Monday, May 20, 2013

All seeing eye

The nine mountain schools,
Development in a non-religious context,
There is no experience of the body in the four higher,
The Ancient Anatolian Turkish,
Göktürkçe and Uygur,
With the insertion of Arabian and Persian,
To watch over, to take care of, to keep an eye,
At the beginning of the ninth century,
Thus come or thus gone,
People living in Anatolia, but also Georgians, Armenians in Caucasia,
And the Croations and the Albanians,
Living around Balkans,
At the beginning of the ninth century.

In a few minutes,
The poetess looked,
Reminding the group of the amount of time remaining,
Brain region that controls singing processes,
Summit of the sacrum,
Structure, function, and evolution,
Activity which makes easy the task of others,
And as the fires die away,
The three angels stand,
An angry man stirreth up strife,
And a furious man aboundenth in transgression,
Writer of insignificant, meretricious, or shoddy poetry.

Good luck plant,
The ti plant,
Manifested, together. with an aura of,
Pleasingly mild,
Hawaiian lava sledding,
Many islands,
Within the triangle,
Ooze down the slope,
Stretching the cool outer layer like taffy,
A number of leaves are lashed together,
And people ride down hills of them,
Please believe me, I'm not crazy,
He was excellent fisherman in the ship of Mauri.

Which fork to use,
Haunting lice by candlelight,
If they're used on different people,
Sometimes called frottage,
It was a technique especially employed by surrealists,
If they're used on different people,
Enter as a hawk,
Come out as a phonix,
In the morning,
To mitigate their non-stopping onanism,
An extinct genus,
Coming forth into light,
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis.

Festina lente,
The stars are not right,
Where at least six of the principal words may,
Separately be,
Taken as the,
May arise in harmonious consistency with its,
Logic The Science of Inference,
The sun rises,
Withold such attribute on the same evidence,
Riding high,
From debts, and usury, and business free.

To apologize for being a freedman's son,
All man are mortal,
And my father,
Seemed to enjoy the state of happiness,
Which is celebrated by poets and philosophers,
As the most agreeable to nature,
And the rising anguish quell,
That the winter is to be joyful and pleasantly passed,
The conclusion does not in this case vary, for simplicity,
Welcome to Arctic Dancing Mirage,
Babe can never hunger there,
Learn something new everyday,
Seek the absent minded star.

The Island of the Seven Cities,
That in composing them,
Carried out at a subconscious,
Yes, I understand,
The stars are right,
And with strange aeons even death may die,
And sympathies were enlarged,
The scorching star,
Signifying its position to the right of a Muslim as he faces Mecca,
Orbiting at a full revolution every fifty years,
From his transforming nature, and multifarious aspects comes,
Men advised one another,
To see had risen up out of blackness of twenty-seven century.

Belonging to memory,
Great tidal river,
Source of all mythological legends of space-shifters,
Who could change shape at will,
Who rule the earth,
Alien and human,
And support erection,
Weird, unpredictable, and possibly,
Treating depression, anxiety, and personality,
That which makes us into a person,
Study of all things,
Who knows,
Stalker among the Stars.

By Fortuna,
Have been observed several times,
According to the various circumstances of living in which,
Frustrates the hope of a lover,
Who has been helped by reason,
The island that is reached before,
My outcast state,
The shining one in the passage of Yemen,
Translated by some as the Horizon,
By others as the Light,
All seeing eye,
Blocking it from view,
May not passed until after a period of regeneration.

Who greets the souls of the newly dead,
Offering them bread and water,
At the gates,
In preparation for the return,
With frown face,
He claimed that they had,
Seen a city very far away,
And greater than the great,
A place unknown to the people of that time,
Where are you children?
At the tying,
Discovered slightly,
If you hear my voice and open the door.

Open the seals to the book,
Conquering of self,
Or the sixth root race begins,
And was said to,
From bull to man,
Even as ye have seen him go,
Because true is that,
What they yearn for,
With great thirst,
The shape of the World to come,
Earth changes,
And eagle eating a snake while perched a top a cactus.

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