Monday, May 6, 2013

Miranda warning

103. Miranda warning,
Right to silence,
An officer,
Who makes public announcements,
In a court of justice,
The decisive or,
Most important point at issue,
Raise a public outcry,
Call for,
Question in great detail,
Having difficult clues,
Which indicate the solutions,
A political and economic theory of,
Social organization which advocates that,
The means of production, distribution,
Should be owned or regulated by,
The community,
As a whole.

104. A person advocating the extension of suffrage,
Especially to women,
Right or appropriate,
For a particular person,
Or situation,
A vote given for a person,
Or in assent to,
A proposal,
Intercessory prayers,
Especially those for the,

105. Marxism as interpreted,
And applied by,
The Soviet premier,
A definition that describes,
Something sufficiently to distinguish it,
From other things,
But without describing its essence,
A piece of unowned land or wasteland,
The point halfway between,
Fess point,
And the base of the shield,
War name,
A pen name,
On the pattern of,
A territorial division of,
Ancient Egypt.

106. Be born,
Patriotic feeling,
Or efforts,
An extreme form of this,
Marked by feeling,
Of superiority,
Over other countries,
A member of a people,
Continually moving to,
Find fresh pasture for,
Its animals,
And having no permanent home,
Make a mistake,
Due to a momentary,
Lack of attention,
Even Homeros,

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