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262.    Away from the mouth,
How good Odysseus was,
Deliberately avoiding,
Keeping away from or preventing from happening,
Equality under the law,
Rhymes with team,
A group of,
Up to a few thousand stars,
That were formed from the same giant molecular cloud,
And are still gravitationally bound to each other,
Is another word for a population of organisms,
Of one species that actively interbreed with,
One another,
Consume destructively,
Far-away fighter,
Beware of the Greeks bearing gifts,
Man of wrath,
That an individuated person,
Would actually shape events,
Around them through the communication of,
Their consciousness with the collective unconsciousness,
Arouse strong feeling in,
Wake or rise from sleep,
The matter and energy content,
That exist between the stars,
Or their immediate circumstaller environment,
Within a galaxy,
Your uttermost reveling hour,
Is generally reported as being received,
In the same form as that from,
The conventional senses.

263.    A cultural or behavioral element,
Passed by,
On by,
Try to,
Gain the love,
Which is imitated,
An interaction,
Between two living organisms,
Where, one creature benefits,
And other is neither harmed nor helped,
Using a second organism for housing,
A more indirect dependency,
In which the second organisms uses,
The first created,
After the death of the,

264.    Belief,
In the abolition of,
All government and the organization of society,
On a voluntary,
Cooperative basis,
Chief ruler,
Of little worth or value,
Reluctant, unwilling,
Causing hatred or disgust,
Lysander Spooner,
Was an American political philosopher, abolitionist,
And legal theorist of the,
The autonomy of the individual,
Most notably in regard to its advocacy,
Of private property rather than collective property,
Only available for use in,
One part of a program,
The ability to move from one place to another,
A gene,
That cause itself to increase,
In frequency should become more,
Common in the population,
To forsake their labours,
Such as,
The right to take meals at public expense in the town hall.

265.    The people,
To cease the boil,
Denoting or relating to the,
Cursive form of,
Ancient Egyptian script,
Survival of the species,
Is the gaseous cloud,
Or accretion disk from,
Which our solar system is believed to have formed,
And that selection on organisms or populations,
Almost never overrides,
Selection of genes,
A pleading that an opponent's point of irrelevant,
Is an,
Open cluster,
In the constellation of Taurus,
The view that,
One ought to,
What is,
Or seems to be,
In other people's interests,
He is also advocate of,
Evolutionary medicine,
Professor George Christopher Williams,
An American evolutionary biologist.

266.    Any one of a number of,
Alternative forms of,
The same gene,
Occupying a given locus,
On a chromosome,
An ideal model,
In which,
The state assumes primary responsibility for the welfare of its citizens,
Safety net,
Is not enough,
And nor are minimum standards,
A suitor who fulfills the dreams of his beloved,
The idea that,
Alleles can become fixed or spread,
In a population because of the benefits,
They bestow on groups,
Regardless of the fitness of individuals,
Within that group,
That things,
Can have properties as a whole,
That are not explainable from,
The properties of their parts,
Is a large cloud,
Which appears as,
Star-poor regions,
Where the dust of,
Interstellar medium seems,
To be concentrated.

267.    An earnest promise,
To perform a specified act or behave,
In a certain manner,
Especially a solemn promise,
To live and act,
In accordance,
With the rules of,
A book,
A devil's chaplain might write on the clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low and horridly,
Cruel works of nature,
A writer's or artist's,
Conventional freedom,
To deviate,
From facts or accepted rules,
A smart blow,
An organism's ultimate goal,
Is to leave the maximum number of,
Viable offspring possible,
Keeping their genes,
Within a population,
A short-lived phenomenon,
Lasting a few tens of thousands of years,
Compared to a,
Stellar lifetime of,
Several billion years.

268.    The theory,
Holds that,
Evolution can be viewed as,
Acting only,
At the level of genes,
And that selection on higher units,
Such as populations,
And species,
Is negligible,
By some chance,
An organism is expected to evolve to maximize its inclusive fitness,
The number of copies of its genes,
Passed on globally,
Rather than by a particular individual,
In addition,
Organisms will tend to evolve towards,
An evolutionarily stable strategy,
That each individual prisoner,
Is trying to maximize his own advantage,
Without concern for the,
Well-being of other prisoner,
Let something be known,
Objection to a proposed juror,
Made without needing to give,
Any reason,
The imminence of,

269.    He is also an outspoken atheist,
Professor Clinton Richard Dawkins,
Is a British ethologist,
Lacking columns or pilasters,
A process by which,
Biological populations are altered over time,
As a result of the propagation of,
Heritable traits,
That affect the capacity of,
Individual organisms to survive and,
In or into a separate place,
A small northern constellation whose three brightest,
Of third and fourth magnitude,
Has no stars,
Of the first magnitude,
Equivalent relation.

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