stone,
This is because,
For one reason.

Action has no limits of time,
Expansion depends on,
Distant past to distant future,
But has followed the thread,
Which spin themselves from,
Mirror wormhole,
See this finish,
To reach such horizon of events,
A waiting an infinitive time.

Come in contact with,
Hail to thee,
Most distant or remote point,
And to thee,
Ones that they were before thew,
Stitch resembling a chain,
The final state in the infinite future,
Any meter stick closer than the event horizon,
Could not be seen by an observer,
Outside the event horizon,
Free particles in-states,
Free particles out-states.

Can be greater than the speed of light,
It's velocity,
With the current value equal to one,
At the crossing point of the two horizons,
Stretched out,
What remains visible of the outside universe,
You are free to use any,
Where it is counted from the birth,
Of universe,
Alam! Ulum!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Material that is forced or thrown out,
Especially as a result of volcanic eruption or meteoritic impact,
Of or relating to the,
Ancient Greek city of Elea in Southwest Italy,
Home to a 5th century school of philosophers that included,
Xenophanes, Parmenides and Zeno,
A distorted image which appears normal,
When viewed from a particular point,
With a suitable mirror or lens,
A method of approaching philosophical problems,
Through analysis of the terms in which they expressed,
Hard translucent fossilized resin,
Originated from extinct coniferous trees,
A yellow light used as a cautionary signal between,
Green for go,
And red for stop.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stop! Stop! Weapons and pythons

One realizes that,
There is an enormous space,
But if to see,
A full spectrum of intended,
Set in each,
Gentes minores~

Unworthy of all,
And that the crude,
Between the men,
All the skillful ones,
Do not find,
Any difference,
That of a long time,
Stop! Stop!
Weapons and pythons.

Using a maze,
With three different choises,
World and the native,
Is minimum,
That are different,
Ceremonies of initiating boys,
From within the genes~

The gens,
In fact,
Was exogamous,
Keep them from dying,
When the winds blow strong,
And the waves roll high~

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ya Sin,

Of the Exploding Sun :
On the origin of the World,
But have every right to do so,
In the death of children,
Nestled in the womb?
The exegesis on the Soul,
Was the third son,
To place in a niche?
Know that,
All men born from the foundation of the world until now,
Are dust?
You shall be born,
But three aspects of the Mind,
Formative cognition,
Transitive cognition,
Essential cognition,
And one which remains behind,
Which brings all things to be,
Axis Mundi,
But now there came from out of the niche.

To the Trumpeting Place:
Ya Sin,
Knowledge which they leave behind for others to evaluate,
My Smoking Bothers You,
Don't Breathe!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where three roads meet


    The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.

Correct or pleasing proportion of parts!

Similarity or exact correspondence, the property of being unchanged by given operation or process: with measure!

Fellow drinker!

    A complex whole; a set of things working together as a mechanism or interconnecting network with set up an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality.

    The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity:



Devil to slander!

Clear of dregs, purify!

A state or society governed by the wealthy; an elite or ruling class whose power derives from their wealth!

The authority of wealth!

A strict Calvinistic religious body formed at Plymouth in Devon, having no formal creed or ministry and emphasizing an expected millennium.

A die for coining!

A person who watches at a show, game or other event, a visually striking performance or display!
To look; having the same end or result.

Suffer patiently!
Remain in existence!

    Of little value or importance; denoting a subgroup that either contains only the identity element or is identical with given group, place where three roads meet.

A state of happiness based on not knowing about or ignoring potential trouble, causes to feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled.

Prevent from progressing, succeeding or from doing or achieving something; a person who exploits others ruthlessly, having no meaning.

Empty, without substance!


Correctness concerning standards of behaviour or morals;
A thing or things belonging someone, a characteristic of something:
Truly what something is said or regarded to be;