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Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

179.    Giving a lot of information,
Clearly and in few words,
Elegance or neatness,
Of literary or artistic style,
Skilfully put together,
A solo instrument,
Playing with an orchestra,
Of or relating to the,
God Dionysos,
So as to be concealed by,
The system of teaching,
Profoundly deaf people,
To communicate by the use of speech,
And lipreading rather than,
Sign language,
Direct to produce,
A desired effect,
The path of an electron,
Round an atomic nucleus.

180.    An orchid of north temperature regions,
With a tuberous root,
And a spike of,
Purple or pinkish flowers,
Denoting sharpness,
A person who has represented,
Oxford University,
Become insubordinate or reckless,
A short treatise in pamphlet form,
Dealings or communication,
Between people.
Dreaming spires,
To say,
Something given,
Or played.

181.    Stabbed,
To death,
By a bawdy serving-man,
A rival of,
His in his,
Lewd love,
A person considered,
Irritating in always,
Having a clever answer,
To a question.
There is less danger,
In fearing,
Too much than too little,
Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense,
A person who maintains and is in charge of archives,
One who directs clandestine intelligence activities,
Even in spite of his own natural bent.

182.    The ability to make a lot of money,
A mere possibility or probability,
Based on matter,
An environment,
Or material,
In which something develops,
Having or denoting,
Those good qualities,
Traditionally associated with men,
Such as courage and strength,
Relating to or denoting,
The style of,
William Shakespeare,
Or his works.

183.    Having breath,
A genetic predisposition,
To a given trait,
Or personality characteristic,
An object,
Or design,
Resembling a cross with a loop instead of the top arm,
Used in ancient Egypt,
As a symbol of life,
Who shall guard the guardians,
A risky or daring journey or undertaking,
A complex sentence,
Especially one consisting of several clauses,
Constructed as part of a formal speech,
Or oration,
The interval of time,
Between successive occurrences,
Of the same state,
In an oscillatory or,
Cyclic phenomenon.

184.    A penis,
Especially when erect,
Of or relating to Philadelphia,
A fact or situation,
That is observed to exist or happen,
Especially one whose cause is in question,
Gnothi Seauton,
A very wise person,
The gilded one,
The name of a king of ancient Israel,
Circa ninety-seventy to ninety-thirty,
One who loves his brother,
Cause to combine with,
Or hold the greatest,
Possible quantity of another substance,
Valid by signing or sealing it,
A six pointed figure,
Consisting of two interlaced equilateral triangles,
A data or communication network,
In which,
All nodes are,
Independently connected to one central unit.

185.    Magna Mater Deorum Idaea,
Essential nature or essence,
Catch sight of,
Words written in memory of,
A person who has died,
Having the same end or result,
Bowed instrument,
Of, relating to, or tending,
To arouse sexual desire or excitement,
A line,
Through a point on a graph
Parallel to one of the axes,
Which represents the uncertainty or error,
Of the corresponding coordinate of the point,
Such as preggers for,

186.    A man recognized for his wisdom,
Begin a voyage,
A mythical lizard-like creature,
Said to live in fire,
Or to be able to withstand its effects,
One who fastens with pegs,
Admired for their courage,
Or outstanding achievements.
A fruit,
With sectioned pulp,
Inside a separable rind,
Luck, fortune,
Come about by chance,
A thing said once,
A harmonic component of a complex oscillation,
Or wave.

187.    The final odds,
At the start of a horse race,
Slowing down,
Stars and stripes,
Crush or pulverize,
Crude, unrefined,
A group of warships,
Detached on a particular duty,
Or under the command of a,
Flag officer,
Foreign, unfamiliar,
The last judgement.
Abandon or mitigate,
A harsh intention or cruel treatment,
Having a powerful abruptness of action,
Place or situation,
A profane or offensive expression of anger,
Lick or suck the,

188.    The doctrine that knowledge,
Depends on faith or revelation,
Ornamentation by means of figures,
Deal with,
Continuing loyalty to a person, cause or belief,
The pattern of rhymes in a poem or verse,
Rigorously precise,
The favouring of relatives or friends,
Especially by giving them jobs,
A pleasure excursion to,
An unspecified destination.
A handicraft or trade,
The doctrine that,
Mutual dependence is,
Necessary to social well-being.
Discharge from employment,
A contemptible or inept person.

189.    Tic-tac-toe,
To this point,
The essential nature underlying phenomena,
Which is subject to changes and accidents,
Standing outside oneself,
In a natural or raw state,
Not adjusted or corrected,
Of something bad,
Become less intense or widespread,
An idea which Euripides echoed,
A young man aspiring to knighthood,
With reference to a solid substance,
Transform into a purer or idealized form,
Arranged neatly and in order,
A place where secret,
Or supporting work is done,
The most complete form of,
Win in this game.

190.    Walk with bare feet in shallow water,
Surrounded by,
A thick piece of soft,
Or absorbent material,
Whose value depends on,
That of another.
Divest of human characteristic or individuality,
Represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form,
The exalted gate,
Be a sign or warning that,
To a higher degree,
Than is desirable,
Or possible.

191.    The criminal act,
Of deliberately setting fire to,
He shall,
Manifest itself regularly at,
The quality of being excessively conceited,
Or absorbed in oneself,
Because he is mad,
Of or relating to,
Ancient Ephesus,
Or its people or language or culture.
Lasting only a day,
An inscription on a bookplate,
To stow the name of the book's owner,
Represent something,
As being,
Larger or better than,
Really is.

192.    The center of the,
Circumcircle of a triangle,
Lies on,
One of the triangle's sides,
If and only if,
The triangle is a right line,
Another term of perfecta,
Utter vehemently,
Offspring of a tame sow,
And wild boar,
Reminiscent of the novels of,
Charles Dickens,
Especially in terms of the poverty,
And squalor that they portray,
Leave the main subject temporarily,
Take and keep a firm hold of,
Work at for a living,
Or take as one's subject of study.

193.    Annoyingly insensitive or,
Slow to understand,
Of or relating to the countries of the West,
Fall into disuse,
The twentieth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Release from one's grasp,
Belonging to another,
Pain in a similar way,
Sentimental longing or affection for the past,
Site, disposition,
In a manner conforming with,
The action,
Or process of,
Make suitable for a new use of purpose.

194.    Coming sharply to a crisis,
The sacred band of Thebes,
Confident and daring or courageous,
Tolerance or immunity,
To a poison acquired by,
Taking gradually larger doses of it.
The cult of the,
Ancient Persian God Mithras,
Something commanded,
Chew or eat,
A Mediterranean plant of the nightshade family,
Having a forked fleshy root,
Which supposedly resembles the human form,
And was formerly alleged to shriek,
When pulled from the ground,
Not able to be melted,
Soak to extract the flavour,
Or healing properties.

195.    The branch of mathematics,
Concerned with the formal properties,
And applications of sets,
The measurement or extent of,
Something from end to end,
This proposal was,
A basic underlying or supporting structure,
Of a system,
Not human in nature or character,
Showing a reckless lack of care or attention,
Any of various systems of thought,
In which the objects of,
Knowledge are held to be,
In some way,
Dependent on the,
Of mind,
An intermediate wheel between two geared wheels,
To rotate in the same direction,
Fixed idea.

196.    Be taught in such a way,
Accept or agree,
For truth,
Used to introduce,
A further and stronger,
Or more surprising point,
Those who have knowledge.
An evil spirit or demon,
And it is not unreasonable that,
When two things,
Are brought together,
The more powerful,
Always attracts to itself,
The virtue,
Of the weaker.

197.    A function that is both,
One-to-one and onto,
A gene presence,
Prevents the expression of,
Some other gene at a different locus,
A condition in which a tree or shrub,
Begins to die from the tip of its leaves,
Or roots backwards,
An expression,
Representing the rate of change of a function,
With respect to an independent variable,
To say,
Well known analogy of,
A sculptor,
Cutting away that,
Which does not,
Enhance the desired image,
Base something on a modification of,
Marx derived his philosophy,
From Hegel.

198.    Callously or treacherously abandon,
The forceful insertion of a substance,
Under pressure,
A person who sings solo verses,
To which the choir or,
Congregation respond,
Without end,
Of, or related to,
Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor,
Was a mathematician,
Who was born in Russia,
And lived in Germany,
For most of,
His life,
And so on ad infinitum.

199.    A curve or,
Geometrical figure,
Each part of,
Which has the same,
Statistical character as the,
Demonstrate by evidence or,
Argument the truth,
Or existence of,
In the limit,
Starting from a square,
The construction produces a set,
With an infinite number of square sections,
Each having zero area,
The sum of all areas,
Also decreases to,
Zero in the limit,
In no mean degree to,

200.    Every subset,
Of a nowhere dense set,
Is nowhere dense,
And the union of finitely,
Nowhere dense sets,
The set of all ordinal numbers,
Containing both a real and an imaginary parts,
The defense,
A fundamental change in approach,
Or underlying assumptions.

201.    Declare to be guilty of,
A criminal offense by the verdict of a jury,
Or the decision of a judge in a court of law,
Justification or authority,
Having or representing the,
Sun as centre,
As in the accepted astronomical model of the solar system,
A supposed all-pervading field,
In the ether,
In which a record of past events is imprinted,
Relating to,
Gave the world,
The digit zero,
For which he became immortal.
When it is realized in the most complete form,
In a fully independent otherworldly being,
In Deo,
When it occurs in the contingent, created world,
When the mind grasps it,
In abstracto as,
A mathematical magnitude,
Number or,
Order type.

202.    When the sum of the,
On each particle,
Of the system,
Is zero,
Gradually but firmly establish in someone's mind,
A function,
Of a given function,
Is the derivate,
And which may express,
The area under the curve of a graph,
Of the function.
A person or thing that,
Once overthrown,
Cannot be restored,
An obstacle or difficulty,
Injure the dignity,
And self-respect of,
A system of interacting particles,
That is left,

203.    Requiring or having great strength or effort,
The transfer of characteristics,
From parent to offspring,
Either through their genes or,
Through the social institution called,
Unnatural, abnormal,
The science of using,
Controlled breeding to increase,
The occurrence of,
Desirable heritable characteristics in a population,
A member of,
An ancient Germanic people that,
Founded English kingdoms in Mercia, Northumbia,
And East Anglia,
Solemnly urge to do something,
Hold or bend,
So as to form an angle or angles,
The descent of man,
Selection in relation to sex.

204.    The chief impact of something bad,
A virus,
In which the genetic information is stored,
In form of DNA,
An enzyme which,
Breaks down DNA,
Into smaller molecules,
If there are organisms that reproduce, and,
If offspring inherit traits from their progenitors, and,
If the environment cannot support all members of a growing,
Then those members of the population with less-adaptive traits,
Will die, and,
Then those members with more-adaptive traits will thrive,
It is hot out,
A reflecting,
Or refracting surface,
Which is free from spherical aberration.

205.    A continuous sequence in which,
Adjacent elements are not,
Perceptibly different from each other,
But the extremes are quite distinct,
Opposed to one another,
A steep-fronted wave,
Caused by the meeting of,
Two tides or by a tide,
Rushing up a narrow estuary,
Make into or worship as a god,
The possible sizes of infinite sets,
Plural form of,
No consistent system can be used to prove,
Its own consistency,
There is no set,
Whose size is,
Strictly between that of the,
Integers and that of real numbers,
The rates of,
Forward and reverse reactions,
Are equal,
And the concentrations of the,
Reactants and products,
Stop changing.

206.    Ex nihilo nihil fit,
A supposed secret that is,
In fact known to many people,
A portion of an organism,
Capable of developing into a new one,
Or part of one,
Decrepit or out of date,
A society characterized by a flexible structure,
Freedom of belief,
And wide dissemination of information,
A public declaration of policy and aims,
Variant spelling of,
The nineteenth century belief that the,
Expansion of the United states,
Through the American continents was,
Both justified and inevitable,
A small spring trapdoor,
Used for sudden disappearances from,
A stage.

207.    The prosecution of a person,
Twice for the same offense,
Cause to feel annoyed or worried,
A horizontal stroke in writing, marking a pause or represent,
Omitted letters or words,
Showing no sign of life,
The displacement of the,
Spectrum to longer wavelengths in the light,
From distant celestial objects,
Moving away from the observer,
Bitterly regret and wish it undone,
A law stating that the speed of recession of a galaxy,
Is related to its distance by a constant factor,
Named after,
The American astronomer,
Edwin Powell Hubble.

208.    House of ill fame,
An exclamatory passage,
In a speech or poem,
Addressed to a person or personified thing,
Clever devices or expedients,
Especially to trick or deceive others,
Escape or avoid,
A notional boundary,
Around a black hole,
Face up to and deal with,
Any two points which are moving away
From the origin,
Each along straight lines,
And with speed proportional to distance,
From the origin,
Will be moving away,
From each other,
With a speed proportional to their distance apart,
Having an outline or surface,
Curved like the exterior of a circle,
Or sphere.

209.    A star that,
Undergoes a catastrophic explosion,
Becoming suddenly very much brighter,
Mute in colour,
The brightness of a star,
As represented by a number,
On a logarithmic scale,
A state which,
Is in its correct place,
Not capable of being algebraical operations of addition,
Multiplication, and involution,
Or inverse operations,
Always right or accurate,
The class of scale or magnitude of,
Any amount,
Where each class contains,
Values of a fixed ratio,
To the class,
Preceding it,
In formulae,
Is usually only matter of,
Convention and normalization.

210.    You are speaking of the defeat,
Which has attended your administration,
And yet,
You swear by victories,
A person skilled in mathematics,
Euler Leonhard,
He is our master in,
Find a numerical expression,
Or equivalent for,
The theory or belief that,
God does not exist,
A type of furnace used by alchemists,
Leave out or exclude,
The set of all sets that do not contain themselves as members,
Is a paradox discovered by,
Bertrand Arthur William Russel, Third Earl Russel,
Petty, trivial.

211.    Carry on with,
A thing that retains its identity,
Even though its states and relations may change,
A person with many talents,
Or interests,
Especially in the humanities,
Feel bitterness,
Or indignation at,
The cunning use of,
Figures is peculiarly subject to,
Suspicion of,
General relativity theory,
Which corrects and extends,
Newtonian gravitation,
Especially at the macroscopic level of stars or planets.
A ruler,
Who exercises absolute power,
Especially in actual or oppressive way,
A hypothetical particle,
Representing a quantum of gravitational energy,
Lie in wait,
A request,
Made in an urgent and emotional manner.

212.    How great,
How much,
A term or concept,
Which is depended,
On something else,
As it were keep in concealment,
Things made by hand,
That exist in physical reality,
Has its origins in and,
Is the manifestation of something else,
A space entirely devoid of matter,
Emit in rays,
A massive and extremely remote,
Celestial object,
As if almost,
Emit in rays,
Each of the bars or wire rods,
Connecting the centre of a wheel to its rim.

213.    As a person,
He was somewhat arrogant,
Dressing himself in purple,
And claiming that,
By the virtue of knowledge,
He possessed he had become,
Divine and could,
Perform miracles,
Then there are Ionian,
Put or keep out of sight,
The constant of proportionality relating to energy,
Of a photon to,
The frequency of that photon,
Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck,
A sharing characteristics,
Or options.

214.    Not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind,
The mathematical study of strategies,
For dealing with,
Competitive situations,
Where the outcome of a participant's,
Choice of action,
Depends critically on the actions of,
Other participants,
Including many details,
Lie side by side,
Upon the same surface,
Meets the visions first,
And not only stands out,
But also seems far nearer,
Is a kind of,
Optimal strategy,
Where no one has,
Anything to gain by changing only his own strategy,
Named after John Nash,
As Ian Stewart put it ;
Rational decisions aren't sensible.

215.    For just as all dim lights,
Are extinguished,
In the blaze of the sun,
The mathematical study of strategies,
For optimal decision-making,
Between options,
Involving different risks or,
Expectations of,
Gain or loss,
Depending on the outcome,
Gradually grow faint and disappear,
A charity sale,
At which people donate things,
To sell and buy those,
Brought by others,
A travesty of the,
Roman Catholic mass,
In worship of the Devil.

216.    If thus,
Having the same magnitude,
Or properties,
When measured in different directions,
Denoting a gate circuit,
Which produces an output signals,
Unless there are signals on all of its inputs,
Forming connections between other neurons,
Obtain data or information automatically from,
A hypothetical perfect absorber,
And radiator of energy,
With no reflecting power.
Time pass pleasantly,
The displacement of the spectrum,
To shorter wavelengths in the light,
Coming from distant celestial objects,
Moving towards the observer,
Soft, muted.

217.    A thinking or feeling entity,
On a momentary impulse,
Juncture, reason,
Is a hypothetical form of energy,
Postulated to exist as a possible explanation,
Of observations of,
An accelerating universe,
Lack of bias, honesty,
The great stream encircling the earth disc.

218.    Be more variable or important than,
Is a physical phenomenon,
Based on the,
Solid state,
Nuclear magnetic resonance,
A sudden violent occurrence,
Or release of something,
A unit of area,
Minus twenty-eight power of ten square meters,
Debase by adding elements,
Face with brave defiance,
The property of being directionally dependent,
Intelligently analytical and concise,
All the forms of energy,
Can be converted into heat,
It is not,
Possible to convert the heat back fully,
Its original form.

219.    Sun,
High one,
Sol invictus,
The unconquered sun,
An instance of two or more events,
Occurring at the same point in time,
Or space,
An alignment of two planets,
So that they appear to be in the same place,
In the sky,
A quadrilateral,
With one pair of sides paralleled,
Out from a starting point,
And forwards or into view,
Is the moment,
When the earth is in point,
Of its orbit,
At which the northern or southern hemisphere,
Is most inclined away from the sun,
Leave or exclude,
Flow or cause,
To flow in,
A steady stream.

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