Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dead Man's hand

251.    Informally,
It is sometimes called the gypsy,
A cord,
Used to fasten something securely,
Which exists at extremely high temperature and density,
Introduce things which are,
Past as present and now,
Taking place,
A final or definitive pronouncement on a subject,
The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction,
The twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet,
An elementary particle,
A flavor-neutral meson,
Consisting of a charm quark,
And a charm anti-quark,
Surrounded by,
In the middle of,
The study of mental phenomena,
Which are excluded from,
Or inexplicable by,
Orthodox scientific psychology,
For what purpose, reason, or cause,
With what intention, justification, or motive,
For clarity and convention,
The branch of knowledge or criticism,
Concerned with the structure and function of,

252.    A regularly recurring condition of body and mind,
In which the nervous system is inactive,
The eyes closed,
The postural muscles relaxed,
And consciousness,
Practically suspended,
Begin or introduce,
A message that tells the,
Particulars of an act or occurrence or course,
Of events,
Existing in fact,
The sum of the squares,
Of the real and,
Imaginary components of a complex number,
Or the positive square root,
Of this sum,
A condition in which different elements are,
Equal or in the correct proportions,
To remain the same,
A period of twenty-eight days or four weeks,
Of or denoting stimuli,
Produced and perceived within an organism,
Especially those relating to position and movement of the body,
Like the sun.

253.    The education of Cyrus,
A system of education for young children,
That seeks to develop,
Natural interests and activities,
Rather than use formal teaching methods,
From the name of the,
Italian educationist Dr.Maria Montessori,
One's own, as a philosophy,
Is the sense of the position of parts of the body,
Relative to other neighboring parts of the body.
Unravel or become worn at the edge,
Awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body,
By means of sensory organs in the muscles and joints.
The upholding of tradition,
Especially so as to resist change,
The theory that all moral and religious truth,
Comes from divine revelation,
Passed on by tradition,
Human reason being incapable of attaining it,
A technique in which a large quantity of randomly generated numbers,
Are studied using a probabilistic model to find,
An approximate solution to a numerical problem,
The doctrine or belief that,
There is only one God.

254.    Crushed or broken by being stepped upon heavily,
Obsessive preoccupation with one thing,
Something which is outrageously or offensively wrong,
Believed that the only way to reach God,
Was through sinful actions,
A state of armed conflict between,
Different nations, states, or armed groups,
Something done to increase,
One's sense of self-importance,
Outstandingly bad,
Attack an army behind,
Look for or discover,
A meaning that is hidden or implied rather than explicitly,
To hold hearings and to declare subliminal advertising,
The exclusive possession or control of something,
Engage in a close fight or struggle,
Without weapons,
Show or feel triumphant elation,
A prosperous area beyond a city's suburbs,
In the manner the interchange of persons produces a vivid impression,
Show that considerable informating,
Decisions and guiding actions,
Is perceived even,
When observers do not experience any awareness,
Of perceiving,
Often makes the hearer feel that he is moving in the midst of perils.

255.    A theory or system of problem-stating,
And problem-solution,
Based on creative thinking,
That involves,
Free use of metaphor and analogy,
In informal interchange,
Within a carefully selected group of individuals,
Of diverse personality and areas of specialization,
The amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought,
Various items,
Not important enough be mentioned individually,
The alignment of universal forces,
With the life experiences of an individual,
Against the direction of,
The sun's apparent movement,
By that means,
From that place,
A major passage of the body,
Or other continuous elongated anatomical structure,
The passage,
Of a newly deceased soul,
Into the next world,
Corresponding to the journey of the sun,
Though the underworld,
During the hours of darkness.

256.    Two pair hands,
The aces and eights ones,
Dead Man's hand,
Under the head,
A division between strongly opposed parties,
Caused by differences in opinion or belief,
Of or relating to the state,
Immediately before falling asleep,
The place where an incident in real life or,
Fiction occurs or occurred,
A person,
Can have lifelike auditory, visual, or tactile hallucinations,
Perhaps even accompanied by full body paralysis,
Weighing of the heart,
Consciously perceiving and recognizing that,
One is in a dream,
One is sleeping,
The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Queen of the hearts,
Is a large, slow brain wave associated with deep sleep,
With a frequency of,
One to eight hertz,
Remove magnetic properties from,
A plane,
Running from its frontal end,
To its caudal end,
Has nearly identical,
Right and left halves.

257.    Assistance and support,
In times of hardship and distress,
A systematic plan or arrangement,
For attaining some particular idea or effect,
Of or relating to the,
Immediately preceding waking up,
The third letter of the Greek alphabet,
A sudden,
Violent occurrence or release of something,
A large, fast brain wave,
Associated with perception and consciousness,
Is twelve to fifteen hertz, rhythm in,
Having or involving both sensory,
And motor functions or pathways,
Utter to,
A verb or preposition,
When this is the same as the subject of the clause,
And the subject is,
Was thought to be creator of human children,
Which he made a potter's wheel,
From clay,
And places them in their mother's uteruses.

258.    Ghosts with the horses,
People of obscure origins,
Possibly of Tibetan or Turkish stock,
Sword of Mars,
Man with the horse,
The founder of a heresy or the leader of a heretical sect,
Man with the knowledge,
Characterized by an ostentatious contempt for,
Wealth and pleasure,
Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae sub Regno Cynarae,
An inheritance,
Insulated or protected from outside influences,
A line of descent,
Traced continuously from an ancestor,
An English poet,
Who was associated with the Decadent movement,
Ernest Christopher Dowson,
All fled, all done, so lift me on the pyre,
The feast is over, and the lamps expire,
A person's feelings which might be,
Easily offended or hurt,
Was a writer of fantasy,
Robert Edwin Howard,
Be or go beyond the range or limits of,
Sea of  Tranquility,
Alleged initial stage of a visible spirit manifestation,
Put into a trance,
An oblong tray,
Of human life.

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