Sunday, May 26, 2013


27206 -Helicon-

The Earth in Noah’s time,
Members of a proto-Hebrew pantheon,
Despite in the literal text of the Bible,
Mating with humans,
That Angels do not marry,
In heaven,
Those who were unbelievers,
Still others believe that the,
Expression denoting those in,

Foundation of the World,
Preserved unto the end of the Earth,
A false tale often betrays itself,
Took wives,
Of the daughters of men,
Father of sons and daughters,
Knew his wife again,
Lived one-hundred-five years,
Also born a son to him,
And became the father of a son in his own likeness.

The House!
Load roar of laughter,
Angelic Renaissance,
Commit a further office,
Demonic possession,
Their pounding feet awaken,
Venetian blind in array,
Why are ye come out to set your battle?

Toastmasters of the Evening!
Toastmistress call me,
Swallowed up by the earth,
Screened out,
Leading into a high reflectivity,
The Most Serene Republic,
By this name they described the star’s smallness,
The smallest thing there is,
And the name of the smallest seed known to them,
Is the heaviest star,
As a white dwarf,
Star of Po.

28206 1

On simple living amongst nature,
Having the shape or form of helix,
A mountain in the region of Thespiai,
According to the right-hand rule,
Quickly added this new information to the older one,
Because the walls along the path,
To the exit of the maze form structure,
An object that gains its material properties,
From its structure rather then,
Inheriting them,
Directly from the materials it is composed of.

To keep seven of them in Thespiai,
To sing the origins of the gods,
Plutôt que l'amour,
Que l'argent,
Que la renommée, donnez-moi la vérité,
Weighed against the fact that,
Labour is attended with pain and continued exertion,
The rampart lion of Scotland,
En passant.

On the fountain Hippocrene,
Here the,
Overgrown arch of a grotto,
As one of the most precious, delicious gifts on earth,
The donation of Water,
Mulla dies sime linea,
That were seen as the reason for the,
Thank you!
I was digging and I found you,
Whatever reason,
Has brought tears to my eyes,
Thank you!
Just may have discovered that,

Easier to work with,
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction,
Than the initial data set,
Algorithms can map the relation,
Roll, in a lower dimensional space,
Ships among points in a geometry,
July seventeen.

28206 2

Vertical Ancillary Data Space,
Share your thoughts,
The Guardian,
You’ve arrived,
Envy, my pride,
Not an empty treasure,
Is the prayer,
Said to exist in a rock,
Near the farm,
Carry data,
In parts of the transmission signal,
That is not displayed,
On the screen.

Big Swiss Roll,
That has negative refractive index,
It consists of concentric cylinders,
Travel halfway around the world and back,
The axis on which the Earth turns,
For all the laymen out there,
Skipping stones,
And all of the people on board,
The Eiona, or the Ionia, or the Eona,
Twisting in the foundation.

The Chief Scientist,
Works mainly from home,
But is,
Welcome sight in the office,
Leó Festetics,
The citizen presents himself,
By giving his surname,
To some degree,
As a composer.

Best Twisters came from Helicon,
Tobacco may be grown there,
Two indigenous species are known,
Camel and tiger,
A beast of burden,
Appears in the saying,
Can’t get off,
For then it will eat you,
Arc to Arcturus then speed on Spica.


Follow the arc,
A smooth arc,
Around which the town of Canopus,
Was the pilot of the ship,
While visiting the coasts of Egypt,
Organs were placed by the Temple,
A temple to Osiris,
Misunderstanding the name,
As an Asylum for fugitive slaves,
Under a peculiar form,
That of a vase with a human head.

The Decree,
In year nine,
Seven the month,
In writings of the books,
Scribes of the temple,
And shall be incised in a stele,
The Temple-Wardens!
The Prophets!
The Hierodules!
Thus blinding the viewer,
Here the seventeenth March.


Partnership overcomes barriers,
To solid-state light sources,
Long Lived!
To Anacreon in Heaven,
Wit, harmony, and the good wine,
In music,
Of god-haunted Olmeios,
And lead then above your rounds,
On the summit,
And first they bathe,
Its fine skin in the waters of Permessos,
There quenched the thirst,
The old ones,
Source or the gods,
On the mountain.

Freely welcome tu my cup,
Brake lights, and big animated signs,
Private visitors of Zion,
Have supported us,
The Ones that stain blue,
Happiness and transports,
Splendid by love,
And everlasting is set.

The preserver of the works,
Are the only four perfects known,
During the twelwe thousand parsecs,
Four of the perfects,
Apparently a very high standard,
Stands for,
Parallax of one arc second,
North or south of the celestial equator,
Not right ascension.

Who could live on land,
But dwelled mostly in the sea,
On their list of places,
Was been nearly forgotten,
And for scientists,
Who search for evidence,
Life forms were crowded out,
And became extinct.


Triumph of the Will,
A return to the story-telling style of order.

Thus Hélicon,
A low frequency electromagnetic wave,
Maybe able to the special ability,
Screened out, leading to a high reflectivity,
Since the high conductivity,
Hence the shine,
Mani Pulite,
Thus Helicon,
Became an emblem of,
The skin of the conduction.

-end of the Helicon-

Monday, May 20, 2013

All seeing eye

The nine mountain schools,
Development in a non-religious context,
There is no experience of the body in the four higher,
The Ancient Anatolian Turkish,
Göktürkçe and Uygur,
With the insertion of Arabian and Persian,
To watch over, to take care of, to keep an eye,
At the beginning of the ninth century,
Thus come or thus gone,
People living in Anatolia, but also Georgians, Armenians in Caucasia,
And the Croations and the Albanians,
Living around Balkans,
At the beginning of the ninth century.

In a few minutes,
The poetess looked,
Reminding the group of the amount of time remaining,
Brain region that controls singing processes,
Summit of the sacrum,
Structure, function, and evolution,
Activity which makes easy the task of others,
And as the fires die away,
The three angels stand,
An angry man stirreth up strife,
And a furious man aboundenth in transgression,
Writer of insignificant, meretricious, or shoddy poetry.

Good luck plant,
The ti plant,
Manifested, together. with an aura of,
Pleasingly mild,
Hawaiian lava sledding,
Many islands,
Within the triangle,
Ooze down the slope,
Stretching the cool outer layer like taffy,
A number of leaves are lashed together,
And people ride down hills of them,
Please believe me, I'm not crazy,
He was excellent fisherman in the ship of Mauri.

Which fork to use,
Haunting lice by candlelight,
If they're used on different people,
Sometimes called frottage,
It was a technique especially employed by surrealists,
If they're used on different people,
Enter as a hawk,
Come out as a phonix,
In the morning,
To mitigate their non-stopping onanism,
An extinct genus,
Coming forth into light,
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis.

Festina lente,
The stars are not right,
Where at least six of the principal words may,
Separately be,
Taken as the,
May arise in harmonious consistency with its,
Logic The Science of Inference,
The sun rises,
Withold such attribute on the same evidence,
Riding high,
From debts, and usury, and business free.

To apologize for being a freedman's son,
All man are mortal,
And my father,
Seemed to enjoy the state of happiness,
Which is celebrated by poets and philosophers,
As the most agreeable to nature,
And the rising anguish quell,
That the winter is to be joyful and pleasantly passed,
The conclusion does not in this case vary, for simplicity,
Welcome to Arctic Dancing Mirage,
Babe can never hunger there,
Learn something new everyday,
Seek the absent minded star.

The Island of the Seven Cities,
That in composing them,
Carried out at a subconscious,
Yes, I understand,
The stars are right,
And with strange aeons even death may die,
And sympathies were enlarged,
The scorching star,
Signifying its position to the right of a Muslim as he faces Mecca,
Orbiting at a full revolution every fifty years,
From his transforming nature, and multifarious aspects comes,
Men advised one another,
To see had risen up out of blackness of twenty-seven century.

Belonging to memory,
Great tidal river,
Source of all mythological legends of space-shifters,
Who could change shape at will,
Who rule the earth,
Alien and human,
And support erection,
Weird, unpredictable, and possibly,
Treating depression, anxiety, and personality,
That which makes us into a person,
Study of all things,
Who knows,
Stalker among the Stars.

By Fortuna,
Have been observed several times,
According to the various circumstances of living in which,
Frustrates the hope of a lover,
Who has been helped by reason,
The island that is reached before,
My outcast state,
The shining one in the passage of Yemen,
Translated by some as the Horizon,
By others as the Light,
All seeing eye,
Blocking it from view,
May not passed until after a period of regeneration.

Who greets the souls of the newly dead,
Offering them bread and water,
At the gates,
In preparation for the return,
With frown face,
He claimed that they had,
Seen a city very far away,
And greater than the great,
A place unknown to the people of that time,
Where are you children?
At the tying,
Discovered slightly,
If you hear my voice and open the door.

Open the seals to the book,
Conquering of self,
Or the sixth root race begins,
And was said to,
From bull to man,
Even as ye have seen him go,
Because true is that,
What they yearn for,
With great thirst,
The shape of the World to come,
Earth changes,
And eagle eating a snake while perched a top a cactus.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly

Guilty of or involving betrayal or deception, having hidden or unpredictable dangers; to cheat.
Not decorated elaborate; simple or ordinary.
Without a pattern; in one colour.
Unmarked; without identification.
Easy to perceive or understand; clear.
Not using concealment or deception; frank!
Having no pretensions; not remarkable or special.
Not marked by any particular beauty ; ordinary looking.
Sheer, simple, flat!

Mourn, Lament!
Complain! To lament!

Flow with a swirling motion and bubbling sound : purl!
Nothing other than, completely; right, pure, clear: to swerve or change course quickly.
A song, piece or music or poem expressing grief or regret.
Mourn a person's death.

Give out a bright light; glow with reflected light.
Direct somewhere! Be bright with the expression or emotion.
Be clearly evident.
Such an assembly or congregation, bring together, abruptly diverge or cause to diverge from a straight course.
Such a change of course, a tendency to swerve imparted to a ball.
Depart, leave, turn aside!

A shrub rose of a variety with gray-green leaves and pinkish-white sweet scented flowers.
An old white garden rose.
An edible juicy fruit from South-East Asian plant: Dragon's Eye.
A quality or state of being different and diverse.
A thing which differs in some way from others of the same class; a type.
A subspecies or cultivar.
More than one; individual and separate.

Editio Cum Notis Variorum.

Prepare and use.
Raise or grow.
Grow or maintain.
Try to acquire or develop.
Try to win the friendship of favour of refined and well educated.

Live in or occur, in dwell.
An acrobat, especially a tightrope walker.
Bring into, attain or maintain a state of equilibrium.
Having all its sides of the same length, at equal distance.
Produce by making lines and marks on paper.
Trace or produce on a surface.
Pull or drag so as to make it fallow behind.
Pull or move in specified direction.
Pull shut or open.
Arrive at a specified stage or point in time.
Extract from a container or receptacle, obtain from a particular source, a current of cool air in a room or confined space.
A single act of drinking or inhaling, a quantity of a liquid with medicinal properties.

The depth of water needed to float a particular ship; her shallow draught.

A catch of fish!
Preliminary version of a piece of writing, a plan or sketch, a written order to pay a specified sum.
Select and bring them somewhere for a certain purpose.

An interpreter or guide in a country speaking Arabic, Turkish or Persian;
of little depth ; not showing, requiring or capable of serious thought:



A large number of people, a submerged sandbank visible at low water, become shallower.

The Holocaust!

A catastrophe!

Overturning, sudden turn; a branch of mathematics concerned with system displaying abrupt discontinuous change:
The theory that changes in the Earth's crust from sudden violent and unusual events; the action or fact.

Of uniting or being united, a state of harmony, agreement!
A workhouse must set up by such a group of parishes; the set that comprises all the elements contained in any of two or more given sets; a joint for couples.
The one; the theory that changes in the Earth's crust during the geological history have resulted from the action of continuous and uniform processes.
Make or become united or uniform.

Performed by or affecting only one person or group; a team of horses arranged two abreast with one leading:
A single horn!

The smallest unit of local government in rural areas; sojourning, beside subsidiary dwelling.
The administrative body in civil parish; a vivid green toxic salt of copper and arsenic, used as a preservative pigment and insecticide.
A point which parts are joined; linked or become linked, connected to: unite!
Districts outside large urban areas, lying opposite, against ; a constant representing the strength of the interaction between a particle and all field.

To seal effectively with someone is difficult.
A blow with the fist!

To live in or at a place, to think, speak or write at length about, is a slight pause in the motion of a machine.
To remain in a place; a house used as a residence and not for business.
An unchanging situation.
A component of a relationship between variables that does not change its value.
A relation or property which remains the same in all circumstances or for the same substance under
the same conditions; stand, firm.
A copper-nickel alloy used in electrical work for its high resistance.

Established a constellation!
A group of associated people or things.
A star.
A star group!
Having an unyielding surface or structure, solidly in place and stable.
Having a steady power or strength.
Explicit and definite; in a resolute and determined manner.

An establishment for breeding,
or growing,
to use,
to fix,
to settle.

* This speech is performed at XXII. World Congress of Architecture (UIA 2005 Istanbul) at 7th July 2005.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dead Man's hand

251.    Informally,
It is sometimes called the gypsy,
A cord,
Used to fasten something securely,
Which exists at extremely high temperature and density,
Introduce things which are,
Past as present and now,
Taking place,
A final or definitive pronouncement on a subject,
The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction,
The twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet,
An elementary particle,
A flavor-neutral meson,
Consisting of a charm quark,
And a charm anti-quark,
Surrounded by,
In the middle of,
The study of mental phenomena,
Which are excluded from,
Or inexplicable by,
Orthodox scientific psychology,
For what purpose, reason, or cause,
With what intention, justification, or motive,
For clarity and convention,
The branch of knowledge or criticism,
Concerned with the structure and function of,

252.    A regularly recurring condition of body and mind,
In which the nervous system is inactive,
The eyes closed,
The postural muscles relaxed,
And consciousness,
Practically suspended,
Begin or introduce,
A message that tells the,
Particulars of an act or occurrence or course,
Of events,
Existing in fact,
The sum of the squares,
Of the real and,
Imaginary components of a complex number,
Or the positive square root,
Of this sum,
A condition in which different elements are,
Equal or in the correct proportions,
To remain the same,
A period of twenty-eight days or four weeks,
Of or denoting stimuli,
Produced and perceived within an organism,
Especially those relating to position and movement of the body,
Like the sun.

253.    The education of Cyrus,
A system of education for young children,
That seeks to develop,
Natural interests and activities,
Rather than use formal teaching methods,
From the name of the,
Italian educationist Dr.Maria Montessori,
One's own, as a philosophy,
Is the sense of the position of parts of the body,
Relative to other neighboring parts of the body.
Unravel or become worn at the edge,
Awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body,
By means of sensory organs in the muscles and joints.
The upholding of tradition,
Especially so as to resist change,
The theory that all moral and religious truth,
Comes from divine revelation,
Passed on by tradition,
Human reason being incapable of attaining it,
A technique in which a large quantity of randomly generated numbers,
Are studied using a probabilistic model to find,
An approximate solution to a numerical problem,
The doctrine or belief that,
There is only one God.

254.    Crushed or broken by being stepped upon heavily,
Obsessive preoccupation with one thing,
Something which is outrageously or offensively wrong,
Believed that the only way to reach God,
Was through sinful actions,
A state of armed conflict between,
Different nations, states, or armed groups,
Something done to increase,
One's sense of self-importance,
Outstandingly bad,
Attack an army behind,
Look for or discover,
A meaning that is hidden or implied rather than explicitly,
To hold hearings and to declare subliminal advertising,
The exclusive possession or control of something,
Engage in a close fight or struggle,
Without weapons,
Show or feel triumphant elation,
A prosperous area beyond a city's suburbs,
In the manner the interchange of persons produces a vivid impression,
Show that considerable informating,
Decisions and guiding actions,
Is perceived even,
When observers do not experience any awareness,
Of perceiving,
Often makes the hearer feel that he is moving in the midst of perils.

255.    A theory or system of problem-stating,
And problem-solution,
Based on creative thinking,
That involves,
Free use of metaphor and analogy,
In informal interchange,
Within a carefully selected group of individuals,
Of diverse personality and areas of specialization,
The amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought,
Various items,
Not important enough be mentioned individually,
The alignment of universal forces,
With the life experiences of an individual,
Against the direction of,
The sun's apparent movement,
By that means,
From that place,
A major passage of the body,
Or other continuous elongated anatomical structure,
The passage,
Of a newly deceased soul,
Into the next world,
Corresponding to the journey of the sun,
Though the underworld,
During the hours of darkness.

256.    Two pair hands,
The aces and eights ones,
Dead Man's hand,
Under the head,
A division between strongly opposed parties,
Caused by differences in opinion or belief,
Of or relating to the state,
Immediately before falling asleep,
The place where an incident in real life or,
Fiction occurs or occurred,
A person,
Can have lifelike auditory, visual, or tactile hallucinations,
Perhaps even accompanied by full body paralysis,
Weighing of the heart,
Consciously perceiving and recognizing that,
One is in a dream,
One is sleeping,
The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Queen of the hearts,
Is a large, slow brain wave associated with deep sleep,
With a frequency of,
One to eight hertz,
Remove magnetic properties from,
A plane,
Running from its frontal end,
To its caudal end,
Has nearly identical,
Right and left halves.

257.    Assistance and support,
In times of hardship and distress,
A systematic plan or arrangement,
For attaining some particular idea or effect,
Of or relating to the,
Immediately preceding waking up,
The third letter of the Greek alphabet,
A sudden,
Violent occurrence or release of something,
A large, fast brain wave,
Associated with perception and consciousness,
Is twelve to fifteen hertz, rhythm in,
Having or involving both sensory,
And motor functions or pathways,
Utter to,
A verb or preposition,
When this is the same as the subject of the clause,
And the subject is,
Was thought to be creator of human children,
Which he made a potter's wheel,
From clay,
And places them in their mother's uteruses.

258.    Ghosts with the horses,
People of obscure origins,
Possibly of Tibetan or Turkish stock,
Sword of Mars,
Man with the horse,
The founder of a heresy or the leader of a heretical sect,
Man with the knowledge,
Characterized by an ostentatious contempt for,
Wealth and pleasure,
Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae sub Regno Cynarae,
An inheritance,
Insulated or protected from outside influences,
A line of descent,
Traced continuously from an ancestor,
An English poet,
Who was associated with the Decadent movement,
Ernest Christopher Dowson,
All fled, all done, so lift me on the pyre,
The feast is over, and the lamps expire,
A person's feelings which might be,
Easily offended or hurt,
Was a writer of fantasy,
Robert Edwin Howard,
Be or go beyond the range or limits of,
Sea of  Tranquility,
Alleged initial stage of a visible spirit manifestation,
Put into a trance,
An oblong tray,
Of human life.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Miranda warning

103. Miranda warning,
Right to silence,
An officer,
Who makes public announcements,
In a court of justice,
The decisive or,
Most important point at issue,
Raise a public outcry,
Call for,
Question in great detail,
Having difficult clues,
Which indicate the solutions,
A political and economic theory of,
Social organization which advocates that,
The means of production, distribution,
Should be owned or regulated by,
The community,
As a whole.

104. A person advocating the extension of suffrage,
Especially to women,
Right or appropriate,
For a particular person,
Or situation,
A vote given for a person,
Or in assent to,
A proposal,
Intercessory prayers,
Especially those for the,

105. Marxism as interpreted,
And applied by,
The Soviet premier,
A definition that describes,
Something sufficiently to distinguish it,
From other things,
But without describing its essence,
A piece of unowned land or wasteland,
The point halfway between,
Fess point,
And the base of the shield,
War name,
A pen name,
On the pattern of,
A territorial division of,
Ancient Egypt.

106. Be born,
Patriotic feeling,
Or efforts,
An extreme form of this,
Marked by feeling,
Of superiority,
Over other countries,
A member of a people,
Continually moving to,
Find fresh pasture for,
Its animals,
And having no permanent home,
Make a mistake,
Due to a momentary,
Lack of attention,
Even Homeros,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eye for an Eye

A capricious summer breeze,
An arbitrary decision,
Should we smite it with weapons,
Let us smite with weapons,
Reasoning will become confused,
And judgement disarrayed,
O Moon-god,
Hear my cry!
Let someone with courage volunteer,
And would henceforth faithfully administer the estate,
When he died,
His heirs sold.

And sob ecstasy the water throws,
Who shelters,
And cares for her orchard with such dedication,
Puck the day,
For the reason,
To one's name,
Diu multumque desideratum,
Otherwise they may say,
My soul hath been long a sojourner,
Let him set hours for it,
Let him take no care for any set of times,
Let him season ably water the one,
And destroy the other.

To which added,
An account of a,
Battle ; An abrupt, wringered transition,
An anticlimax,
With the Author's apology,
And explanatory notes,
Now I'll bold you,
A pick of,
Word or words by which,
An entity is designated and distinguished from others,
Such as dub-sar,
Formed by compounding,
Tablet writing,
And non-finite forms.

To beat,
Completive versus incompletive,
That in weight, value or price,
And you shall be found the light,
In that very denotative manner,
A number,
The best or most important,
Of purpose and time,
Past versus non-past,
Marked with a,
And having non-past reference,
Zero marked and having present reference,
As you shall be hanged and suspended,